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Montague Keen, June 11, 2013

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Montague Keen, June 11, 2013
Posted on June 11, 2013 - by Jean

Continue to be strong, my dear, knowing that our plans will come to fruition. Occasionally, an attack gets through. Remember, it is nothing like it was when I first passed over. We are protecting you. There is a shield around you. You know at a Soul level that we will succeed. You are seeing how those who want to destroy life as you know it, are being challenged by those of the Light.
The meeting of the Cabal [in Watford, England], which they tried to keep secret, is being openly challenged by the irrepressible DAVID ICKE. What you are seeing is the Dark (hidden behind locked doors); and the Light, led by David, openly celebrating the coming together of the Awakened Masses. Even those who are paid to protect the Cabal must be questioning themselves, as to why, what this Cabal does, is hidden and in secret, and is not reported by the Media.
Now, this shows you clearly that the Cabal controls the Media. They control the content of the news Worldwide. You are only told what they allow you to know. Who gave these people the right to decide the future of mankind? You must wake up to the subliminal control of your minds. Become who you are, and take back your power and your Planet. These Archons have used every trick in the book to lull you into a false sense of security, and to persuade you to obey all their laws that have removed all freedom from you. You sleep-walked into this situation.
Are you now just going to sit back and allow them to CULL THE POPULATION, and to create prisons for the rest of you, so that you can serve them. You are Spirit, and you are capable of so much more, if only you could put your minds to it. They have picked off every Country that has tried to be independent and go it alone. They are getting quite desperate, to bring Iran under their control; but the Iranian people will not play their game and give them an excuse to invade.
Keep calm ! You have witnessed what they have done in other Countries all around you. You must not fall into the same trap, as they did. Be strong. The Cabal is watching all its plans being made public. They can no longer hide. They now find themselves fighting for their own existence, so they will take desperate measures to protect what they regard as their own.
THEY PLAN TO ATTACK ALL COMPUTERS ON THE 21ST OF JUNE; so be wise, and have a rest day. Do not use your computers on that day. They know they were exposed by means of the Internet, so now they want to destroy it.
Research the Archons and learn how they operate through mind control. You must be awake and alert. Come together as you have done with David Icke this weekend, and show that you will not just stand by, and allow this take-over to happen. You are now fighting for your very existence. Stand up and be counted. By sitting back and doing nothing, you are allowing the Cabal to destroy you and your Planet.
Together, you are strong. The Cabal controls everything: food, water, air, and the weather; but your Souls are still FREE. So go into your Hearts and Souls. Then you will find the strength to prevent what the Cabal has in store for you. They are not Human, as you are. They are 'Arch Manipulators of Minds', and they can appear as anything they wish. Since I passed to Spirit, I constantly remind you that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. This is so important for you to remember. You have trusted the wrong people and you have suffered for it.
The Vatican is now trying to survive as the rats leave the sinking ship. It is being exposed as 'the Seat of Evil that secretly controls your World'. This is the game it plays; creating many Religions and causing wars, which destroy the lives of innocent children. It does this by creating FEAR. Now, it is itself in fear, as it fights for its existence. They, too, find themselves exposed and vulnerable. The Light has to expose all the darkness so that you can be free.
The Light of Truth is spreading her wings across your World. Country after Country is waking up, and seeing what is being done to keep you docile and in control. When you fully understand that when you stand together as One Humanity – All One – with no divisions of class, State or Religion, then you will be free, as in ancient times. This was before Rome set out to create the Empire in which you now live (though they do not admit that this is what they have done). The God they serve, bears no resemblance to the God of Love, who now awaits you. You have been cruelly deceived by those you trusted. Those who preach hell, fire and damnation, are lying to you. It is all part of the plot to keep you in fear and under control.
Do not be frightened of death. It is a beautiful experience. A returning home to where you belong, with those you have loved, waiting to welcome you back. It was a heartless thing to do, to make people fearful of dying. Life on Earth is but a journey of exploration, which you chose to make, sometimes to learn and expand, and sometimes to bring about changes that are necessary for Humanity to survive. Earth is a beautiful Planet, and it needs your protection. The Cabal isolated the Earth from its sister Planets which eagerly await its return.
Think with your Hearts. Logic is what you were taught by the Cabal, to prevent you from going into your Hearts and seeing things as they really are, not as the Cabal tells you they are. When operating from the Heart, man would never kill another man or destroy Countries just because they are different. You are encouraged to see others as less than you. But no one is better than anyone else; different, perhaps, but never better or less. The Cabal sees all of you as FOOD.
Protect and preserve your Sacred places. Value them, Love and respect them, for they are an important part of your future. The Cabal has tried to block the Sacred Energy of these places. This energy is still contained within them, and when you release it, you will see it changing your World, and all will become peaceful.
You are on Earth at this time to bring this about. It is your mission and you will succeed. You will then cease to be the robots – there, only to serve the Cabal – and you will become loving, thinking, caring Human Beings, working together to restore your Planet. The Cabal has not managed to prevent the Pole Shift, though they did try, as it exposes the lies they have produced in order to make life difficult and costly for you.
They are having to learn that it is not in their power to control everything, no matter how they try. In serving them, you are guilty of a crime against Humanity. Think about that for a moment. Can you live with that?
With Love in your Hearts, join your fellow man, in restoring your Planet. When the Cabal sees man coming together, it will realize that its game is over, and those within it, will leave your Planet, never to return. So this is their last ditch attempt at a complete take-over with their New World Order. Look at them. They are parasites, living off of you. Is this what you want?
They cannot exist on Earth without you. Now, see who is really in control and wake up to this fact. Love, and love alone, will win the day. When you come together in Love and Harmony, nothing on Earth can stop you.
Veronica, my dear, we can show the way, but it is a matter of choice whether people see the Light, join together and move forward to a better way of life for all.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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