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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » How To Take Down The Corrupt Rothschild Politicians With Out Firing A Shot!

How To Take Down The Corrupt Rothschild Politicians With Out Firing A Shot!

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How To Take Down The Corrupt Rothschild Politicians With Out Firing A Shot!
Posted by: Volubrjotr on: July 10, 2013

There are those who fear the globalist and feel that their march towards a totalitarian one world government cannot be stopped, but this perspective gives the “powers that be” way too much credit.

Below are the 5 obvious reasons why globalism will fail in the long run.
1. The Globalists are losing control of the flow of information.
The internet has sparked a massive awakening regarding the true nature of our current system, and has given birth to a growing resistance movement. Obviously there are those in high places that want to find a way to kill the internet or at least to reduce its effectiveness, however this is easier said than done.
In an age where so much of the economy and communications have become internet based simply shutting the internet down completely is not an option, and if the internet exist in any form whatsoever then there will always be a way to route around barriers and controls.
Even in China, which arguably has the strictest internet lock down in the world, forbidden sites can easily be accessed through virtual private networks. Furthermore the generation that is attempting to lock down the internet is out of its element.
The architects of the web and web technologies are a generation that was raised in a digital world and they are much better equipped to fight a war of innovation.

2. The Globalist cannot take or hold the moral high ground.
Lies have short legs, and an empire based on obvious lies cannot hold together for long. Without the moral high ground it is impossible to move the population to voluntarily make the sacrifices that empire requires.
In the U.S. the moral high ground is maintained through its cultural mythology and its sense of American exceptionalism, however these elements do not exist for globalism and they would be very difficult to manufacture due to the extremely negative image that globalism has acquired.

3. It is impossible to impose a single political system on radically diverse cultures.
Without cultural and ideological unity political unity is transitory at best, and without these unifying factors all that is left is coercion and violence, and history shows us that these are not sustainable in the long run.

4. The Globalist will not be able to manage the collapse that is coming.
The financial collapse and the supply chain break down that is headed our way will introduce an incalculable number of wildcards into the equation.
Order out of chaos only works when you have a handle on the situation, but when this system falls no one is going to be able to maintain a handle on it. When the situation begins to spin of control, these parasites in suits are going to find themselves losing their grip on the chain of command.

5. The Globalists no longer have the protection of anonymity.
Losing control of the flow of information has meant that the names and faces of the key players are known, and once the rule of law begins to break down it will be open season.
The political awakening hasn’t just reached intellectuals and traditional activists, it has also reached survivalists, military and ex-military with the means and the drive to settle accounts.
The obscure players may be able to blend in with the population, but high profile characters like Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rockefellers will have no place to hide.
Does this mean that the globalists won’t get their 15 minutes in the sun? Not necessarily.
There’s a good chance that the powers that be will hold power for a while and even make some impressive gains, much like America did in the 2003 Iraq invasion, however once the shock and awe is over these 5 factors will immediately begin undermining their position.

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