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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Underground Nazi Base in Glacier National Park, Montana

Underground Nazi Base in Glacier National Park, Montana

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..."if you want to know more"... --->(((<---



I apologize that I don't have enough time to read this article, but I will say, since this is my home territory, that the red circle is actually a road. I ride my bike on this road a few times a year, but it's buried under about 80 feet of snow, on average, for most of the year.  I will say I have never seen any Nazis around here but we do have Montuckians. Everyone not a Montuckian is considered an alien. There is some logic to this. LOL :the face of hu


Yeah I was thinking that if there were a base in them thar hills YOU would know about it!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


I can assure you that this information about these bases is correct. I cannot however tell you if this is a correct location. I have had the displeasure of meeting and talking to these people in Sante Fe. The ones there are NATO(Ithink) forces that came here from Germany.(I orginally thought they were Russian) I had a discussion with a couple of them in downtown Sante Fe.( or as much as I could. Their english was poor). The looked like robocops. Incredible fit, chisled men. Freaky. Unable to even look into my eyes. Sent chills up my spine. They are here guys, this is not debateable.


I have no doubt there are Nazi bases here. I have met some myself, just not around here. Glacier is not a weather-friendly base but that also makes it very private. As I said, this road is under massive snow most of the year and only snow-free for the months of July, August and part of September and no one can get up to this point for nine months out of the year because they close road on 9/23 and don't open it until June. In fact it just opened to cars yesterday, although the mountainsides still have 30 feet of snow on them. So, if they have the technology to come and go through huge drifts of ice and snow (probable) there's no one around to see them. I saw a UFO earlier this year, first time since I lived here, so who knows?


They most likely would not be using a road. That would be seen by others would be my thought on it.

I think that a very large number of the UFO vids that I put up are not ET in origin. They are popping in and out here an there where they wish.

There is much coming forward on the vast number of DUMBS and how they are all connected with underground highways also. So maybe they do not need outside roads to enter....



Purps you are 100% correct. There are high speed railways under us. These are the vibrations and sounds(some of) that people are hearing around this country. They have outlets scattered around....I will give a hint to some of the locations.....Have you seen rest areas on an interstate near you that was closed down and yet they spent a year working there behind curtains.....I pulled over traveling from Scottsdale to Austin to check one out and POOF....BINGO.......Almost went to jail......Good thing I can turn on stupid really fast.(WHOOPS)...LOL...I knew that Bama upbringing would come in handy.....


Hahaha Yep! We are all primed by our back story to be able to do the work we need to right now. I can turn on dumb blond in 2 flicks of a baby lambs tail. :)

So... you think these are rest stops above ground have vehicles waiting at the ready for the underground travelers? Would make sense.

A good friend of mines partner just got a job managing the kiosk type stores at Ohara Airport. Seems he was some what surprised at where his clearance can take him. Was even more surprised at what an underground city actually looked like. Guess Denver Airport is not the only one.



That's one of the places all the global 'pussies' will haul ass to when the shit hits the fan- Man, have they got a surprise comin, and it doesn't have a gift tag on it-cheers2

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