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Overcoming Illuminati Mind Control- Sleeping Beauty/ Super Soldier Program

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Overcoming Illuminati Mind Control- Sleeping Beauty/ Super Soldier Program

How does a victim of Illuminati mind control maintain any hope or courage when so much was taken from them? I can only speak for myself, but, the reason I am healing is due to my desire to serve as a vessel for my creator on this planet and having angelic intervention occur over and over again in my life to prove that a creator does indeed care for me too. This is a difficult path I tread and most people who have suffered like I have choose not to face their past and integrate their personalities and instead seek refuge from their pain by using drugs and sex or taking spending sprees. There are a lot of stars in Hollywood today who were programmed and do not realize they have multiple personalities due to a host of problems from the abuse that are spiritual, metaphysical and psychological in nature. These beings are easy prey to handlers who take advantage of events and routines to manipulate the star’s set and setting. This may be as simple as someone walking by and saying a trigger word or making a hand signal which causes a shift in the consciousness of the victim.
One star I know whose lyrics are being used for programming purposes is Kanye West. I was exposed to the album “Watch the Throne” in 2010 during an abduction experience where I was strapped to a table, electrocuted and a Freemason NASA scientist was swinging a pocket watch in front of my face and I recall he said “Go back to sleep Sleeping Beauty.” It was during this session that Kanye West’s album was played. When I heard the album about a year or so later it set off all sorts of programming reactions to the lyrics and helped reinforce the setting of civil war breaking out in America soon. Whether or not this actually ever occurs, it was never anyone’s right to use me without consent in secret operations regarding it. I am a human being and just ,because, I was driven crazy by handlers and hypnosis as a child and they used that to create a false psychological profile on me and abuse me with it all throughout my adult years it still does not take away my naturally given right to be human and to own my own self. This is the right that my creator desires to protect and has assigned angelic guardians and principals to keep me safe and healing and integrating and getting somewhere with that process.
This is something I achieve by going inward and being true to my heart as much as possible in my daily life. I am far from perfect, in fact, I have parts in me that are quite capable of killing. However, those parts don’t have the best of me. I am aware of them to some degree, I am able to neutralize their anger with my higher aspects that know how to shift my frequency into love instead. The higher aspect of me is able to love the part that wants to do harm to another or myself so much it becomes powerless to overcome me. This is how I feel victims of mind control must learn to heal if they want to be free of the deepest darkest programs and parts and not be activated into service to their BEAST agenda at a later date.
We must truly forge a bond with our higher parts and with our creator or higher power for protection throughout the process. Legitimate mind controlled victims are like time bombs, we may have months of seeming quiet and then suddenly a whole layer of programing is activated and we have destroyed our lives in order to fulfill the commands of our handlers. These systems must be overridden and unwound in a manner that does not cause the victim to self-destruct as they can be layered with self-destruct commands at every level of progress. The more complex the system a victim has the more difficult this is as they are often carrying top secret information that their handlers consider to be more important than the victim’s life.
As scary as it seems to know you may be sleeping with an assassin and that assassin is within you, there are ways to override the programs and triggers which activate that assassin. There are ways to get to different parts within your system and make contact, to diffuse the energy caught up in the compartmentalization of that part and take the pressure off of those internal buttons. That way, if your handlers attempt to activate your programs in the future you do not respond the way they expect. Instead of blacking out and having that other part take over and leaving you clueless as to how or why you got somewhere it becomes a sudden awareness you are being triggered and an internal confrontation with your system which can ultimately be won through LOVE.
One problem facing people who have these types of systems built into their psyche is that they have been through so much shattering and splicing of their psyche that their own template of consciousness manifestation, called a morphogenetic field has been hacked at and damaged very badly. This is a serious challenge to complete and permanent healing and very few people are able to address the problems at this level. Morphogenetic fields are defined by Rupert Sheldrake, an English Biologist, as the subset of morphic fields which influence, and are influenced by living things.
The term [morphic fields] is more general in its meaning than morphogenetic fields, and includes other kinds of organizing fields in addition to those of morphogenesis; the organizing fields of animal and human behaviour, of social and cultural systems, and of mental activity can all be regarded as morphic fields which contain an inherent memory.
—Rupert Sheldrake, The Presence of the Past (Chapter 6, page 112)
This is what Wikipedia has to say about a morphic field: “Morphic field” is a term introduced by Sheldrake. He proposes that there is a field within and around a “morphic unit” which organizes its characteristic structure and pattern of activity.[30] According to Sheldrake, the “morphic field” underlies the formation and behaviour of “holons” and “morphic units”, and can be set up by the repetition of similar acts or thoughts. The hypothesis is that a particular form belonging to a certain group, which has already established its (collective) “morphic field”, will tune into that “morphic field”. The particular form will read the collective information through the process of “morphic resonance”, using it to guide its own development. This development of the particular form will then provide, again through “morphic resonance”, a feedback to the “morphic field” of that group, thus strengthening it with its own experience, resulting in new information being added (i.e. stored in the database). Sheldrake regards the “morphic fields” as a universal database for both organic (genetic) and abstract (mental) forms.
That a mode of transmission of shared informational patterns and archetypes might exist did gain some tacit acceptance when it was proposed as the theory of the collective unconscious by renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung. According to Sheldrake, the theory of “morphic fields” might provide an explanation for Jung’s concept as well. Also, he agrees that the concept of akashic records, a term from the Vedas representing the “library” of all the experiences and memories of human minds (souls) through their physical lifetime, can be related to “morphic fields”,[31] since one’s past (an akashic record) is a mental form, consisting of thoughts as simpler mental forms (all processed by the same mind), and a group of similar or related mental forms also have their associated (collective) “morphic field”. (Sheldrake’s view on memory-traces is that they are non-local, and not located in the brain.”
In other words, we are not just what we appear to be to the physical eyes and are actually all tied in to the collective unconscious through archetypal patterns of consciousness which we all have access to. It is these very archetypes that our handlers manipulate and stimulate with their technology and magic against our consciousness. Their programs are created to stimulate and hijack those archetypes and that is why they use myth and storytelling and interweave it into the abuse and programming. We CAN overcome these programs though by remaining vigilant each day to stay awake and aware from an energetic perspective and then it is possible to have your own alarm bells ring to alert you when a foreign frequency is being introduced to your consciousness field. The foundation of consciousness repair and energy work is a technique called the 12th dimensional shield. With this technique you can address your entire morphogentic field at the basic level of manifestation and run the repair from the foundation up. With this frequency you can also connect with and find protection and safety within the crystalline families of intelligence here on guardian missions for humanity, Earth and her ascension. By changing your frequency using this technique you actually learn to embody the frequencies of your soul, over soul and Avatar/Christ self. These frequencies will help restore and retrieve lost parts of you from different timelines and traumas and seal you into unity with your whole self and nothing will remain between you and your creator that seeks to destroy or manipulate you anymore. Of course, if you are a survivor of military mind control programming like myself, then the process will take longer as there are many more than one personality and one basic level of trauma to address. Although, I still have a lot more to recover and heal from, the fact that I am being steadily lead in the right direction and reclaiming pieces of myself and integrating them cannot be dismissed. It is also logical to assume that in time I will only recover more and be able to reach more of my personalities. My experience is that having multiple personalities is a very challenging condition and that my personalities are each heavily programmed and must be addressed at varying levels with love and compassion being sent to them all from my higher self. Even so, the 12D shield is helping to provide a safe energetic place for my reunification with pieces of myself to occur and help me restore my morphegenetic field to its organic and original state of resonance.
The 12D shield is the foundational layer of work that must be done in order to seal your energetic field and make you impenetrable to the psychotronic attacks of those who try to control you at the level of template manifestation of consciousness. The 12D shield is not something that you do once or twice and then forget about it either. When a mind control victim has been programmed they must take care to protect themselves every day. This technique is simple and I benefit from using it twice a day at first. After some time of consistent use I seemed to start to reinforce the visualization naturally throughout the day and began pulling the frequencies up like a shield as soon as I felt vulnerable in any way. The shield becomes a part of you and does not take as much time in meditation to maintain when you begin to work with it more intuitively and regularly. However, when you first begin it may be necessary for several months to practice the full length meditation twice a day.
Here is a wonderful video which teaches the 12D light shield by Lisa Renee. Thank you Lisa for this wonderful contribution!

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