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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » WARNING,,, GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING ~~ Catholic Priest Caught Having Oral Sex in Forest Behind the Parish

WARNING,,, GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING ~~ Catholic Priest Caught Having Oral Sex in Forest Behind the Parish

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catholic Priest Caught Having Oral Sex in Forest Behind the Parish
2:50 PM 666 - USA

A priest in Murcia has been fired after photos and a YouTube video showing him involved in public acts of gay sex became a social media sensation. 

SPAIN -- The Catholic Church is being exposed for what it is: the most criminal organization in existence, responsible for more than 10 million crimes around the world.

The pictures here speak for themselves as to the true face of the Vatican. The Catholic church in Cartagena has removed Francisco Javier Ruiz, the priest of the Murcian town of Churra, from his position after oral sex photos set off a social media scandal.

Spanish daily reported that images and videos were released on Twitter, purportedly showing the priest in the so-called Coto Cuadros, an area famous for "cruising" – anonymous, casual public sex.

The priest can be seen masturbating with another man and practicing oral sex.

The priest has responded with the usual norm for the Catholic Church when facing sex scandals - denying the accusations despite the pictures and videos  that catch him in the act and the religious dog had the audicity to tell, "I have never been to Cotos Cuadros and I do not recognize myself in these images that are said to be of me. This must be a fake. This material should be destroyed because if it is not it is going to create a scandal."

Both the pictures and the video quickly became trending topics on Twitter. The video shows a bicycle ride recorded by a cyclist who is taking pictures when he suddenly passes a figure dressed in black, alleged to be the priest, engaged in fellatio with another man (see video below).

Photographs reveal in greater detail that the man in black has his pants down while both men are engaged in mutual masturbation. Sources in Churra claim that the priest reported the video to police on Wednesday afternoon as a fake. 

Nice try. The public is no longer ignorant to the lies of religion. The video and pics speak for themselves, and the Protect Your Children Foundation and have no hesitation in exposing these evil and perverse men who use the name of Christ to deceive the masses, live in hypocrisy, teach things they ought not to for filthy lucre's sake (Titus 1:10-11) - which is precisely the reason why their mouths must be shut:
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Herb Lady

definitely lost my appetite with this one.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Sorry HL. I am going to be putting the same warning on all this so called "negative" info so folks can avoid it if they want to.



Guys, Who is going to go into the woods for privacy and stand next to a road. If your going into the woods, your going away from people. This my friends, appears to be scripted.....

Herb Lady

Topspin, after much thought I began to ask the same question, however, people do some very strange things so - who knows?

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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HL you are correct...Who knows....

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