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Solar Winds ~ The Week Ahead: 03/12/2012

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1 Solar Winds ~ The Week Ahead: 03/12/2012 Empty Solar Winds ~ The Week Ahead: 03/12/2012 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:07 am


Solar Winds ~ The Week Ahead: 03/12/2012

By: Angela

I hope that you didn’t stress out as the March winds blew in some
magnetic instability last week. It was yet another reminder from the
solar brain of our galaxy that we still have an incredible amount of
information to integrate into our DNA codes as we ride this Ascension
train of change. The sun will play a very active role in 2012 and 2013
emitting magnetically charged particles called coronal mass ejections
that soar through space with compelling force to assist us at this
pivotal time. The Ascension has movement and since I last wrote the
velocity of light increased 17% establishing new growing pains that will
lead to great new horizons of harmony and peace.

These large explosions, nicknamed CMEs, within the Sun’s atmosphere
release solar radiation that can have a profound effect on your
physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The gamma rays travel on the
solar winds and are the Sun’s way of exciting deep feelings – in other
words you get jump-started into processing whatever karmic patterns you
need to heal. This current time is a gestalt to allow you to learn these
lessons and to confront and remove any remaining energy-viral
obstructions to the Soul’s destiny. You know the drill. Before the new
You can take hold, the old one has to be stretched and broken a bit. The
councils who are directing and advising this planetary ascension
experiment can influence us by rearranging the magnetic fields of the
Sun which releases a precise charge of the highly active Fire element.
The latest charges are lessening the arc swing of duality and creating
movement into a greater crystalline frequency dimension.

As the charges impact Earth they manifest an array of challenges with
the planetary core and the magnetosphere that surrounds Gaia. As the
solar winds enter our atmosphere the radiation can fry electronic
hardware such as satellites as well as your physical body’s electrical
aspects, including a need for cellular and DNA adaptability. This
results in some unusual and chaotic energies in our environment, making
people and animals mentally confused. Very often during a potent
magnetic messaging cycle from solar consciousness the media will report
bizarre behavior of animals. Environmental factors along with mental and
emotional responses can switch genes on and off, altering genetic
programs. So make sure the energetic opposition is lessened by perhaps
wearing copper or gold on both wrists and employing certain gemstones as
rings and pendants to help hold your field intact. You also want to
hydrate the body as much as possible during and after such mechanics of

The inner ascension process makes it possible for the physical body
to adapt to these cosmic light messages. The spine and the DNA serve as
antennas and search modems sending and receiving signals into your
personal field of existence (aura) that you integrate through the pineal
gland. Via such trans-harmonic superhighways of light the growth of
consciousness is supported. Often these download cycles induce a
broadening or stretching (read overload) that results in a temporary
energy loss. The first sensory indicator is an emotional low, a sense of
being tired, and feeling out of sorts. Many find that they become
somewhat vulnerable, feeling overwhelmed at times – as if you can’t seem
to get things done, as if there are not enough hours in the day. Others
sink into a funk, and it seems like you are moving through molasses.
Emotions, too, can go from ecstatic highs to deep lows shadowed by
lethargic depression. The key is to become aware of your ascension
overload quotient and develop the beneficial antidotes that will
neutralize the bombardment.

The need for humanity to shift becomes essential to maintain 5D
equilibrium and balance. Denial will not serve. The cosmic undulations
will only become more intense, as will the heightened energy of the
planet itself. The energy of the New evolutionary cycle demands more
effort on your part. You must pro-actively raise your frequency to
adjust and keep pace. You are responsible for managing your energy and
rising to the occasion. Your sensitivity to what lies within yourself
(and others) is what produces harmony and order in your life. The solar
wind messages over the last week remind you at your auric-field levels
that this is an adventure that requires core re-stabilization and
re-grounding. Your goal this week is to be a soft, gentle, and flexible
soul as you accept that change is good and necessary.

The Sun’s transmissions are growing in frequency and magnitude,
affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The
bombardments are sent to assist in perceptual alterations, for in these
changing times of 2012 your senses are being heightened and expanded out
of necessity. Cosmic influences are intended to stimulate a graceful
spiritual awakening for humankind. With this understanding, navigate the
road ahead with good enjoyment knowing that your perceptions are being
nudged into expansion to enhance your quality of life.

As your mind expands in perceptual acuity, you will suddenly know
things, see energy patterns and sense the potential occurrence of events
days or even months in advance. You are slowly releasing the habit of
being third dimensional. This habit, like all habits, is a set of
behaviors that originate in your unconscious mind because they have been
in place for millennia. Therefore, suggestions for better behaviors and
thoughts come by highlighting the old, non-supportive actions, thoughts
and emotions.

You’ll have a couple of weeks to slow down, reflect and press the
pause button on life since the planet Mercury goes retrograde today and
will remain retrograde for the rest of the month. Use the flow of what
has just occurred cosmically inside this astrological period to discover
any and all illusions that veil your hidden truths. The next couple of
weeks will be perfect for raising your consciousness after the solar
uplift. If you can make space in your days for mindfulness and spiritual
practice, you may well find yourself stepping into another world – a
world of peace, bliss and awakening.

On a practical level Donna Taylor states, “This particular Mercury
cycle asks us to go back and make changes and to be innovative wherever
possible. We need to be thinking outside the box and not care too much
what other people think of our strange, unorthodox ideas, for it is
precisely the strange and the unusual that will work best at this time.
Following convention and protocol will not reap positive results at this
time.” (www.Donna-Taylor.co.uk)

What a great time to bring the source of your third dimensional
existence out of your unconscious and into your conscious awareness! Let
the discovery be the practice that allows you to consciously experience
the next evolutionary cycle of earth.

And do it in a strange, peculiar way!


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