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Condoleezza Rice speaks Barzani.. Middle East project was completed, And dream of Kurdish State would be achieved soon!!
December 10, 2012

Date: Monday 10-12-2012 09: 24 am  Baghdad _ Mohammed Al-Hitti - Revealed Turkish Yeni Jagan On meeting previous US Secretary of Condoleezza Rice And the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in Washington during his recent visit. The newspaper said in Tuesday's Edition of the the Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani visited the US capital Washington and held meetings with senior officials at the White House to discuss about the current crisis between the territory and the Centre.

The meeting Massoud Barzani, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discussed the situation in the region, noting that rice told Barzani that Kurdish State would dream soon, pointing out that the new Middle East project was completed and the Shat begin implementation. Rice stressed to Barzani that the only problem hindering our work in the start of the project it's a Kurd in Turkey, pointing out that Washington was working to persuade the Turkish Government to allow Turkey to join as a response to you. And Turkish Yeni JAG State quoted the Washington post some sections from the article to the former Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice) centred on the greater Middle East project including the Kurdish issue.

Talking Condoleezza Rice article about past and current phase stages and future stage for the greater Middle East project, which began 90 years ago and was extended and planned in 2003, and was the founding principal of this project. Rice, in an editorial, referring to the question of the Division of the Middle East is coming to an end, excluding that Turkey, as the Kurdish issue. Rice says: the internal war in Syria are recent theatrical curtain ongoing divisions in the Middle East. And Turkey as well, but for the Kurdish question that still haunt. It adds: the Arab spring and including what is happening in Syria, demonstration that the Middle East entered into force step by step. Condoleeza Rice itself, when the greater Middle East project launched in 2003, it was reported, that the map of the Middle East will change from Morocco Arab Gulf of Basra and will include 22 countries, including the Turkish State. According to analysts, the American Middle East project focused on several scenarios, including:

-73% of the total world oil under American control

-A new system on Islamic geography, from North Africa to the Gulf of Basra, with Western interests

-Dividing Turkey

-Create a new Kurdish State in the region


Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”
(click image to read full report)
Jan 10, 2013 A high-level diplomat revealed on meetings between us officials and Iraqi politicians in the US Embassy in Baghdad, pointing out that these events aimed that these leaders to demand in the Declaration «Sunni territory». The source said, on condition of anonymity, The results of the meetings centered around that the governorates of Anbar, Mosul and Salahuddin and Diyala to independence, as well as the option of sharing between the Kirkuk governorate, region and left city with privacy. for this national coalition officials rejected this "to mean a project Joe Biden to divide Iraq» by say, revealing the Shiite party sought agree to radical component get full of Shiite territory and granting Baghdad an international status for a symbolic capital of Iraq which allowed mixed coexistence. The source, who briefed on details of meetings at the American Embassy, that the Administration tends to grant full autonomy to Shiite faze by Gulf States, adding that Gulf States terrified of draft State crept towards the Gulf and especially that Iran stands behind her.

Washington wary of dividing the country into three States and reaffirms: no arm outside the democratic approach!!

Sources confirmed that the US Ambassador in Iraq brought the message to the Iraqi Government that the United States would not respond to calls on the Iraqi Government to meet us pledges made to equip the Iraqi army with modern American aircraft and tanks, because of what he described as the "undemocratic" approach in dealing with political life and "negative" nature in dealing with political opponents.

The sources said the US Embassy were clear for the delivery of that message to the Government and chose political vocabulary in confirming her political Prime Minister, stating that the Iraqi deal is restricted by these terms may not be fulfilled in the future, because the Government does not deal with the problems of the local situation, both with issues of terrorism or political confessionalism as it should be.

For its part, the National Alliance source said, on the sidelines of the leaks, that the forthcoming local elections will be crucial to the survival of large blocks in place of command responsibility or disappearing after us has the impression that the current political class of the country might go into escalation of Iraq has sectarian divides into three mini-States Sunni and Shiite and Kurdish, with the US position with Iraq and the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution.

Supporting Articles
Click the title to read the full article

Jan 11, 2013 - The guardian: Kurds big winner of revolutions the Arab spring and the clash of Syria

Jan 11, 2013 - This could be the birth of an independent Kurdish state

Jan 11, 2013 - Washington encourages the aurdghan to support the Sunnis in Iraq, Kurdistan's secession is coming soon

Jan 14, 2013 - U.S. Shores Up Its Waning Influence in Iraq By Bolstering Kurdish Superiority - OpEd

Jan 14, 2013 - Allawi warns of approach to divide Iraq

Feb 8, 2013 - Spring: what Iraq is going through, is the most dangerous phase in its history since the founding of the Iraqi State in 1921

Feb 19, 2013 - "Times" Kuwait: Draft U.S. Vice President Biden on the division of Iraq has once again

Mar 30, 2013 - Kurdistan supports the proposal 3 federations in Iraq

April 8, 2013 - Kurdistan: Turkish parties satisfied with our efforts in the peace process in Turkey and invite everyone to establish and strengthen the

Washington monitors oil ambitions promote Turkish Kurdish separatism for Iraq

London / obelisk: see Jackson Diehl president of the Center for Economic Studies and Foreign Policy, which take from Istanbul-based, in an article published by the newspaper (The Washington Post) that "the Obama administration at odds permanently with the Kurdish government, and tried to pressure Turkey for not allowing extended oil pipelines new Kurdistan will be given economic independence from Baghdad, and frequently supported, from the point of view of Kurdish, Maliki's attempts to impose its authority on the region. "

According to Dell, the Kurdish official involved in the Kurdish delegation who visited Washington recently told him that "the administration does not see us as a stabilizing force, but a source of inconvenience, as a foreign object in the region complicates matters, such as Israel."

And consistent Turkish writer Sinan Olgin in the view of the Dell in his analysis, he says in an article published by the newspaper (Gulf) Arab Emirates, the United States remains opposed resolutely to conclude this oil deals between Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government, because it would "undermine the stability of Iraq and fueling separatist tendencies in the north."  In late February during his trip abroad, which included a stop in Ankara, said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry these concerns in his talks with his Turkish counterparts.

According to Dell, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan flow Turkish economic interests and ambitions of the oil to "a bold plan to boost Turkey's regional and extend political dominance at home and ending thirty years of conflict between Turkey and its Kurdish population." Ankara and supplied most of the imports economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which accounts for nearly 70% of Turkey's exports to Iraq in the past year, reaching U.S. $ 11 billion. But the initial energy deal between Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government is scheduled to lay the foundation for a true strategic alliance.

However, this agreement, according to Olgin, give Turkey significant concessions for exploration in oil and gas fields in northern new Iraq, as well as preferential rates for energy exports to Turkey. On the other hand, help Turkey Kurdistan Regional Government to establish a pipeline infrastructure that will allow the export of oil and gas to Turkey without relying on Iraq's national pipeline, which is controlled by the central government in Baghdad. Olgin says, "within the Turkish government, this breakthrough is seen as a tremendous opportunity to reduce Turkey's dependence on imports of heavy energy."

It is worth mentioning that the agreement helps Turkey, not only in securing energy supplies, but also to overcome the chronic current account deficit of around 70% of Turkey's trade deficit, which is 84 billion U.S. dollars." But the deal, according Olgin "believes Kurdistan, the region's economic wealth in the future without making them hostage to the Iraqi government is increasingly sympathetic."

Under the Iraqi Constitution, the right of the Kurdish region to get 17% of the country's revenues from oil and gas. The Kurdistan Regional Government hopes that allows it to deal with Turkey to obtain more regular revenues from oil and gas. It concludes Olgin article by saying "do not participate circles Turkish government U.S. concerns, but it sees in transactions between U.S. oil companies giant, such as Exxon, Chevron, and the Kurdistan Regional Government, proof that America more worried about their share of the pie in the north of Iraq, not threats alleged stability Iraq. It is not surprising that the Erdogan government decides not to pay attention much to the U.S. government's concerns."


More Related Articles
Al-Mashhadani described the events of hawijah as "preliminary indications may be towards the implementation of the project [Biden] containing the Division of Iraq into three States [Sunni and Shiite and Kurdish] especially if the crisis worsened and the political leaders did not succeed in dealing with the crisis." Link

May 12, 2013 - Deputy for Iraq: the regional system is right solution to the problems of Iraq and objectors him want to divide Iraq into small states

May 12, 2013 - Divide Iraq along sectarian lines to weaken it so as not to take the leading role in the region

May 13, 2013 - Iraqi MP: "Obama has Handed Iraq over to Iran and said 'Do What You Like." 

May 14, 2013 - Urgent: Iraq lodged a complaint to the UN Security Council denouncing the PKK presence on their territory

May 14, 2013 - Interview with Rafi Al-Issawi: 6 years in Government, mistakes backstage Maliki Sunni regions will be announced (EXCELLENT READ)

May 14, 2013 - Iraq fears return of sectarian war

May 14, 2013 - There will be a period of political conflicts and call upon parties to form provincial councils away from conglomerates Centre

May 14, 2013 - Kirkuk Governor calls for accountability "criminals" who "attacked our brothers in hawijah"




America violated the strategic framework agreement acquiescence to enter the PKK in northern Iraq 

Baghdad (news) .. called MP / coalition in Iraq free / high Nassif United States made ​​its position on the entry of the PKK in northern Iraq, according to the Convention on Turkish Israeli. said Nassif, in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it: Although of the strategic framework agreement concluded between Iraq and America, which obliges the U.S. side to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq after the withdrawal of its troops, we find that America's first breach of this agreement acquiescence from entering the PKK inscribed on the list of terrorism to northern Iraq.

said: The problem is not confined in the silence of the U.S. administration about this serious violation of Iraq's sovereignty, but goes beyond that to the President Barack Obama overseeing the secret agreement for peace between Turkey and Israel at the expense of Iraq consists of four items the latest release of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and entered into northern Iraq. indicated Nassif to: that in light of the situation shy of the Iraqi government, which was limited to a statement modest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, highlighting questions about the position of President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the entry of these militants into northern Iraq with their weapons, does Sedmjhm with the Peshmerga forces or Ciozahm the three Kurdish provinces? continued: must declare all its frank hand what is happening from serious violations of Iraqi politics, silence means to participate in these violations, and as usual, the Iraqi people and unfortunately is the last to know what is going on behind the scenes.


The Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK), also known as KADEK and Kongra-Gel, is considered by the US, the EU, and NATO to be a terrorist organization. It is an ethnic secessionist organization using violence for the purpose of achieving its goal of creating an independent Kurdish state in parts of southeastern Turkey, northeastern Iraq, northeastern Syria and northwestern Iran. Read more here

Turkey says it has agreed with Kurdistan Iraq Exxon on oil exploration
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that his country agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government and US oil company giant Exxon Mobil on exploration in northern Iraq.  Erdogan told reporters at Ankara airport before his departure to the United States for an official visit during which he will meet with us President Barack Obama on Thursday, "this step with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the exploration activities." Erdogan said "we will develop our steps after this visit," referring to plans for Northern Iraq. He did not specify what would imply agreement.


May 14, 2013 - Alsagri Tehran exploits the demonstrators' demands and leads a regional project to divide Iraq
Iraq (IBA) – launch a Secretary-General of the stream, the alsagri people, a scathing attack on House speaker, Osama Al-nujaifi, accusing him of leading a serious regional project aimed at splitting the country, stressing that Iraq tries to use the demands of the protesters into calls for partition of the country, trading in their blood.

Alsagri said in a statement received by the independent press agency (IBA), Tuesday, that Iraq stands a barrier to The demonstrators ' demands, stressing that Tehran wants the goal is not to achieve these demands but it is the implementation of the agenda during Turkish rejection of all possible solutions and push the country towards partition. Alsagri, said to have information confirming that the leaders are receiving tips directly from Turkey To return to that this is not the time to implement their agenda is to push for partition, indicating that the recent resignations of Ministers are only papers presented at theatres sit-in to fool the protestors. "
Link to Article

Kurdistan: llngivi project in Iraq and Turkey involved
Baghdad/older/ He accused the State of law Coalition MP Kamal-Saadi, House speaker Osama Al-nujaifi involvement hidden project with Turkey in Iraq. He said Al-Saadi's news/senior mysteries on Wednesday, that "visits" to Turkey over the past few-period visit this foretells that visits not linked by a relationship with another State but is a person with a country."

"Confirming suspicions in Tehran visits to Turkey is that it did not authorize any visit content either for Parliament or the Government or any political party with the exception of who belongs to it did not consult the Government or related to government information that is a fraction of political awareness for consultation on topics of interest to Iraq to ask to the Turkish side."

"There is a mystery behind the Iraq visit to Turkey which did not last for more than 3 hours as we know at the expense of the fees for the visit." Saidi stressed that "there is a project led by Tehran in Iraq and Turkey involved and the coming days will reveal the truth about this project in detail"


Adviser to Al-Maliki: Erdogan proves Government.. National Alliance: no harm in us support for border control

Baghdad-the Iraqi Government accused: Obelisk today Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan "provoked" by announcing Thursday an agreement between his Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and Exxon Koppel "us oil operations for oil exploration in the region.

Mariam Al-rayes, said political adviser in the Office of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, told the press that "the Iraqi Government has long insisted that any agreement by the KRG with any party will not be valid unless approved by the Federal Government, saying the Turkish Prime Minister" attempt to incite sedition and the problem as well as the Iraqi Government and provocation is unacceptable for us, absolutely, this is about the sovereignty of the country and respect for laws which Erdogan or other must, taking into account ".

The Turkish Prime Minister said that the Turkish company will participate with us oil company giant Exxon Mobil to drill for oil in northern Iraq.  Daily Hurriyet quoted Erdogan as saying on Friday that "an agreement has been reached with Exxon Mobil to drill for oil in northern Iraq." Added Erdogan, who began a visit to the United States on Thursday that details of the partnership will be known during talks with us officials. According to Agence France-Presse, Erdogan did not reveal the name of the Turkish company that ExxonMobil will participate in this project. The National Alliance lawmaker Aziz Al-uqaili "don't hurt us support for Iraq if the border control and in the current circumstances. And quite a bit that was to confront armed gangs and challenges ".  And "must control Iraq's borders with neighboring countries to prevent the entry of terrorists."


Compilation of Interesting Quotes From Recent Articles
(click on the quotes to read the full article)




Nassif: Visit Najafi and his accompanying delegation to Kurdistan contrary to the neutrality

Baghdad - and babysit - Considered an MP for the coalition, the Iraqi Free high Nassif do House Speaker Osama Najafi to hold a meeting between the chairmen of the provinces of Diyala, Anbar and Salahuddin, head of the Kurdistan region "breach of legal and constitutional contrasts with the impartiality that must be characterized by the Speaker of Parliament."

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi arrived last Wednesday to the city of Erbil in Kurdistan at the head of a delegation that included members of the Iraqi List, and local officials from the provinces of Nineveh and Diyala, and search Najafi with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the latest political developments and how to cope with problems and commitment to partnership.

According to Nassif, in a press statement received news agency public opinion a copy of "do Najafi Friendly chairmen of the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala in his visit to Kurdistan to meet Barzani did not come haphazardly, The objectives of the visit, which is not obvious to the ordinary citizen centered around discuss forming region of the Sunni Triangle and listen to the views of the region in this regard."

The past few days have seen Trahqa accusations between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al-Maliki on the background of the request for MPs not to attend the emergency meeting called by Najafi was charged with Najafi al-Maliki that he incites House no-show, announcing the establishment of a lawsuit against al-Maliki.

She added that "Iraq is the first country in the world to intervene head of parliament things are far from its mandate, Valehiadah required to be provided by the Speaker of Parliament see the absent Najafi, especially after the clearer being a godfather for a project to divide Iraq according to the regions along sectarian lines."  Nassif stressed "the need to call upon all the political blocs to Ngeevi after the end of the holiday to explain the details of his visit to Kurdistan, for the information of the Iraqi people on the substance Najafi, meetings, meetings held and topics raised by". 

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper that dividing Iraq is a matter of time

{Baghdad Ambassador: News} According to the Kuwaiti newspaper that dividing Iraq is a matter of time. And the Viewer to what is happening in Iraq today does not need the intelligence to realize that the country is sliding quickly towards baton merciless civil war, try to reduce the size of the current Iraqi crisis and insist that more democratic practices would solve that dilemma is a kind of illusion, and reliance on that major powers would intervene to end the conflict in Iraq is the largest, and the most likely scenario is that leaves the world Iraq descending into more tension and explosion, and then crystallized things End up Iraq into sectarian and ethnic division. The author noted that updates to Iraq would affect Kuwait and that directly.


May 25, 2013 - Maliki's coalition warns of form regions and Allawi's coalition Government carries responsibility, Kurds are calling for the application of article 140
May 25, 2013 - DG criticizing Tehran's rented a private plane at the expense of the Parliament to move members of the Coalition (United) to meet Barzani
May 25, 2013 - US Vice President Biden to Maliki and discussed with him the situation in Syria and the security situation in Iraq

May 25, 2013 - The Government is considering legal action against Turkish companies
May 25, 2013 - Become very jaded State ... Foreign policy: excessive centralization is the engine of violence in Iraq
May 25, 2013 - Clashes with sticks between the sons of Fallujah and Biden to split the draft Iraq and expel them from the prayer site
May 25, 2013 - Saleh Al-mutlaq: not giving the Iraq blood and partition
May 25, 2013 - Blueprint for the formation of the Sunni province of Anbar to join excludes Kurdistan

Allawi describes federalism now b [catastrophic]
[Baghdad] Counting the Iraqi list, Iyad Allawi, leader of federalism currently [catastrophic].

Allawi said in a profile on social networking sites Twitter that "federalism is a constitutional article, but it will be catastrophic at the moment because they are a reaction to the marginalisation of the Government to establish".

He was caught in a brawl on Monday a sit-in on the highway in Eastern Ramadi, Fallujah district center of Anbar by slogans form regions. Iraqi channel quoted the semi-official "fight broke out in the heart of theatre sit-in Central Fallujah because of the slogans of the territory". Organizers of the protest parks was launched in a number of provinces on Friday yesterday [on our choice of option].

The people's committees in the six provinces where protests, announced Sunday that it has two choices I form regions or armed confrontation with the Government after the recent failure of the initiative accused cleric Abdul-Malik Al-Saadi to resolve the crisis.

The statement was issued from the Presidency of the Kurdistan region last Wednesday received IGN that "Barzani discussed with nujaifi and his current situation in Iraq and the deterioration of security and the absence of political stability and singularity in power and marginalize the other components and breaches of the Constitution."

The ethnic coalition MP returned free high Nassif, in a statement received in a copy today "by Tehran, the mayors of Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala in visit to Kurdistan to meet Barzani did not come haphazardly, the objectives of the visit does not hide the simple citizen centred discuss the formation of the territory of the Sunni triangle and listen to the views of the region in this regard."

The political situation has intensified in Baghdad and a number of provinces during the past few days a series of car bombings and IEDs are the deadliest months ago killing hundreds of dead and wounded, mostly civilians. Iraq is a security tension in bombings targeting civilians by car bombs and explosive devices, as well as the operations of killing and abduction of security forces finished.


05/26/2013 Twilight news attacked block are led by Parliament Speaker Osama Al-nujaifi, Sunday, US Vice President Joseph Biden on the background of a series of contacts with political leaders, noting that the u.s. Government is acting like a fair with all the partners but to war support of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

US Vice President Joseph Biden had made three phone calls with Maliki and Barzani iraqiyah, was the first of his Government's support for the Government's efforts in the fight against terrorism, while urging the two to condemn terrorism and reject the militants, as agreed with the third principle of dialogue to resolve political differences.

And the bloc spokesman dhafir Al-Ani said in an interview for "Twilight", "the United States now have to reassess the situation in Syria by easing the pressure on Bashar Al-Assad and this trend is in line with the strategy of Iran", adding that "Biden's advice to the Government is chasing terrorists on the border with Syria."

Al-Ani said "the current US approach will result in, at the same time, regardless of the authority and militias supported by Iran in Baghdad and some provinces," likely "Biden probably was pleased by the Government's actions that support his plan to divide Iraq."

The "Biden interview with Tehran was urged to act with partners and that the phone conversations with Iraq and Barzani came under United States behave fairly with all partners, but those don't they hide their support for Maliki's Government, which has disputes with Iraqi Kurdistan Coalition blocs."

The United States expressed concern about the escalating violence in Iraq, stressing its support for the Government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in its fight against what it called terrorism. Continued on Friday in several Iraqi cities demonstrations were held Friday prayers under the slogans of protest the policies of Prime Minister, while unified prayer was held in the capital Baghdad, Al-Maliki called her, at a time when Washington has expressed concern about the increasing violence in the country.


The dissolution of Syria

When Syrians, swept up in the once-transcendent spirit of the Arab Spring uprisings, undertook their own revolution against the corrupt, myopic regime of Bashar al-Assad, few had any idea it would lead to the dystopian reality of massacres and foreign predations the country faces today. The revolution – a legitimate, democratic uprising against a despotic government – provided a prize opportunity for the country’s neighbours to violently exploit Syrian unrest to further their own venal interests.

The tragic result of this situation is the vicious proxy war playing out today in the streets of Aleppo, Homs, Deir ez-Zor and countless other cities and towns throughout the country.

A once-proud nation – long recognised as the cultural and historical jewel of the Levant – has been reduced to a grim battlefield between the West and its Gulf allies on one hand and the Syrian government and its allies in Iran, Russia and Hezbollah on the other.

The Israeli airstrikes perpetrated with impunity onto Damascus this past week are yet another illustrative example of the depths of turmoil to which Syria has sunk.

As analysts openly discuss the “Somaliasation” of Syria and growing factions within the country call for military intervention to break the state up into small ethnic and religious enclaves – literally, “into pieces” – the prospect of a united Syria grows more remote by the day. Again, just as in Iraq, the benefactors of Syria’s dismemberment will be the external actors which seek hegemony in the region and have never hidden their desire to see the country collapse.

As early as 2011, a particularly frank prescription for the future of Syria was given by Lawrence Solomon, who called for a radical redrawing of the country’s borders to facilitate Western interests: “There is a better end game… Syria’s dismemberment into constituent parts. US and NATO countries… should confine Alawites to a state in the central Western part of the country where they are predominant… the West has no cause to favour appeasement… over the many gains to be had through a dismemberment of Syria.”

As risible as Solomon’s suggestions seemed at the time, the unfathomable reality is that today just such a situation is occurring – as analysts dispassionately discuss the possibility of an independent Alawite state in Lattakia and the fragmenting of the rest of the country into separate portions for Kurds, Sunnis, Shias, and the many other ethnic and religious groups which once made up the diverse tapestry of modern Syria.

In the background of this all echoes the policy plan for Syria illustrated in “”A Clean Break”", whose influential authors counselled open confrontation with Syrian interests throughout the region and explicitly called for menacing the country’s territorial integrity itself. Oded Yinon’s prescription for dissolving Syria and Iraq – which at one time appeared arrogantly grandiose – today seems almost inevitable. The legitimate democratic aspirations of the Syrian people have been overtly hijacked by a foreign agenda which long predated their own revolution – and which increasingly looks ready to dissolve the country they sought to liberate.

Posted May 27th at

The unacknowledged truth behind the past decade of bloodletting in Iraq is that the country itself effectively ceased to exist after the 2003 US invasion. The northern province of Iraqi Kurdistan is today an independent country in all but name and is increasingly moving towards formal recognition of this fact – while Sunni and Shia Iraqis have come to see themselves more as distinct entities than as part of a cohesive nation. Link

External support for criminal groups behind the deterioration of security

Baghdad - and babysit - attributed the National Alliance MP Silverline cream deteriorating security Alaoda to open support by foreign agendas of criminal groups to disrupt Iraq and divide through the implementation of the attacks. Silverline said in a statement today that "foreign agendas and functions hostile to Iraq trying to foil all the initiatives and the consensus among politicians to find solutions to the national crisis." "The external support for al-Qaida and criminal orphanage defunct Baath Party in order to carry out criminal operations targeting innocent target him sectarian fueled by to fight the people and go to the establishment of provinces that sought by the Zionist entity to weaken Iraq"

The World from Here: Kurds, Jews and a New Mideast
05/29/2013 (I am only posting exerts from this article that focus on redrawing of borders in the Middle East)

DAN DIKER, HAROLD RHODE 05/28/2013 21:41
Kurdish suffering under Arab, Turkish and Iranian rule infuses them with a natural affinity for Jews and Israel. Kurdish nationalists rally north of Baghdad, Iraq Photo: REUTERS Syria’s fragmentation along religious and ethnic lines exposes the apparent rupture of what has been known as the Arab Muslim Middle East.

This Arab Muslim “zero-sum game” culture defines their view of Kurds and other minorities, including Israel. Just as the Arab Sunni Muslims in general relentlessly “hunt” Israel, they would only accept a permanent solution in the Middle East by which they conquer and control the region, and – according to classical Islamic dogma – eventually the entire world.

There are an estimated 35 to 45 million Kurds in the Middle East, many of whom have been secretly sympathetic to Israel for years and have even been labeled “Zionist agents” in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Strategically, a large Kurdish state or autonomous area combining Northern Iraq and Syria and the millions of Turkish Kurds – who could be attracted to such independence in the heart of the Middle East could serve various important roles for Israel.

Syria’s disintegration, then, may have a silver lining. The northern part of the country could become a Kurdish federal autonomous area – either within a loosely federated national entity or possibly even as an independent Kurdish state, which appears to be the direction for Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraqi Kurds, who have provided political counsel to their Syrian brethren, could also form an alliance with Syria’s Arabized Kurds and Alawites west of Aleppo, that lies close to the Mediterranean Sea, and is an important strategic asset. Alawites, as fellow non-Sunni Arabs, may well be open to new alliances as well.

These new alliances could be a major step towards the establishment of a physically strong and economically stable Syrian Kurdistan that together with Iraqi Kurdistan could become – at least quietly if not overtly – Israel’s first regional ally since the reestablishment of the Jewish state in 1948.

Link to full Article in The Jerusalem Post

Thanks to Miske at:


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