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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » YAWN......Glenn Beck Arriving in NYC Searching for Big Breaking New Secret...That Will Change History

YAWN......Glenn Beck Arriving in NYC Searching for Big Breaking New Secret...That Will Change History

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It's getting really sad, and he's making himself out to be a real dipshit- He really needs to buy a spine and grow a 'pair'-


What gets me is he is being touted as a light worker on facebook. I think I will be losing many facebook friends in the coming days.



Hey, what makes you say that? If they can't handle the truth, f'em-question


Agreed T. But it does make me doubt certain folks that I respected until this Beck bs.... I don't know maybe it is just that some folks been doing the whole sun gazing thing to often and it has caused them to burn out the retina and they can't see truth any longer.

So attention everyone!!! No more sun gazing for awhile! It is making you all coo koo if you think this man has suddenly become a light worker!!!



I think his 'light' has fizzled out- I always took everything he ever said with a big salt lick anyway- He's all horseshit- No substance whatsoever, and if he did have any, he'd go through with his promises and ideals, but I think he's lost any credibility he ever had with me, I do know that-


So the "news" was that in 24 hours Beck was going to break the Big Story that the NSA spied upon Roberts and blackmailed him into voting on Obamacare. This super secret was already laid out by Mike Adams on Natural News and Infowars as a kind of "what if" scenario, which Beck picks up like it's his idea. But first we have his "Poor Me. Sniffle. I've Lost My Voice" Super Soap Drama. The man is a jerk, a showman, a shill and a pain in the ass. Sorry, but I cannot believe how much time people wasted on such mindless tripe.


yep! So very true to form Raven. LOL


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