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Why the Story on Snowden and the NSA Doesn't Add Up

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Why the Story on Snowden and the NSA Doesn't Add Up
—By [b style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); text-decoration: none; border: none; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;"]Kevin Drum[/b]
| Mon Jul. 1, 2013 10:22 PM PDT

What was Edward Snowden's job when he worked for Booz Hamilton as a contractor to the NSA? Most of us have been under the impression that he was a systems administrator or network administrator. The initial Guardian story described him as a "former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton." The same story mentioned him talking about things that were comprehensible only to his "fellow communication specialists." The Washington Post described him as a "tech specialist" and quoted several sources who were baffled that someone with his background had access to all the documents he had released.
But in the video interview that introduced him to the world, he actually said that he was an "infrastructure analyst" who had previously worked for the CIA as a systems administrator and telecommunications systems officer. Today, the New York Times tells us that this job title is more revealing than it seems:
It is a title that officials have carefully avoided mentioning, perhaps for fear of inviting questions about the agency’s aggressive tactics: an infrastructure analyst at the N.S.A., like a burglar casing an apartment building, looks for new ways to break into Internet and telephone traffic around the world.
....A secret presidential directive on cyberactivities unveiled by Mr. Snowden — discussing the primary new task of the N.S.A. and its military counterpart, Cyber Command — makes clear that when the agency’s technicians probe for vulnerabilities to collect intelligence, they also study foreign communications and computer systems to identify potential targets for a future cyberwar.
Infrastructure analysts like Mr. Snowden, in other words, are not just looking for electronic back doors into Chinese computers or Iranian mobile networks to steal secrets. They have a new double purpose: building a target list in case American leaders in a future conflict want to wipe out the computers’ hard drives or shut down the phone system.
Stuart Staniford has suspected from the start that this might have been Snowden's role. He wrote this three weeks ago:
I speculate that it is going to turn out that Snowden was an electronic intruder on the government payroll. Profiles describe him as secretive, fascinated with computers, and with knowledge of things like Tor (a peer-to-peer network for maintaining anonymity for computer communications). His last job was working at an NSA network threat detection center, suggesting knowledge of computer security. He had previously worked for the CIA, including overseas, suggesting a cyber-offense role....He may have had a lot of access — it's very common for people working in computer threat detection to have access to platforms that see everything going on in the networks in order to look for potential threats. 
I asked Glenn Greenwald via Twitter if Snowden had described his job in more detail during their interviews. He replied: "Sort of - he's been depicted as far more primitive and lower-level than he really was." I'm not sure precisely what that means, but it was all I got.
The fuzziness surrounding this is frustrating. I'd certainly like to know more about what Snowden did for the NSA. Did he work on network security? Was he a threat analyst of some kind? Did he actively search out vulnerabilities in other networks that NSA could exploit? Did he do this only at Booz Hamilton, or did he have basically the same job previously when he worked directly for the NSA? Exactly how much does he know about the NSA programs he's been revealing to the world?
This whole affair gives me an odd vibe. For reasons I can't figure out, I feel like everyone is holding back information. Obviously the government is, but it sure seems as if the journalists reporting this story have also declined to tell us everything they know. Maybe there's good reason for this. But I wish I knew what it was.
And on a related note, I'd still like to know what's on those other 37 PRISM slides. Or, at the very least, I'd like to know why I can't know. The Washington Post published four of them a few days ago, and they revealed some pretty interesting information, including the number of targets of the PRISM program and the fact that PRISM allows a certain amount of real-time surveillance. I certainly don't see anything on those slides that couldn't have been released weeks ago. What's more, Snowden apparently thought the entire set of slides should be revealed to the world. I'd like to know what changed his mind.

Thanks to:[/font][/font][/color]



Imagine that, another story put out the the lame stream media that doesnt add up....Hmmmmm...



Exactly tops! These days anything that is a big revelation will more than likely be a load of yet more crap put out to keep our eyes and ears off of what really is happening. Sad... but true.



This is a very complex topic and whenever things get this convoluted with intrigue I smell BS because it keeps our eyes from focusing on something else, like Egypt, Benghazi, and the likelihood that our government is slowly moving itself West bit by bit. Big article yesterday on how Germany and France have decided they don't like being the handmaidens of Amerika and both countries blame Snowden for disclosing that the NSA is spying on the leaders of both of those countries as well as us nobodies. I think it will come out that the NSA is spying on the entire world via cellphone technology and that Snowden is just the tip of the iceberg. It helps create the mirage by focusing on the man himself, as this article does so well. They did the same with Assange and his alleged sexual misdeeds.


You know Raven, I do not underestimate the Cabal. I believe that they are that good at what they do. Hey, they have a country of 350M convinced that we have a gov....AND.....a legit financial system...They also have taken the highest IQ people in our country and put them in institutions(Harvard Yale ETC)(funded by them) to teach them how to continue the lies perpetuated on the American public, all without the masses even suspecting anything..Then they drop chemicals on us everyday and people walk around as if if not there.....Now that is talent!


Well you have a good point there, topspin. I certainly don't underestimate them. They taught us fake history, developed fake science, they gobbled up our work product, got almost the entire country hooked on legal drugs, plus instituted a depopulation attack. They think they are infallible and that is always the hallmark of drastic defeat. They will fall, they will implode in their own juices because we are stronger... and we are pissed. Those so-called high IQ people are only high on themselves and their precious careers. They are very specialized robots, intentionally kept in their narrow corner of the world via higher education, but they are still robots just like the rest of us. Some of them are waking up and we are certainly waking up to them.

I had a bioweapons engineer stay at my B&B once (thanks for the challenge universe!) and I asked her why she does what she does. She mimicked the standard response: If I didn't do it, someone else would. This is how they justify their perfidy, their perks, and their dubious "achievements." What goes around comes around, and that goes for bioweapons engineers, GMO geneticists, and the damn genocidists who fly the damn chemtrail planes.


Ahhh, I have heard the "If I didn't do it, someone else would" many times...And I do hope you are correct Raven, but I have to tell you, they are really good......The demise of this country is well on its way and the "disaster" approaching us is on schedule....Our helpers need to step up......SOON....


I am thinking that our helpers are not here to step up at all. They want us to grow a pair and take care of business ourselves. And I don't disagree on that.

So... who wants to start the revolution with me? Any one????



I'm with Skyz, there will be no stepping in. We are here to learn many lessons in order to take a leap in our soul evolution and it's totally up to us what our future looks like because we create it. I don't think we need saving, we need to save ourselves, and we'll do that by moving into 5D while 3D carries on, just like "our friends" told us it would. The only difference is it is happening like a morph instead of the blast off we expected on 12/21/12. But it is happening. I spend most of my time in 5D now, which feels like a state of bliss, high energy and enhanced awareness, and we all have this option. Or you can stay here in 3D and continue to battle the powers that be. A revolution can be a dramatic one or a quiet, personal one. In 5D you can watch what happens but also choose how much to participate. You can indulge in the occasional rant, help others wake up to what you intuit and experience, proceed with your next soul mission, or carry on if you are already engaged in your mission. There are many options here, including the same free will we have always had.

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