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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » ‘Ark’ 2.0: Largest private shelter on Earth prepping below Kansas town

‘Ark’ 2.0: Largest private shelter on Earth prepping below Kansas town

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

‘Ark’ 2.0: Largest private shelter on Earth prepping below Kansas town

Via, 18 June 2013 - The ‘Ark’ is buried 130 feet below the Earth’s surface and carved out of a small mountain made of solid limestone. It’s the vision of Robert Vicino, founder of The Vivos Group, and will cater to “preparedness minded families” who prefer to sit out apocalyptic events in style.

Brave New Underworld: Now accepting applications

Whether this small Kansas town likes it or not, a bold new sanctuary for the end times has arrived.
Known locally to Atchison residents for years as “The Caves”, the site was originally under the control of the U.S. Government until recently. It was previously used as a high security storage facility for the US Army and Defense Department. One of the site’s landfills has a confirmed toxic leak, possibly from several years as an ammunition and missile silo. Its design is ideal for storage of highly classified Defense Department documents and files.

The last few months have seen a flurry of activity at the site. In April of 2013 the U.S. Government sold the property to MO-KAN Underground, a group of investors from Springfield, MO. According to their website, they are actively “seeking businesses who are interested in developing this property.”

Vivos Kansas

It appears they have their first customer. The Vivos Group, a company that started out selling the apocalypse by building a network of luxury bunkers underground called “Vivos”, has now doubled-down on their vision by creating the largest private shelter on Earth. Read the company’s press release below:

For Immediate Release:
Shelter as Big as the Empire State Building to Save One in Every Million People
Not just a shelter, but a year-round ‘survival resort’

Atchison, Kansas, June 13, 2013 – A massive underground complex encompassing over 2 million square feet is now being outfitted as the largest private shelter on Earth.  The latest in a network of shelters built by The Vivos Group, this ‘Ark’ is also the first of its kind, being dubbed the Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort.  The huge complex will not only accommodate more than 5,000 people for a minimum of one year of autonomous survival, but will also be open to its members as a year-round resort offering its co-owner members the opportunity to vacation at the shelter anytime they desire.

Robert Vicino, founder and CEO of Vivos, states: “When completed, it will remain ready as the ultimate life-assurance shelter for its co-owner members to seek refuge from virtually anything mankind or nature may throw our way.”  Complete with all the amenities of a 4 star hotel, and a long list of recreational activities, owners and their families will be safe and protected, without the need to return to the surface for a minimum of one year in the event of disaster.  The former government complex is located nearly 130 feet below the surface and carved out of a solid limestone mountain. Due to its unique composition, its structure is 6 times stronger than standard concrete.  “We know of no larger shelter other than the reported secret government bunkers, that unfortunately are not accessible by the general public,” Vicino added.

The fortress will survive virtually any predictable disaster or catastrophic event including: nuclear fallout, biological agents, chemical war gases, a viral pandemic, super volcanic ash, an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), X-Class coronal mass ejections (CME’s), extreme weather and earth changes, and even manmade disasters: from an economic meltdown, to total anarchy.  This complex has full-time security, protection devices, hardened air handling systems, and several enormous blast doors.

“At full capacity, the ½ mile long underground complex will save the lives of nearly 1 in every 1 million people on Earth, along with the storage of precious museum artifacts and treasures, DNA and gamete cells of thousands frozen within a series of cryovaults, volumes of data, books, movies and more,” Vicino added.

As a resort, this Vivos complex will become an attraction for families wanting to mingle with like-minded members, while providing their children a host of recreational, educational, and even survival activities, both above, on the park-like grounds and below, within the constant 70 degree temperature of the shelter. Activities will include: golf, rock climbing, a ropes course, martial arts training, a gym, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, a baseball field, a bowling alley, bike riding and mountain biking, rollerblading, a skate park, an underground 5K marathon course, field games, boating and rafting, survival classes, gun and archery ranges, paintball, horseback riding, ATV trails, and a pool with a waterslide.

Additional underground amenities include: kitchens, a bakery, dining and lounge areas, a wine bar and cellar, a dance floor, theaters, a nursery, and a hair salon and spa.  The massive shelter also features: classrooms, computer rooms, workshops, arts and crafts rooms, meeting rooms, meditation and worship areas, food and supply warehouses, acres of hydroponics gardens, an aquaponics farm, a communications center, security offices with a detention area, large vaults, pet kennels, an underground 2-acre dog and cat park, a motor pool, and even secure museum artifact storage.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the shelter is that members can drive a full-size recreational trailer or motor home directly inside, with space allocated for more than 1,200 vehicles nestled within miles of roads.  Like an underground RV park, each family will enjoy the privacy of their own vehicle’s quarters, meeting their particular needs and comfort standards.  Due to the economies of scale of this mega complex, the effective co-ownership cost per person is now able to be reduced to about 10% of the smaller Vivos shelters.  A family of 4 with a 25-foot long RV can join in for only $25,000, with a pricing schedule based on the length of their vehicle, as opposed to the traditional per-person occupancy rate.

The reaction from Vivos members is that the ongoing resort and recreational benefits are well worth the price of co-ownership, not to mention the ability to protect your family from virtually every foreseeable future catastrophe.  “We are confident this shelter will become the ‘Disneyland’ of resort vacation destinations for preparedness minded families, year after year!” Vicino concluded.

Digging for Answers

On the surface, this could be nothing more than one man’s entrepreneurial vision for making good on a prophesy. Digging deeper, it’s less clear how this venture can stay above water without some type of “strategic” interest to supplement a doomsday business model.

Vicino: Founder and CEO of Vivos, Captain of ‘The Ark’

Individuals and families willing to reserve their share in the doomsday bunkerplex could provide the upfront cash needed to develop the underground community. According to their press release, Vivos will be providing among other amenities cryovaults for DNA storage, recreational activities and “detention” areas.

Who will cover the ongoing safety, environmental and security costs for the massive, year-round luxury FEMA-like operation?

Has the U.S. Government really turned over this secure asset to a private developer to build a survival resort Disneyland?

We visited Atchison, KS, a town with a population of about 11,500 people. As of this report, local media coverage of the transaction and announced plans are markedly absent. Atchison residents we spoke with knew very little of the plans.

‘The Ark’ will be carved out of a small mountain made of solid limestone

A brief survey of what we heard from residents of the town:

‘I heard it went private’
‘Parts of it are underwater’
‘They’re planning to store computer files down there’
‘We’ve seen an increased security and police presence there lately’
‘The deer population behind the fences has suffered’
‘Everything is sort of hush-hush’

Anything is possible 130 feet below the Earth’s surface

One resident agreed the plan almost sounded like a storyline from the movie Total Recall. Another resident, was suspicious it could be a front for a cult.

After hearing from the local residents, we attempted to interview the two landscapers who were prepping the lawns on the site’s exterior. They were less forthcoming with their thoughts on the bunkerplex, and didn’t really ‘know very much’ about its planned use.

Ideal Location for Nebulous Activity, or Mega Business Opportunity?

The town’s own police chief admitted after a recent visit: “I have lived here my whole life. I’ve worked at the police department for many years, but this is the first in-depth tour I’ve had of the facility.” Even the local paper’s weekend edition was absent of any coverage of the announced plans for the caves.

The site is located at 6675 Sherman Road in Atchison, KS. The parcel is surrounded by parkland, residential and industrial land uses, including a water treatment facility nearby. A stretch of homes sits directly across the street from the underground facility.

To put this event in perspective, the proposed land use would be the largest of its kind in several surrounding counties combined, on the order of new highway road construction. A new bridge across the site’s major waterway, the Missouri River, is nearing completion.
‘I do believe we are in end times,’ says Vivos founder Robert Vicino.

Or, is this the beginning of something else? We will continue to follow this story above and below ground as it develops.

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Well this is not going to save the general population and I'm pretty sure I'm not on the list, so more power to them. Just don't believe it will be necessary. Could it be ? absolutely. It just doesn't resonate with me... jus' sayin. :)

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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