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Galactic Beings ~ SaLuSa for 12 March 2012

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Galactic Beings ~ SaLuSa for 12 March 2012

By: Mike Quinsey

Time speeds ever onwards as the future of mankind is being fought out
in the Middle East. At least that is how it would appear to those who
have yet to awaken, and remain uninformed. Regretfully the media is
still stifled by the old approach that prevents free speech, and
investigative journalism that is allowed to bring out the truth. Much is
happening that should be told, so that you have a grasp of what is
behind events that are threatening world peace. Better still would be
truthful reporting so that your minds were put at rest, knowing that
although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have
failed and will continue to do so.

We do not wish you to suddenly feel fearful of the future having
assured you that everything is going well. However, we will again inform
you that our technology is such that we have total control over what
happens in the Middle East, and all confrontations will soon be brought
to a halt. Authorities have been informed that we will not allow nuclear
weapons to be used, and that we are opposed to any form of aggression.
It is therefore quite pointless to continue war games, and take part in
all of the posturing that inflames the situation. Our patience is
running out and if matters do not improve, we shall use our authority to
bring a halt to all attempts to engage in warlike moves.

We of the Galactic Federation are here to see that you and Mother
Earth safely arrive at your destination, that is the completion of this
cycle of duality. The sooner the dark Ones and their cohorts are
removed, and their influence taken away from them, the sooner we can all
concentrate on the business of getting you on track for Ascension.
Nevertheless, we still keep in balance the various energies that are
playing upon the Earth that are increasing exponentially, and are
helping raise your levels of consciousness. You still have quite a way
to go before you acquire anything near full consciousness, but that will
come to you sooner than you might expect. You are being prepared to
become Galactic Beings and take your place amongst us, as is your divine

We find understandably that those who are awakened to what is
happening to the Human Race, are still concerned about the ones who
still slumber. We wish to assure you that before the end of this year,
every soul will know about Ascension and have the opportunity to choose
whether or not they prepare for it. Time is getting short, but some will
still make it in time having come into this life to make it their goal.
That Dear Ones is the deciding factor, as many are here for the
experience which will further their evolution, but not ready to make a
quantum leap in consciousness. The answer is not to worry about
decisions made by other souls, as they will have chosen what is best for
them and satisfies their desires. Be assured all will be looked after,
and that God does not make distinctions from one soul to another, and
all are equally loved.

Various programs that will carry you forward are ready to be
implemented, and the preparations are completed. Much hinges around the
governmental changes as clearly we must have people who can be trusted,
and can lead you with full understanding of what is required of them.
Faith in your appointed representatives has been broken so many times by
those who have not stood by their promises, and let you down. In the
future your leaders will be chosen because of their wisdom and spiritual
experience, and will be trustworthy and honest. Too often you have been
hoodwinked by promises that were never intended to be kept, by those
who preferred service to self rather than to others.

As you evolve and continue to rise up into even higher dimensions,
you will find that no soul can deceive or lie to another without their
intent being known. Indeed, you will know by observing their auric
emanations, which give much information about that soul. Even now you
have people who can see and read auras, and they do convey quite a lot
about you. For example your condition of health can be seen, and in fact
even the onset of illness before you are actually aware of it. You are
truly quite complex Beings and are in the dark over many aspects of
yourself, such as your astral body that you use when out of the body.
Many souls use it to visit their departed friends and family, but few
bring back a waking memory of them. Remember that you are living
infinite life times and as a soul will always exist in one form or
another, and eventually become a pure Light Being.

The purpose of life is to evolve through experience, and you are the
one who chooses how you achieve it. The Earth is a tough experience yet
you knew it would be so, and here you are after hundreds of lives in
different civilizations that have expanded your consciousness levels.
Nothing of your experiences is ever lost, and you do not necessarily
need to recall the exact circumstances. Sometimes they are best
forgotten and extreme experiences that were unpleasant can be erased
from your memory. You have a wealth of experience that will serve you
and others very well, in whatever you choose to do as your next
adventure. Some of you will join us as Galactic Beings and quite rightly
as our equals.

Our mission has altered greatly from when we started and now your
pathway is clearer to us, needs a greater involvement in your affairs.
It was hoped that as the end times approached the dark Ones would see
that their position was untenable, and allow you to complete your
journey without interference. That has not proved to be the case, and
they have broken promises to cease their actions. It left us with no
option but to get permission to remove them, and as many of you are
finding out that has gone ahead. To prevent them from continuing with
their interference, we have had to destroy their facilities which are
mainly underground. Meanwhile we focus on the Middle East that for a
long time has had the potential to break out into a world war. We expect
that when the different countries see the futility of ignoring our
demands to stop, that they will cease their activities and allow peace
to descend upon Earth. It must be so because it is divinely decreed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and delighted that we are so near to solving
one of your major world problems that stands in the way of permanent

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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