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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "why don't you guys declare yourselves billionaires, for you sure will be after todays G-8 meeting",

"why don't you guys declare yourselves billionaires, for you sure will be after todays G-8 meeting",

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Unknown Reality - Bluwolf Monday morning post emailed to Recaps


Hi good Monday:
Can something that is unknown to some be a reality to others? Of course it can, and this is what is confusing all while we wait for our call to come in. Confusing as it may seem we are about to see our dreams come to be for nothing or no one can do anything to hold or stop this incoming train.

Besides you all know that on the 30th all transactions done in Iraq shall be liquid, and you also do know that the only thing that was left for Iraq to do was done ( rv ) before the UN, and that on the 27th it shall be announced that there sanctions portfolio shall be officially eliminated. But this rv should become a reality way before the 27th and it shall appear like a thief in the silence of the night.

I must think that you all know what to do and where to exchange by now. I also know that you all know that all sources in or around this thing are very excited and positive in seeing this appear sometime in the following days and in or around the 5 pm pst period time frame.

The rates are still emphasizing the same, the bank elected is the same and all that was informed to you that you will get when the call gets in to us, that info is the same and nothing or no negative agenda shall change this.

Folks why don't you guys declare yourselves billionaires, for you sure will be after todays G-8 meeting, please remember that all this fall in to protocol on a worldwide perspective. 

Be bless now and remember to visualize yourselves going forward, be positive and in faith for God will be seeing each and everyone of you face to face promptly. 



'YO, Blueballs, It don't hold any water 'til the money is in my account- You have a lot to learn about a 'speculative investment proposition', and don't forget it-If you knew a quarter of what you tell others, you'd be a f'n genius-How's your dinar pumping business going anyway? I hope you get it busted off in your ass in the end, JUST like you've done to us in the past- You'll pay, that's all I care about, and you and the rest of your crony buddies will end up in prison for fraud-

Peak Crackers

haha@ Blue balls .. ( pats 56 on the shoulder ) Stellar  rant Pal !

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi.




Peak Crackers

Hi Ya Ms Skyz (( Hugs )))

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi.


Hello there darlin'! How r u today? 


Peak Crackers

Good Ms Skyz ... Just at the office doing F all .. its my slow time in my industry ,, I call it Martha Stewart Month .. every ones out side planting ecT .. no need for fitness in there minds right now .. Its been this way since i have started .. I like the down ,,, i can mess around a bit ..

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi.


Well it is nice to have the break I'll bet. I usually have a break mid summer and in the winter.... but that has changed with all of the foreclosures. Now it is nonstop. Great for the owners though. Greedy bastards!!! LOL


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