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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Reader sends material discussing a return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency, etc.

Reader sends material discussing a return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency, etc.

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The masses are in for a RUDE least the ones STILL asleep anyway or TOO self absorbed to learn the truth.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Reader sends material discussing a return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency, etc.
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 20-Mar-2012 11:38:31

This is from the same reader who sent material I posted previously:
I have not listened to all of the audio material but it appears to discuss a mechanism allegedly being implemented for a transition to a constitutional government (including mass arrests), ending fiat currency, etc. I have no way to evaluate whether this is pie-in-the-sky or not.
From reader Paul:
Hello again Mr. Fusion,
Recently one of our spokespeople was authorized by high sources to begin a slow disclosure process to prepare the American People. I am sending this to you in an effort to expose more to this. I believe that it ties in with a lot of other talk from different sources I see posted on your site.
*A Messege For AMERICANS 3/15/2012*
We are in a time of great change. America’s currency was captured in 1913. Her government was captured in 1933. This explains why petitioning our government has been to no meaningful avail. These corporations that masquerade as our lawful government have almost destroyed America. Top people in our government – including our military – know this. They have been waiting for the right time – to *help *take America back to our lawful government.
In the very near future, we can expect a major, constructive change in our banking and currency systems. We can expect to see contingents of federal marshals – backed up by our active military – in the major seats of power. These military are not any part of a military coup. They are backing up civilian re-establishment of our lawful government.
We can expect do see interruptions in our normal way of life. This transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital services and our economy – minimize hardship. This will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream media. What we do not want – is for people to panic.
Our so-called president has been informed that he is no longer commander in chief of our military. This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations – those who are not part of the G20 – re-establish solid currencies. Drake Bailey will be our guest.
Our speaker comes in at the 66 minute mark on this link. The first part is not related.
Follow up show address to the military and veterans
There will be more announcements ahead and eventually through mainstream media, These have been calculated to slowly awake the masses to reduce panic.
Thank you for your time,


Thanks shakes4life2....this begs the question though in reference to this statement....

"Our so-called president has been informed that he is no longer commander in chief of our military."

You are aware that he is of the Light & will soon be able to 'rise to the occasion' and help lead us in the right direction don't you??

I hope so! :bounce:

Thanks again! ☀


LiR, would not agree with you re: O at this point; but all are redeemable, by His Grace and their agreement/ repentance...

time will tell... :)


7freemom...have you not heard the saying..."keep your friends close and your enemies closer."?? How could he have done half of what he has to now arrest all that needs to be if he wasn't playing the part?

Yes, it's a hard part to play but most all massive undercover cops can tell you the same & if you don't do it, you can never get close enough to the top players.

Food for thought! Again, all Truths will be known in the near future!!


You said it very well, LIR........ I agree with what you said..

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