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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Glenn Beck 24 Hour Promise is a Hoax ~ Ya' Think? LOL

Glenn Beck 24 Hour Promise is a Hoax ~ Ya' Think? LOL

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June 16, 2013

Glenn Beck 24 Hour Promise is a Hoax

So…we’ve been led down the garden path again. Poor Glenn.  It’s time for the Internet Olympic Games. This is the end game. Can We, The People get over the distracting hurdles the cabal has us negotiating? Yes, we can! And you can bet they’ll be sore losers.
I have seen post after post about this supposed promise by Glenn Beck to make some earth shattering announcement within 24 hrs (now well past that time) that will bring the whole corrupt system down.  No matter how much I would love that to happen, it does not make this story true.
It is our responsibility to share truth, and to expose lies.  I first bought this story, but have now confirmed it is a lie!  So stop perpetuating this filth and wishing for someone to fix our national and world problem. If you want the system to crash so damn badly, then let’s just stop supporting it!
Become a civil disobedient citizen. Stop paying taxes, march, protest, and DEMAND Washington change. Demand the change you want and don’t give up until you get it.  Be willing to face the ridicule, loss of job, have cops pepper spray you, hit you with batons and water cannons.  Let the dogs bark and the sheeple hate you.  This is what I found about the GB story:
   This was on Glenn Becks facebook page.
John Kirkwood
I’m astounded at the number of “conservatives” who have been conned by this and of conservative blogs/pages/sites that are openly mocking Glenn Beck while they continue to bear false witness. Shameful!If you listened to yesterday’s show hoping to hear evidence about a whistle-blower with a document that would “pull the whole structure down” then you are of all men, most miserable; but it isn’t Glenn’s fault … it’s yours!
Glenn never said it. Oh, I know you heard it in a video but go back and look at that video and you’ll see that there’s a splice in it between the :52 and :53 second. That’s right, they cut out about 4 minutes of the actual show. You can hear what he really said by going to his page and listening to the first ten minutes of Wednesday’s show. Media Matters does this to Rush Limbaugh all the time.Glenn even talked about Salon getting this wrong in the first 5 minutes of the pre-show on Thursday.
The video was spliced and headlined to make it seem that Glenn was going to share the whistle-blower evidence within the next 24 hours but the parts they cut out clearly show that Glenn was talking about revealing details about a revolt in Congress by tea-party Republicans against the establishment regarding IMMIGRATION REFORM, and he did do that on the Thursday Show.
The part that RIGHT WING WATCH (a Leftist hate group) cut out of their video, shows Glenn, Pat and Stu transitioning in their dialogue from Immigration to the Whistle-blower. Glenn clearly says that he’s working with the Senate to ensure protection for the Whistle-blower so he can publicly come forward.
IT’S IN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF HIS WEDNESDAY SHOW and the first 5 minutes of the Thursday pre-show. If you didn’t listen or don’t have access as a subscriber then you can hear both of these on our show that’s posted here. I’m amazed at the willingness of conservatives to:Believe a doctored tape with a clear splice made by the leftist RIGHT WING WATCH and the sheer laziness in checking facts before spouting off like you’re a master of them. THAT’S WHAT LIBERALS DO!
Here is our show; we talk about it in the first few segments and we play the audio to prove it:… Show Webcast – June 13, 2013 :: UnCommon  SOURCE

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Thanks again Prpl 4 this here ... things not always as they seem... comes to mind again :)

Peak Crackers

I cant stand that jack ass Mr I know theres fema camp ..oh no theres not !

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi.


Yep! D bag Deluxe!

PreDICKtable in every way!


Peak Crackers


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi.

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