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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » UNSC meeting to vote on CH7 will be broadcast live on UN webcast at 11:00 AM EDT on June 27

UNSC meeting to vote on CH7 will be broadcast live on UN webcast at 11:00 AM EDT on June 27

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Frank26/KTFA Tuesday PM CC Notes from BulldogFord65


by BulldogFord65 » June 26th, 2013, 1:29 am  •

Hello Family: Here are the notes from the CC call. Blessings to you!

"Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of the drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit." Jeremiah 17:7-8 KJV

Frank26 IQD Update after Bible Study Tuesday, June 25, 2013

• Frank covered 3 important issues yesterday, review:

1) the King of SA announced they are changing their weekend from Thurs/Fri to Fri/Sat, this is huge! It changes 2000 years of history and culture to align the ME with the rest of the world’s business week;

2) CH7 release on June 27, in Frank’s opinion, logic says that we need to see the rate or Iraq puts their shackles back on – THIS IS NOT A DATE, IT IS LOGIC, and also realize that after release they need a couple of days, this is why Frank and his teams study the window to July 7;

3) Frank reviewed the bank information he gave us regarding BoA, Chase, WF, Citi (refer to last night’s notes)

Frank reviewed several articles that were posted which give us evidence of what is happening:

• The release from CH7 means Iraq enters CH6, but international status still depends on the release of the rate

• Walkingstick 6/24 thread post 375 spoke of CH7 walking into CH6: The nightmare of the heart of Iraq (funds frozen, loss of sovereignty) cannot promote long with CH7 overshadowing; full sovereignty can only come through the independence of a thriving economy

• UNSC meeting to vote on CH7 will be broadcast live on UN webcast at 11:00 AM EDT on June 27

• I Team is concerned about June 28; the 27th is pomp and circumstance, but many care more about June 28

• JustMichelle 6/24 thread post 392: Iraq will head the international disarmament meeting in Geneva; they are getting ahead of themselves, how can Iraq lead while still under UN sacntions??

• Frank recalled a Kim Clement discussion, a season of nothing, nothing, nothing and then suddenly in the summer months, just interesting, nothing more; Robdel 6/24 thread post 401: the cloud of blessings and outpouring will rain to bring restoration

• Article: Nations reestablish direct trade relations with Iraq to prepare removal from international trade sanctions; UN applied sanctions when Saddam invaded Kuwait and it crashed their economy, infrastructure and currency; the article goes on about the positive direction that Iraq is moving, Kuwait and Iraq have reached agreement, documents signed, and CH7 to be lifted;

Ban Ki-Moon recommendation to remove from CH7, S and 7 visit to NYC – this is huge! Walking from CH7 to CH6 speaks volumes of what is about to happen to the value of their currency; Iraq is going in this direction, there is no turning back, regardless of date, there is no way to turn back ,

they will become international , and when they do, their economy will explode; the resumption of trade with other nations is obvious, it’s happening before our eyes even while still under CH7 and currency not yet revalued

• Canada is now going “bonkers” – all the coalition nations are the showing excitement because they know what’s about to happen – Canada calls on all Canadian firms to invest in Iraq and participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, and assert that Iraq should be a full member of the WTO; he expressed to put together a high-level delegation of businesses to call upon Iraq

• The 11 billion that is owed to Kuwait – the CBI has over 80 billion in reserves; this can be moved into CH6 or paid now; look for it by July 1, the beginning of the new fiscal quarter

• Last night, Delta called Frank and reported that Iraqia TV is saying when CH7 lifted, the IQD will be traded and recognized internationally – the only way to do this is to increase the rate IN-country to at least 1:1; Delta then posted to the forum

• Article from Mary Cooper: Iraq’s inevitable oil boom will inevitably attract foreign banks – now do we have better understanding of why the official weekend in the ME was just changed to align with the remainder of the world after 2 millenia?

• Walkingstick 6/24 thread post 431: Iraq qualifies for lead in economics of developing countries, how can they do that at 1166 with toilet paper currency?

Freedom from the provisions of CH7 and looking to the UNSC for release, the people will receive through the government the entitlements of full sovereignty to build itself – but not at 1166!!

It will be the government which will include a lot of arrangements and contracts to invest in global stock markets; this movement will support the private sectors; this is huge, it attracts foreign investment to Iraq because of the value of the currency; go back and read this article!

• Walkingstick 6/24 thread post 435: “Tomorrow complete sovereignty” – but tomorrow is Wednesday?? How can they be sovereign tomorrow??? Hmm……

• Walkingstick 6/24 post 439 is an AWESOME summary of articles: the difference between CH7 and CH6; release from CH7; restoration of sovereignty; Iraq to lead after release CH7; minister and departments will push the wheel of development; end of sanctions; change of policies, out of black cloud; this is an excellent compilation of articles by Walkingstick...

• Gearhead article: exit from CH7 will stop thievery of IQD – who steals toilet paper? Who wants to steal, smuggle or counterfeit toilet paper? CH6 means the borders are secure and tariffs are set

• Will see a lot of things right after CH7 lifted – LD’s, Qi cards, coins, HCL, etc – will not be overnight, will take a few days

• Another article says the GOI complete; recall last year when S told M the CBI is ready, but M needed to form a government

• UN Ban Ki-Moon stressed that Iraq has returned stronger than Kuwait did in the 1990’s when they RV’ed their currency and reorganized of their system; really? Incredible!

• Tomorrow Frank will discuss the VND, Japanese currency, etc

• Another article: the CBI agreed with Iraq banks that counterfeiting has been cleaned up and controlled and will not affect the value of their currency; counterfeiting and fraud will not afftect exchange rate against the dollar, incidence rate is very low, there is stability and counterfeiting is under control

• All over Iraqia TV: GOI saying that CH6 will be positive, no negative impact

• 6/24 thread, page 5, article speaks of Out of CH7 is concluded, and Iraq directed toward international economy

• All of these articles are amazing, a dream come true, and a responsibility for us!

• Out of CH7 requires a pause, partnership with leading global banks time for electronic instructions of work and management, as well as expansion inside and outside of Iraq; the market will drive up the value of the dinar

At this point, Bluestar came on the call

• Bluestar observed that everything is coming together, there is more commentary on the great news as opposed to analysis looking for the news in the articles

• Frank asked us to recall from a few weeks ago the east to west travel by S, (NY to Denver or Nevada to San Francisco); ToyVP just confirmed that S was in all the places! Confirmation that the intel was correct

• Frank led the internet last October with the Indonesian Rupiah and South Korean Won as possible investment vehicles

• Bluestar has moved past focusing on the exchange, and is focusing on all the plans after, and conquering fear; he challenged the family to conquer our fears and prepare to move forward with what the Lord wants us to do

• Bluestar’s opinion is that he will not be surprised if the rate does not come out immediately, going up to July 7; don’t worry if we don’t see a rate on the 28th, look into next week, but he feels it would be foolish of them to go into Ramadan; there is no doubt the rate will come out, do not be fearful, feel empowered and let the blessing shine on you; reminded us that Regner is big on education – don’t get hung up on dates, the process is what is important, and the process he has informed us is spot-on

• Frank reminded us that I Team took Eagle1’s last 3 posts to an analyst in the Green Zone and they said it’s 100% correct!

• Tomorrow is investment night followed by the IQD update, and there will be more on the VND

At this point, Frank received a call from one of his teams

• I Team just called in; recall that I Team was sent back to SA base, then they were to move to Baghdad on Thursday, but plans were changed and they went on this weekend; they called with one sentence: “things are about to break loose”

• DO NOT take this as a message to stay up all night, this could pertain to LD’s, the celebrations (which tell us a lot), and recall that not everyone is happy with Iraq’s release from CH7 and what will happen after, and there could be some bad news also; PRAY OVER IT, TAKE ALL OF IT TO GOD IN PRAYER!

• Frank then closed the call with prayer

• Request to prayer warriors to stay on the prayer request for CH7 and the other things Frank asked

Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:35 AM

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