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Let Go of 3D Experiences ~ Message from Yeshua

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Let Go of 3D Experiences ~ Message from Yeshua

Channeled By: Fran Zepeda

The ways of the world are changing, dear ones. Hold on to your hats.
You are about to experience what you have never experienced in all your
lifetimes, since the inception of your souls into this 3D experience.

What have you learned through all these 3D experiences? That is
indeed the question to ponder, for as soon as you know, you will be free
to let go and move on with the richness you have gained through living
these experiences. Take the gift and move on. What a glorious day awaits
you as you enter into this New Earth armed with an armload of these
gifts, leaving behind the pain and suffering that came with the

There is beautiful Light, luminescent Light coming from those jewels
you carry with you forward into this new age. You have transmuted many,
many experiences into fodder for your happiness, dear ones. Hold and
behold these gifts. They are yours forever, and you will be sharing them
with so many others as you gather around and share your love and
knowledge with every waiting ear and heart.

Time to roll up your sleeves, dear friends, and venture into this new
Land of Plenty, with plenty of Love, plenty of Forgiveness, plenty of
Light, plenty of Compassion, plenty of Prosperity, and plenty of
meaningful Now moments. Embrace, dear ones ~ Embrace and Enjoy!

You all have come so far. You all should be commended for your
strength and courage in traversing this treacherous pathway to the 5th
Dimension, to the Gates of All That Is. Pat yourselves on the back and
keep going. You have a ways to go, more to let go of. The phrase of the
day is “Let Go”, dear ones. Let Go!

Let Go of any remaining hurts, grudges, regrets, and pain that are
holding you back from true Bliss. Examine what it is in your life that
you still need to let go. What is needed to complete the experiences so
that they just yield the gift of the lesson? What do you still need to
let go of?

Ponder this and put your glorious Light around this and you will
emerge victorious into the New Earth and into the 5th Dimension clean
and clear and ready for glorious expansion and Joy. We promise you this!

Your loving brother, Yeshua


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