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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » John Ward – The Paedofile : Now Gove Blocks Mandatory Sex-Abuse Reporting…As Missing Care Home Children Numbers Rise By 19% – 13 June 2013

John Ward – The Paedofile : Now Gove Blocks Mandatory Sex-Abuse Reporting…As Missing Care Home Children Numbers Rise By 19% – 13 June 2013

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John Ward – The Paedofile : Now Gove Blocks Mandatory Sex-Abuse Reporting…As Missing Care Home Children Numbers Rise By 19% – 13 June 2013
Posted on June 13, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment
Why does Michael Gove prefer privileged Mandarins to poor children?
I bring to you tonight the most staggeringly lame (and possibly Freudian) excuse ever offered by a Minister of the Crown in defence of his profoundly daft ruling against the reporting of child abuse. Michael Gove – our esteemed Education Secretary – thinks it should not be made mandatory for head teachers to report child abuse allegations. His reason?
He thinks the authorities would be swamped.
This follows on from his decision last week to let a known child porn user continue teaching. So now, there really are only three interpretations of his behaviour:
1. He thinks the authorities would be swamped because there are so many/several powerful pervs out there, some of whom – God forbid! – are members of the Conservative Party.
2. He thinks the authorities would be swamped by vindictive accusations – which, in a care home system where the family background is dysfunctionally malignant and manipulative – is admittedly a possibility
3. He is a stupid, privileged man who doesn’t get out enough.
I suspect than answer is (3), with slight tinges of (1) and (2).
First up, I don’t care if the ‘authorities’ are swamped by this stuff: it’s time civilised society stopped sweeping it under endless 40ft by 60 ft carpets made from a hand-woven blend of 20% gaggingorder and 80% arsecoverage. The mandarins don’t work hard enough anyway – and their illegally self-awarded pension emoluments are an obscenity. Let them be swamped I say.
Second, has Mr Gove ever read the mountainsides of data showing that the biggest cause of paedophile escape is the reticence of victims to tell anyone, and the desire of institutions with school fees/careers to think about to cover it up? I’m thinking police, care homes and schools here, funnily enough.
Third, does he think Leon Brittan*, if brought to Court on historical charges of child abuse, would be found innocent? Does he deny that four senior Westminster MPs over the last twenty years have been outed as paedophiles buggering children that his precious, disgustingly corrupt legislature is there to protect? Does he think over 400 former Welsh care home victims are all lying? If so, then he is a conspiracy theorist far outstripping the dimensions of David Icke.
These clowns we elect are behind the music on every major issue: educational pc, multiculturalism, mass immigration, the EU – and now, influential paedophilic child trafficking. Now either Mr Gove knows this is going on and is a mendacious turd protecting his tribe based on the most appallingly anti-social motives; or he is an ignorant idiot. Whatever: this man is backing ever-so-humbly into position for the job of being our next Prime Minister. Does anyone with half a brain, after his two latest decisions, think he is qualified for the job?
* This name has not been changed to protect the allegedly guilty. It is there to name the wantonly unquestioned.
And talking of wanting to be Prime Minister, let us turn now to our august Mayor of London Mr Boris ‘Liar’** Johnson, the man who promoted the unfortunately mistaken taxi emissions data of Timothy ‘Corrupt bastard’ Yeo MP, but is now being told by the Department of the Environment that they were wrong – thus adding to the existing crime on the record of being – to quote interviewer Eddie Mair – “a nasty piece of work”.
Doris Jobsdone has been pestered by an Exaro reader into replying about the state of play on the Operation Fernbridge enquiry into the goings-on in Richmond Council’s Elm House ‘care’ home thirty years ago. You will I’m sure be greatly relieved to know that Mayor Boor His-Jobiwant replied to say the enquiry is “going well”.
Dictionary definition of the word ‘going’: the act or process of becoming gone
Dictionary definition of the word ‘well’: a pit or hole sunk into the earth
**I take it back, BoJo: you were clearly telling the truth after all.
And finally today, that dear old dementia-sufferer The Sunday Express finally got round last weekend to working out that Some of Our Care Children are Missing. But to be fair to the dying Crusader, somebody working there has come up with useful additional figures and commentary that ought to make our wannabe lamppost and rope candidates legislators sit up and take notice. They won’t of course – but despite that, the article makes for compelling reading.
According to Ofsted, police have dealt with a record 11,900 cases linked to missing children in the 12 months up to April this year, compared to 10,000 over the same period the year before – a rise of 19%.
However, in 2010-11 local authorities reported only 920 instances of missing children from care homes. Worryingly, most of those same care home facilities are still given “good” ratings following Ofsted inspections. Are you listening Mr Gove?
Many children scarred by abuse are doomed to become targets of sexual predators after they abscond (the thing they were escaping from in the first place). Imagine: your family home is a mess and you’ve witnessed violence and abuse. You’re put into care, and are subject to abuse. You run away, and fall into the hands of abusers. Would you blame a victim who had a grudge against our society after that? I wouldn’t.
Children’s Society Campaign director Lily Caprani said: “This is a very worrying situation. We are particularly worried by the high number of children who are sent to care homes away from their own local authority….[these] findings were a real watershed. We must assume that this very serious problem of children not being cared for properly by those very care homes that are supposed to keep them safe has been going on for some time, but went undetected because the figures just aren’t properly collated. Children that go missing from care are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and other shocking crimes.”
I’m sorry if some readers find this lachrymose, but I do not want to be associated with a culture that tolerates this, covers it up, bars the victim from automatic consideration, and comes at the problem from a position of either being protective of the status quo, or an arrogant twerp who has no idea what real childhood trauma is like. In my previous existence as an utterly wicked and incorrigible adman, I had the Children’s Society as a client for two years. It got to me, and perhaps explains why I pursue these sexual psychos and their sociopathic protectors with such vigour a quarter of a century later.
A 19% growth in missing children in a year, and Michael Gove’s only concern is that a bunch of pin-striped idlers might be swamped. Frankly Minister, when it comes to your make-up, I find myself not so much swamped as stumped.
Footnote: I am in receipt of an oil scientist’s email which asserts, ‘it’s a case of understanding the science….and fully digest that all the charts for every oil field ever found follow a similar story…. boom, plateau and then bust. Its facts like these that make being fascinated by kiddie porn seekers seem tame by comparison.’
It’s emails like these that make me despair. / link to original article

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