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Some Good News found at TNT Dinar Chat Room

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1 Some Good News found at TNT Dinar Chat Room on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:30 pm


Some Good News found at TNT Dinar Chat Room

I just got some good news ! My husband just got a call from a gentleman in our network marketing business He just got a call from his son. His son's girlfriend who is a dinarian just got two calls, the first was from a previous boss who is NOW a Contractor in Iraq ... She hasn't spoken with him for a long while and out of the blue she got a call today from him telling her "This is about to be done!" Also the person who got her involved is from England, and she got a call from them as well and they said "This is READY to GO!" So that is two confirmations from two people in different parts of the world, Iraq and England. Last edited by CountryGirl59 (Today 7:22 pm)


Wow thanks Yman!!

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