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Ascension Crystals

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1 Ascension Crystals on Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:36 pm


Ascension Crystals
Monday, June 17th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Science Consciousness Esoterica Spirituality

by Chautauqua
So here we are muddling about in 4th dimensional timespace (4D) wondering why the things we once relied upon no longer seem to work for us.  We also wonder what is going on with time in general, as it seems to be exhibiting some rather strange properties of late.  Yes, there are those who proclaim that we are still living in third dimensional timespace, (3D) but I suggest those folks are just living in the past, as humans so often prefer to do.  If once reliable structures now being unreliable, and the shifting, morphing nature of time itself are not enough to convince you earth is in 4D … take a good look around at events transpiring on this planet.   It may take some a while to wrap their head around the idea, that one of the reasons things we have relied upon don’t seem to work is because weare changing right along with everything else; evolving into beings who can exist and flourish in fifth dimensional timespace (5D).*    This is manifesting as reality regardless of individual belief systems; kinda like gravity ~ it works whether you believe in it or not.  It is nearing graduation time for the students enrolled in this earth school, and as with more familiar schools, some will move on ahead, while others will not.  Those who feel they have gotten all they need here and are ready to move ahead are doing the things they know are required for guaranteeing a seat on the bus to 5D.
As covered in a recent post on Vibrational Medicine, we are timeless, ageless, multi-dimensional beings of energy, frequency and resonance who exist in a carbon based bio-suit made from stardust.  We are all taking part in a group soul migration back to source, back to home.  Those of us who truly know and more importantly feel this to be true find that our focus tends to narrow now, to those things which will help us reach that goal, everything not serving that, is being cut loose.  We are dumping the rocks we’ve collected (baggage) from our rucksacks, we are getting ready for flight.  We each have a ‘toolbox’ containing those things we’ve found helpful in our spiritual journey to enlightenment; these tools we use serve to raise our vibration & focus our intent…becoming part of our ‘spiritual practice’.  Just as every carpenter’s toolbox should contain a few power tools, so should our spiritual toolbox, and by power tools I of course refer to the mineral kingdom of crystals and stones.
The Basics
Quartz crystals are an integral part of our lives, and we rely on them every day without even realizing it.  Think “crystal radio set“- as early radio and indeed todays telecommunications industry rely on crystal chips to store and transmit energy.  If we didn’t have quartz crystal technology, not only would many watches not function…neither would the computer you are reading this on.  These of course are highly modified forms of crystal, yet the modifications add nothing that doesn’t exist in every raw crystal.  Why crystals?  Good question!  It is the basic nature of quartz crystals to amplify and project energy.  The crystal does not in any way differentiate between positive or negative energy, and will dutifully amplify & project either with reliable redundancy.  Crystal is an equal opportunity tool in that it will amplify & project all forms of energy equally, whether electrical, mental, or emotional.  Naturally occurring quartz crystal comes in a vast array of colors and types, and each one is a specialist.  From the clear quartz ‘generator’ crystal for all occasion, every day use, to lavender & rose quartz which have more specific uses; it always comes down to the right tool for the job at hand.  Quartz crystal & diamond are the royalty of the mineral kingdom which includes literally a planet full of precious and semi-precious stones, each bearing it’s own gift of frequency and vibration, which may be used by themselves, or combined with crystals to amplify & project that gift of specific energy.

Natural formed quartz crystal always forms in a six sided configuration with the body tapering into a point.  Energy is absorbed thru the base, and is amplified as it runs along the crystal’s C-axis, where the amplified energy is then projected outward from the tip or point.  This is why you will often see people in a crystal shop moving a crystal around the palm of their hand, they are assessing the strength of the ‘signal’ being emitted from the crystal.  It’s not unlike checking a box of eggs for breakage prior to purchase; a crystal with a broken or damaged C-axis isn’t going to process energy very efficiently.  You will recall I mentioned crystals will amplify and project all energy equally well, which is why two ‘rules’ are paramount.  Firstly, you never want to make quick, slashing movements with a crystal in your hand, (think Light Saber) and secondly, if you handle crystals when in a foul, negative mood, that is what you will be amplifying & projecting.  Garbage in – garbage out!  Up until now we have used crystals to assist in things such as meditation, healing, and uplifting the energy of living spaces.  Nowadays as we effort to secure our seat on the 5D bus, we are also using the crystals in our toolbox, and finding new ones, to assist us in raising our vibration to the threshold of evolution.
Raising Vibrations
In an upcoming post we will be discussing the divergence, or splitting of the timeline in some depth. However, for the current discussion it is sufficient to just say that the timeline is going to split into two; one will be the continuation of the current status quo, and the other will be the path to the 5D bus terminal.  The only question you should be asking yourself right now is; which path do I want to be on?  If your answer is the status quo then I suppose the good news for you is “no homework“- it’s party time!  If your soul is fed up with this place and you’re determined to graduate to the truly interesting course of study in 5D ~ then you may also feel the need to work on raising you vibration as part of your spiritual practice. That’s the really cool thing about the mineral kingdom, it does not play favorites; but rather works just fine where ever you incorporate it.
I should point out here that the following information is generally aimed at those who have already been working on maintaining their aura and chakras in a healthy, clean and balanced state.  If these terms are new to you then as they say, you have some catching up to do.  The point is that if you begin using tools to facilitate raising your vibration and energy while that energy is full of debris and blockages, your results will be far less than optimal.  Think of it like removing any junk or rocks from the lawn before using the lawnmower.  As I mentioned, crystals will amplify & project whatever energy they absorb so it just makes all kinds of sense to make certain our own energy system is as healthy and balanced as possible before reaching into the toolbox for some of these power tools we’ll be discussing here.
The first consideration in raising your vibration should be your personal living space.  It is generally a great idea to pitch and have done with anything (anyone) in your environment that projects a negative vibe or feeling.  Window sills are an excellent place to display quartz crystal in the home as they thrive on sunlight, and will project that energy into your living space, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and spirit.  The larger, palm sized polished quartz ‘generators’ are ideal for home environment and tend to maintain a harmonious ambience, especially when more than one are being used.  If you customarily include uplifting music or sound in your spiritual practice you will find that adding crystals to the room will enhance and empower the auditory aspect very nicely indeed.
The Crystals
Considering that we are these multi-dimensional energy beings many of these specialty crystals listed below will share that attribute in both subtle and profound ways.  Some of these crystals may be familiar to you while others will be new found friends to help in your journey of becoming.  Before jumping in, it should be noted that often times there will be two different ‘names’ for some crystals, as there seems to be an element which seeks to commercialize and establish patented trade names, etc.  We shall endeavor to address such confusion where it arises as we traverse the various types of crystals.  Furthermore, some of these elements manifest as both raw specimens, and crystals, depending largely upon the strata in which they were discovered and the terminology of stone can apply to either and both in general usage.
When you first hold a crystal or specimen of Azeztulite the overwhelming sensation is one of being in the presence of an exceedingly lovely light.  The energy of this stone shows no negativity, or even neutrality, it is most definitely a positive element and as such is one of only four stones known to date which never need cleansing or energizing.  When holding Azeztulite it tends to produce an encircling spiral of movement to energy.  When used in meditation this spiral flow is predisposed to become the kundalini rising ~ surrounding ones essence at the same time it is within the body.  Placed over the brow chakra, or ‘third eye” Azeztulite will stimulate quite vivid ‘motion’ pictures which with practice can even be ‘pictures’ and glimpses of the future!!  Not bad for a stone almost nobody has ever heard of before recent times, as it is one of the emerging power stones for the Aquarian age.

In the book “The Book of Stones” co-author Robert Simmons tells the story of how the original discovery of Azeztulite led to him obtaining the very first specimens, through channeled information back around 1970.  Perhaps not surprisingly, Azeztulite, as it turns out was channeled from interdimensional beings known as the Azez who facilitated the emergence of the stone as an important tool for lightworkers.  The name Azez seems to mean “Nameless Light” and  the embodiment of that light in the universe.  Azeztulite therefore is not only used for communicating with the Azez but it also holds and projects the energy of The Nameless Light and it’s manifestation from the Great Central Sun.  This stone will be a great help to those with telepathic abilities, and dimensional engineers.  It will assist in reclaiming knowledge from your genetic memory banks.  This Aquarian age that we’re in now is all about opening ourselves to expanding levels of reality and reconnecting to source.  Azeztulite carries this energy and when we resonate with it we are opened to the broader perspectives.  Azeztulite is truly tuned to the higher dimensional planes: It fills the energy body with spiritual light, allowing one to become a beacon of light in this place, it makes us each a window thru which light passes from the higher realms.
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Peak Crackers

by Purpleskyz on June 19
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