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Marijuana Research 2013: Cannabinoids – Today’s Miracle Compounds!

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Marijuana Research 2013: Cannabinoids – Today’s Miracle Compounds!

Posted June 7th, 2013 by Monterey Bud & filed under Marijuana Education, marijuana studies, medical marijuana news.

There are some within my smoke circle that feel I spend far too much time on the Internet, researching the positive effects of marijuana, however they’re wrong. There is a monumental difference between merely “trolling” for 420 stuff, and searching for articles that aggressively dispel the daily onslaught of disinformation, perpetuated by enemies of the cannabis plant.

As 2012 went out on a positive note for the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption, thanks Colorado and Washington! 2013 has already proven itself to be the year of medical marijuana research. Not even halfway through the year, and marijuana related studies are heating up the scientific community – while demonstrating to countless Americans that cannabinoids are indeed the miracle compounds of our future.

With 2013 only halfway out the door, one can’t help but be excited over the potential studies yet to be released… 

  • Study Shows Cannabis May Reverse Symptoms of Dementia - February, 2013: A group from Neuroscience Research Australia has found early evidence that cannabidiol – one of the main ingredients in cannabis – may reverse some of the symptoms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • Study: Health of a Child Unaffected by Living in a Cannabis Grow Op - March, 2013: A study conducted by the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia has found that “there was no significant difference between the health of the children living in cannabis grow operations and the comparison group of children”.

  • Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Finds Vaporized Cannabis Helpful in Treating Neuropathic Pain - March, 2013: A double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study found that patients who suffered from neuropathic pain, and didn’t get much relief from traditional medication, benefited from vaporized cannabis.

  • UNICEF Report Indicates that Decriminalizing Cannabis Reduces Youth Usage Rates - April, 2013: The United Nations Children’s Fund released its annual report on child well-being, titled “Report Card 11” – a comprehensive paper that details the specifics of child welfare, examines things from drug use to how many eat breakfast regularly, studying these topics across the globe –

  • Study Finds THC Helpful in Combating HIV - May, 2013: A new study published in The Journal of Leukocyte Biology has found exciting, albeit preliminary research which indicates that THC, one of the main compounds in marijuana, may have HIV fighting capabilities.

  • University Study Finds Marijuana May Combat Depression and Lead to Higher Self-Esteem - May, 2013: A comprehensive four-part study conducted at the University of Kentucky has found marijuana to be helpful in reducing the pain associated with social exclusion, and that it may combat against depression, and may lead to higher self-esteem.

  • Marijuana Consumption May Combat Diabetes - May, 2013: New research published in the recent issue of the American Journal of Medicine has found that the body of those who consume marijuana may be better at controlling blood sugar, making it a potential combatant against diabetes.

  • Cannabinoids May be Best Medicine for Those with PTSD - May, 2013: A study by researchers at the New York University School of Medicine, and funded by the National Institute of Health, has found a connection between the number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the study, cannabinoids, a compound of cannabis, may help combat the symptoms of PTSD by bringing equilibrium to these receptors.

  • Marijuana Consumption Reduces Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, May Lead to Remission - May, 2013: Marijuana consumption reduces the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, and can even lead to its remission, according to new research published on the website of the National Institutes of Health, which will be in print soon in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

  • Marijuana Use Connected With Lower Risk of Bladder Cancer - May, 2013: A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California, and presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting in San Diego, has found promising results indicating that marijuana use may significantly lower an individuals risk of developing bladder cancer.

  • Research Finds Habitual Marijuana Consumption Not Linked to Lung Cancer - May, 2013: A study reported on at the annual meeting for the American Association of Cancer Research has found that habitual marijuana consumers have no more increased risk of lung cancer than casual consumers, or those who don’t consume at all. This was found to be true regardless of how many times a day a person consumes cannabis, and regardless of how long they’ve been a consumer.

  • New Research Finds Marijuana May Combat Brain Damage - May, 2013: New research published in the journals Behavioral Brain Research and Experimental Brain Research has found that even minimalistic amounts of marijuana may help fight brain damage.  Source: TWB

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