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The Lure of Summer at the Bohemian Grove; The Elite’s Cremation of Care Ceremony

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July 1, 2013

The Lure of Summer at the Bohemian Grove; The Elite’s Cremation of Care Ceremony

Oye! Oye! It’s almost time for the Illuminati’s next extravaganza—the two week affair at Bohemian Grove, California—where more skulking about of high-level, male-only government officials goes on in the dark of the imposing redwood forest, complete with silly pageants and more (live) sacrifices.

It sounds rather more like something from Monty Python, doesn’t it? And to me it’s almost as laughable, except that there are a few too many photos leaked of what certainly appear to be human sacrifices from these “meetings”.

You can join the Facebook Group ‘Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance’ to keep tabs on what they will be doing to bring worldwide awareness to the ridiculous satanic worship of a fake owl—yes, an owl. These are the ‘people’ who run our countries.
If you didn’t catch our fearless Alex Jones’ foray into the very jaws of the Bohemian Grove sacrificial ceremony and his subsequent video—you didn’t miss a thing, unless you really like bad acting.
The whole Grove thing is so lame, I can hardly believe that grown ‘men’ would take part in this ludicrous scenario, but of course, if they discuss business on this flagrant little vacation they can write it off, can’t they? Who’s going to mind discussing the next false flag, assassination or World War III if they get to pee on a tree?
If the Bilderberg Conference could morph into the huge success it was and attract, as Montague Keen put it, “the irrepressible David Icke”, perhaps a Bohemian Grove “fringe festival” could carry the same clout and expose these shams for what they are; shape-shifting reptilians.
Why do they bother with costumes, anyway? Why don’t they go au naturel and really get bohemian? Who needs the boat in the man-made pond? They could frolic in the ooze. Goodness knows it’s not about the the flippin’ art!
Send in the drones, I say! Let’s get this in living colour—streaming—on the World Wide Web.
You can learn more here  
and on Facebook  Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance and Occupy Bohemian Grove  or

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And the Rothchilds drop off their young ones in Sante Fe for a bit of frolicking and joy as they head off to California. Care to meet a few of them, just head to Madrid NM and party with the elite!

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