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Orbs: Are investigators missing the whole picture?

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Orbs: Are investigators missing the whole picture?

Via examiner.com , 24 June 2013 - It was not too long ago the status quo was that orbs in pictures were of paranormal origin. Stances changed considerably since then when the normal culprits of orb pictures became known, causing believing in orbs to be faux pas.

Orbs: Are investigators missing the whole picture?  1372111193_8438_1

With debunkers eagerly patting themselves on the back and smirking contemptuously at those who still believed, they fell into the common trap that ensnares many a bloated head: dealing in absolutes when it comes to the paranormal. And it would be quite foolish indeed to believe that all orbs in pictures are explainable when dealing with a "field" in which there are too many variables and unknowns.

That is after all, a fair definition of the paranormal.

What shifted opinion heavily over the last decade was that the following normal causes of orbs were revealed and proven by careful observations and experiments.

The main causes of orbs were found to be mostly reflections of light, not only from the camera flash but from other light sources as well, bouncing off solid or liquid particles in the air. Examples would be dust, smoke, pollen, water molecules or any type of precipitation.

Other causes of orbs in pictures were identified to be from other round, or semi-round, light sources in the background such as the moon, street lights or even flashlights. Further, light reflecting off certain surfaces such as glass, metals and anything reflective was found to produce the supposed anomaly.

Some have even gone on to prove that some picture orbs were created by the camera itself, resulting from a software or hardware glitch in the electronics.

But not so fast.

The key here is that researchers have only discovered normal explanations of orbs in pictures and while that may be as it may, that does not necessarily mean they, at the same time, ruled out any paranormal causes of orbs. Only that many orbs in pictures can be explained scientifically. Not that all orbs in pictures can be explained. This is an important point.

Now while most of these pictures are indeed the product of the reasons explained above, there are a couple of points that should keep us all from putting this puppy to bed.

If we adopt the theory that spirits, ghosts or souls, take your pick, are composed of energy, and energy travels as differing wavelengths or frequencies. Then why would it be impossible for a spirit to seen as a ball of light, if they travel in the wavelength, or frequency, that the eye can see. And if you can see them, then wouldn't it be fair to say you most likely can photograph them. The answer should be yes.

Unfortunately this conjures up a huge problem. Should supernatural causes of orbs exist, how would one distinguish it from normal causes of an orb in a picture.

Perhaps doing a system of eliminations, whereby one eliminates the known causes of orbs in a picture and if anything is left, tag it with the paranormal title. But that may leave more questions than answers.

Another possible way, which clearly relies on the integrity and state of mind of the observers, is to actually see the orb with their very own eyes and then photograph it.

If the orb is producing its own light, not a reflection or relying on another light source, and is seen moving in a purposeful motion, not an insect or due to wind or ventilation issues, then the possibility exists that they may indeed have an orb of paranormal origin. And if so, the time would be ripe to photograph and hopefully, film it.

And it is important to note that there may well be some photos out there among the gazillion photos shot in cemeteries, homes, back yards and wherever else, that may indeed have that exact story supporting it.

Let the truth be told, this author was once a supporter of the idea that orbs are clearly a result of normal explanations and shouldn't be taken seriously. There existed only that remote possibility that supernatural causes of orbs exist. That is until about four months ago.

Earlier this year, 2013, something extraordinary and unexplained occurred, without warning or reason, that has reopened the idea in this author's mind, that spirits, or something paranormal, may appear as white spheres when they want to be seen.

It was a mild, early March morning, around 1:30 a.m. with the temperatures in the mid 50's in northwest Las Vegas. There was no wind, in fact, the air was quite still. After exiting a PT's for a couple drinks and a chat, just diagonally above, about three feet away, was an almost spherical white orb, about the size of a dime.

It just lingered there. Didn't move. Looking over at a friend to see if she too was seeing this, she said she was. It wasn't an insect, ash or a laser light for that matter. Just a spherical white orb.

After getting under it and just a foot out of hand's reach, ten seconds later, it began to move in a straight line, horizontally to the left, very slowly. While looking up at it and following it for about six feet, the impression that it knew it was being looked at, and wanted to be seen, became overpoweringly evident. It felt as if it had a consciousness to it. An intelligence if you will. In fact, it was almost as if it was being playful, perhaps smiling at these curious folk's reaction to their sudden predicament.

Then, after another four feet, it stopped. Again, looking over at a friend for support, she nodded in acknowledgement that she too was still witnessing this bizarre affair.

After about twenty seconds had passed, with this white spherical orb just hovering above in place, it began to slowly ascend upwards about twenty feet, fading in intensity along the way until it completely disappeared from view.

Standing there in utter astonishment and wishing one had a camera handy to document the moment, it spawned many a wakeful night of questions concerning what exactly that was and why it was there.

And this story does not stand alone.

There are many tales from others around the world about witnessing spherical orbs with their very own eyes. This leads straight to the idea that clearly not all is known about orbs and investigators shouldn't be too quick to dismiss them as not paranormal.

Whether that orb, or any non-explainable orb for that matter, is a spirit, ghost, soul, alien, trans-dimensional being, or an unknown life form (should any of these exist), is not the intent of this article.

Had the orb described in the personal account above been photographed, it most likely would have shown up as an orb in the picture. And if it did, hasty reviewers would most likely had glanced over the picture and returned the verdict that it was just a dust particle or an insect, thus missing out on a great opportunity to examine something that may be possibly be of paranormal origin.
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