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Order Out of Chaos – Total Financial Control

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Order Out of Chaos – Total Financial Control

Posted by Deus Nexus on June 17, 2013

Mark me down in the cautious column, as being a little suspicious of any new global financial system/Reset/RV hastily thrust upon us.  I know, we’ve been told by lots of insiders and channels that it’s all under control.  The good guys and the Galactic Federation are waiting to unroll the new financial system once the Cabal is defeated.  
The Event will occur and the New Age will be ushered in.  They also tell us that significant change will happen gradually, that the Ascension won’t happen overnight, that humanity still needs to wakeup en mass, and that we need to be prepared for ET contact, etc…  What this really means is that an interim world government will be allowed to take over until we are finally ready and able to take responsibility for ourselves and each other, and Ascend to a world where money no longer matters that much.  Let’s call it the New World Order 2.0, or Illuminati Lite.
Until humanity gets it’s act together, we are going to need some harsh nursemaiding and a whole lot of control to keep us from running amok with all the insane disclosures about to hit the general public.  Order out of Chaos, you know.  Maybe it will be Fulford’s Dragons working with BRIC and the Pentagon.  Maybe it will be some reformed faction of the Illuminati or Vatican, permitted to rule under strict supervision for just a few more years.  Maybe it will be a secret infiltration of high-minded ET races acting as overprotective parents.  Maybe all of the above.  I have a nasty feeling that marshal law will come regardless of who is in power – the good guys or the bad guys. Why?  Because too many sleeping people suddenly waking up spells chaos on a global scale, and our fragile human institutions are just not mature enough to handle the stress and strain of complete transformation overnight without collapse.
The degree of martial law will likely depend upon the public’s reaction.  Cobra may hope that clearing the Etheric Archons will do the trick, but the public’s reaction is unpredictable.  People just don’t handle change very well.
This is not a justification.  I hate the idea as much as you might, but I’m a realist – I don’t put a sugary coating on my posts.  I’m just stating what seems perfectly obvious, and I don’t think we’ll have much choice in the matter.
So the old, evil Illuminati King will be defeated.  A new Regent will probably sit on the world throne temporary until humanity (the rightful King) quickly grows up and takes his place.  The difference is, with the Good guys, it’s an authoritarian babysitter.  With the bad guys, it’s permanent, demonic totalitarianism.  The real challenge is being able to tell the difference, cause they will almost certainly look alike in the early hours and days after such an Event.  It will all boil down to fear or trust, and we shall all be personally tested in our own heart of hearts, as to how we will respond… with Fear or Love.  So get ready.
This was the point I was trying to make in my fictional novel, (shameless plug and spoilers) where the human race ultimately needs to turn away from the two polarities of Order and Chaos, and instead choose to follow the third rail – Love.  That means giving up notions of personal freedom and institutional oppression, and instead pursing one commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”  This is the part of Ascension I don’t think people are prepared for… our personal responsibility to Love in a world where there are no longer any secrets.
Until this New Age is finally born, when we all take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions and behave like a civilized race, I’m afraid the interim may prove to be a tad bit uncomfortable and constraining, especially for those of us who are already awake.  Of course, we may be too busy helping to heal and education the general population.  More hard work, I’m afraid.  Most Lightworker-bloggers make it sound like the day of disclosure will be this wonderful party atmosphere.  I don’t think it’s going to be a party at all.  I think its going to be a massive hangover, when the world is finally slapped in the face with reality.  Unfortunately, we have to cross this Rubicon to get to the Golden Age.  We have no choice.  That doesn’t mean we can’t have a party in our own private corner of the world, in our heart.  We will all need to celebrate and rejoice, in humility and gratitude.  It will be a very different sort of party.
With all this in mind, use your discernment when reading the following post.

Reposted from: Redefining God
Posted by Ken’s God Blog
It is through channelings and reports from “white hat” intelligence sources that the Cabal is telegraphing the solution phase of the problem/reaction/solution scenario they’re using to usher in their One World Financial System. And yesterday, the people behind the “Poof” information made an interesting admission about the “free money” that’ll be spread around after the financial reset…”THE FUNDS THAT WILL BE IN THE ACCOUNTS WILL BE BASIL III COMPLIANT, AND UNTOUCHABLE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY A CONTAINERS OF AK-47S AND START A WAR…THEN YOU CAN KISS THE MONEY GOODBYE – IN ESSENCE, IF THE MONEY IS NOT SPENT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, THEN EXPECT SANCTIONS”In this passage, they are clearly admitting that they will be monitoring how you spend your money, and your access to it will be blocked if they don’t approve of what you’re doing. Of course, they give a good reason why this must be so: because it is essential to stop “terrorism,” but we all know by now that a terrorist is anyone who believes in freedom and opposes the rule of the few over the many. They always give a good public reason for increased control, don’t they?…> “We must control the internet to stop child pornography (when they are the ones who produce it on an industrial scale).”
But the real reason they want to control the internet is to neutralize dissent.> “We must set up roadblocks to stop those terrible drunk drivers.” But the real reason for the roadblocks was to set a precedent they could expand upon, thus giving rise to roadblocks for whatever reason they choose (such as the recent roadblock by off-duty cops to collect DNA for a private organization).> “We must molest people at the airport because they might be hiding bombs in their shoes and undies (when they are the ones who put the shoe bombers and underwear bombers on the planes in the first place).”
But the real reason for such practices is to acclimatize people to being searched on demand for any reason.I’ve longed warned of the dangers of transitioning to an all-electronic currency (with no cash or coins) because it would place control of our money into the hands of whoever controls the computers, but a new thought crossed my mind this morning: what if they imbed RFID chips in the cash and coins? With that thought in mind, I googled “rfid coins” and “rfid currency notes” and found out they’ve already been doing it.Now think about it for a moment…> With most of your cash in electronic form at a Basel III-compliant bank (implemented to supposedly stop financial fraud), they can track and control it.> With RFID chips embedded in your cash and coins (implemented to supposedly stop counterfeiting), it all becomes trackable and controllable.> With RFID chips embedded in your consumer products (implemented to supposedly stop shoplifting), they all become trackable and controllable.So this is how it will go down (if they are able to pull it off)…> They will collapse the old system.> They will launch the new system by handing out lots of money so people will gleefully accept it. (At this initial stage, they’ll probably block financial access to very few people, such as those trying to buy weapons.)> Once everyone is dependent on the new system, they will start blocking money from more and more people for more and more reasons until all who remain are locked into a very small box of “elite”-approved behavior.
How will they lock out dissidents, you ask? By using RFID readers at cash registers, intersections, roadblocks, cell towers, etc., as well as in smart meters, cell phones, wireless portals, etc., they will track the movement and destination of all currency and goods. And if you are designated a persona non grata, your digital and physical cash, as well as your consumer products, will be seized for whatever reason they choose to invent. You will be unable to buy, sell, or barter in the mainstream economy.
Make no mistake: the new financial system being sold to the undiscerning elements of the awake and aware community is not of the True Light. It is just the new, improved version of Cabal control covered with a candy coating.
So what should one do? When the old system collapses, I sense the need to GO LOCAL, because any global system being offered will be a trap. Back in the early days of the American colonies, they produced their own script (cash), and they did just fine. Going back to community self-sufficiency seems the key to freedom. If the System comes after those who do so, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get there (with God’s help). Resistance might look futile, but it is a requirement.

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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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