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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » The Endings and the Beginnings /Breaking News/.. written by EM Ibrahim Hassan

The Endings and the Beginnings /Breaking News/.. written by EM Ibrahim Hassan

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The Endings and the Beginnings /Breaking News/.. written by EM Ibrahim Hassan on 18th of June 2013

  • Posted by Enlightened Master on June 20, 2013 at 11:40pm in The Ascension Process
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Very important message “Breaking News “

Written by . The Enlightened Master /Ibrahim Hassan
It is not an easy feat to realize spiritual awareness in a short period of time, as it is a long journey for the souls who are determined to continue on the path of spiritual advancement. From this perspective, it is also not easy to realize the meanings contained behind our messages, as each and every one of you reaches a certain level of realization of these messages depending on the consciousness base of his spiritual level. And as you increase the level of spiritual awareness within you, you realize another level and more meanings beyond our messages.

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent people sometimes without realizing the depth of overall concept of our messages is the incompleteness of maturity of their Mental Body. In other words, the human being remains subject to the mental control of the Matrix Mind and its methods of programming their minds, unless he is freed from the rules of the third dimension (the Holographic World), and free his astral body from the dream world of the Matrix, and be awaken when he has his own perception away from the control of Matrix to him, on the other hand, completing his awareness beyond his mental body, and beginning his entrance into the wisdom body...
Why have I started my article in this manner?

In this current and delicate time, many events have accelerated their occurrences around you on the spiritual level to determine the end of your journey here on one hand, and a new beginning to the nature of your choices on the other hand...
All of this happens in a time where you are still waiting for events to occur on the physical level, while it is not wrong to wait for events to occur on the physical level, but it happens in the following way:
When all the arrangements been finished on all aspects of the spiritual level, they manifest on the physical level, and their occurrence on the physical level means the end “the end of the manifestation of spiritual experiences and their results in the physical form” which signals the end of one phase of your spiritual journey and the beginning of another.”

What I mean by my words is:

{ those who are focused on spiritual development, do not look upon the physical level except in one case only, It is the end of their experiences and waiting for its embodies and appearance.. This is because after the spiritual experiences are manifested on the physical level, they would not be able to change anything and are limited to only seeing the results. }

Physical appearance is going to happen very soon, i.e.( the results ), so for those of you who wish for any change or increase or modify any matter on his level of choices, must act now before he gets the final results of his choices through their physical manifestations.

I shall now provide you with the latest developments in the form of points, and it might be difficult to comprehend the meaning beyond words, as every one of you shall realize them based on his consciousness level... and to fully comprehend them, you’ll need to make up for the spiritual lessons that are still incomplete at this stage of your spiritual development, as those who complete them, would be able to realize what beyond these updates.

I liked to provide you with these updates now, because the time for endings and beginnings has become very close, and your efforts in trying to understand the meanings of these updates will increase the outcome of your choices, and obtain better results for these choices and endings to this stage of spiritual development:

  • The human being is not what you look at on the outside in his physical form, but he is what resides within this body..

  • The abstract of your spiritual experiences is carried by the spiritual being that inhabits within this body... and the issue of completing one spiritual stage and migrating to another refers to the migration of this spiritual being from this body into another place and another dimension in another body.

  • The stages of transition occur first on the spiritual level of the consciousness of the being residing within you, for this consciousness to leave this body, then shortly afterwards the body travels.

  • This spiritual being shall migrate to the dimension that suits with the nature of his consciousness and awareness...


  • Migration shall occur as follows:

  1. Migration from the third dimension straight into the fifth OR above in a process called Ascension.

  2. Migration from the third to the fourth dimension, called “Ascension under suspension” so as to have the opportunity to complete the lessons needed for spiritual awareness, and Ascension occurs for those in this category in stages upon completion of the lessons.

  3. Migration from the third dimension into another third dimension, It means “the inability to ascend” and that means the migration from the third dimension in this experience (earth) into the third dimension of another experience (another earth)..

  • The migration of human souls on this earth was divided into three dimensions: [ the third, the fourth and the fifth or beyond..]

  1. The Third dimension has its own scenario and one ending, one timeline and one planet...
  2. The Fourth dimension has seven scenarios, seven endings, seven timelines and seven planets. The first scenario [the first earth] is the farthest and hardest to ascend from, and the seventh scenario [seventh earth] is the lightest and closest to ascension, and it shall be on this planet and this earth Gaia...
  3. The Fifth dimension has one scenario and one timeline, but several planets..
  4. Above the fifth dimension, there are many scenarios and timelines and galaxies as well as advanced spiritual development...


All the souls upon this earth, all seven billion of them, have started their journeys of sorting and migration into their dimensions and scenarios since 18th of May 2013, and these processes shall be completed before the period of the beginning of the great event [The End of Time] which has become very soon.

  • This Great Event is two events :
    The FirstArrests and Disclosures”, and The Secondthe Separation of all the timelines from each other in order for each category of migrating souls to receive their own timeline”. Those two events should occur at around the same time.

The sorting and migration process of souls has reached a 70% completion rate for all the souls on this earth, and a 100% completion shall be reached before the Great Event.

  • All the bodies, whose souls have migrated into another third dimension, have been inhabited by a copy of the migrated soul and it carries on living in that body as if nothing has happened.

  • All the bodies whose souls have migrated into the six scenarios and timelines of the fourth dimension, and to the fifth dimension or above have been inhabited by a beam of light from the migrated soul that carries on as if nothing has happened..

  • All the souls that have been assigned to this earth “ the seventh level of the fourth dimension {the lightest and closest to ascension} “ have remained in their bodies in order to live out their own scenarios.

  • The physical bodies whose inhabitants belong to the fifth dimension shall disappear to continue their chosen journeys, and only the bodies of those whose souls have chosen to continue on this earth “the seventh level of the fourth dimension” shall remain.

  • Many of the souls who have migrated to the fifth dimension and beyond either by experiencing death for the body and gain the light body or by physical transformation of the light body either through natural rebirth and transformation OR through the Chambers of light [ whom we called the new ascended master] will return to this earth to help its inhabitants through their own ascension processes, which will take around six months after the Great Event, and then all of the inhabitants of this earth “the seventh level of the fourth dimension earth“ with Earth Gaia in its entirety will enter the fifth dimension.

  • The remaining six levels of the fourth dimension shall continue to receive help in their ascension process to the fifth dimension in phases and stages.

  • Since 10th of June 2013, the preparation has begun for the manifestation process in order to show the results. When the preparations have been completed, the physical manifestation process begins with the Great Event and end sorting of all timelines completely each on their own...

  • On that date, the 10th of June 2013, the blue flare energies that belong to The White Blue Lodge “the 16th dimension” began merging with the blue flare energies that belong to the [ Real World ] in the Great Central Sun. and when the united blue flare energies are released from the Great Central Sun into our own sun, the Great Event shall occur.

  • The following dates are important in the immigration process of the souls who have not yet immigrated. We have mentioned that 70% of souls have migrated, and 30% have not migrated yet, those will migrate in the period between 21st of June 2013 & 27th of June 2013.

  • There isn’t a specific time for the Great Event, but as we mentioned the launch of the united blue flare from the central sun into our sun shall be the Great Event. The allotted time for this event is between mid-July and the late of September, it may be sooner or later than that, but observation and readings say that until this moment, The Peak is scheduled from " Mid of July until Mid of August 2013" ..

I realize that what you’ve read is not simple to comprehend, which is why I gave you that introduction. I have only told you this because The Great Event has become very near, and I wish for all my brothers and sisters to use their remaining time wisely as much as they can.

I give you all my love and gratefulness for accompanying me on this great, beautiful, delightful and meaningful journey here on this special and beautiful earth “Gaia”..

With all my love and gratitude
EM. Ibrahim Hassan

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