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Out Of Mind » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT »  Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America

Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America

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Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America Michael Snyder, Contributor

Activist Post

What would you do if you came across someone on the street that had not
had anything to eat for several days? Would you give that person some
food? Well, the next time you get that impulse you might want to check
if it is still legal to feed the homeless where you live. Sadly, feeding
the homeless has been banned in major cities all over America.

Other cities that have not banned it outright have put so many
requirements on those that want to feed the homeless (acquiring
expensive permits, taking food preparation courses, etc.) that feeding
the homeless has become "out of reach" for most average people. Some
cities are doing these things because they are concerned about the
"health risks" of the food being distributed by ordinary "do-gooders".
Other cities are passing these laws because they do not want homeless
people congregating in city centers where they know that they will be
fed. But at a time when poverty and government dependence are soaring to
unprecedented levels, is it really a good idea to ban people from
helping those that are hurting?...

Read Full Article Here:

And here:

Herb Lady

OMG!!! This is terrible. I have to wonder if the people making these laws ever once thought that that could be them someday or one of their family members or friends. I wonder how they would like it if they were homeless and somebody did that to them?????

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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There are so above that thought...that it will never happen to them. That would be bad for all their will never happen.

That being said....there are soon to be gone, if not already!!! bounce


Is there even an actual global shift going on? Seems more like things are just getting worse and worse. The death camps seem more likely at this rate. Depressing. I guess all we really have to look forward to is Heaven...


It's all being done behind the scenes Interested, all behind the scenes.

And the reason is because our media won't show it...yet!


I hope you are right. I'm just sick that there are people so evil in this world. It will be a great task of mine to not hate these people and forgive them.


You should read these then...

And this:

Talks about things about to happen & forgiving the dark ones. After not will only hold You back!

Hope that helps!

Peppermint Patti

Have we not read "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated"? Was that not God talking? Now I'm not saying we have a right to hate these people, but we better find ourselves hating their evil deeds for sure. We are certainly not to embrace them but to rather make it clear we are in agreement with God's Word and give them no right to be against our Father...

We are in the last days and many of those that went against God in the First Earth Age are here and now and doing the same thing. God would save them if they repented, but they went wrong before and followed Satan and chances are they are not going to repent this time either.

So Interested I believe you are on the right path - you have a real solid hate against this evil and are definately on God's side. He hates evil also and there is no room for it in His Kingdom to come. Thank God... As for you Herb Lady, yes, it could be them were it not for the Grace of God and they will pay for their evil uncaring ways and that day is on the horizon, Thank God again... Life is getting to be such a challange I continually ask the Lord to "please" come quickly as there is so much human suffering at this time it is heartbreaking...

Peppermint Patti..

"Only one life will soon be passed, only what's done for Christ will last..."

Herb Lady

??? It could be them if not for the grace of God?????? Peppermint Patti, I fail to see where those who are so insensitive and evil, who hold power enough to make these new laws, are put there by the grace of God! I say they were put there through the means of evil to do just what they are doing and Should be replaced by those who are sensitive and of good souls.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


If you read through the posts I made throughout the day, you will see these questions answered lady's. Go back & read for Mar 23rd & find those answers I put out there for you.

There has been a ton of info coming in & if you don't read through the entire posts, you are likely missing a lot! Most of these answers were towards the end of a posts & through another.

If you guys want to think...I'll make you think! lol

Peppermint Patti

Herb Lady,

Yes, I do agree with you... But, I believe, personal belief only, that because the people of this country, for the most part, have left God and are not focused on Him, that God turned His back and said well then, have it your way...

Instead of Him intervening like He did in times of old, He just left the evil to do their thing and until there is a real heart felt turning from their wicked ways it will continue to get worse. It is disgusting to me to see Christians, or should I say, self proclaimed Christians, acting as bad and many times worse than the world. Now, if I feel that way I can only begin to feel how God feels in His heart..

However, when I dig down deep, they are doing God's will, as they are setting this world up for Satan's soon return. According to Holy Scriptures, he will have his time to reign and it will be a good glorious time for all of those who will worship him and most Christians will. This is why The Lord says, "when I return will I find faith on this earth?" He had to shorten Satan's reign or no He wouldn't find anyone left because Satan is going to do the biggest con job you have every seen. If you thought you saw one in the past few years, my guess over 50% of the people fell for it, you haven't seen anything yet...

These are very deep subjects, but can be 100% proven in God's Word, but it takes digging and a true desire for the truth...

There are people right now talking about everything is about to change for the good. Yes, Satan is coming to fix this mess and most everyone will believe he is Jesus Christ. But, he is not because God clearly says Satan will come and reign - in person - before Jesus Christ returns. If you are in the flesh when this incredible show man comes and fixes everything and all he asks is that you worship him - this is Satan.. Just remember that because we are getting close to that point...

Peppermint Patti...

"Only one life will soon be passed, only what's done for Christ will last..."

Herb Lady

LOL!! LadyInRed!! This is too much!!! I have read all of your posts, as well as every other post on this site, and quite a few on OOM1!!! Peppermint Patty and I were just discussing our differences in beliefs! She and I don't share the same path but her heart is good! And she is doing right by her!! and I respect that! That's all any of us can do!!! Speaking of which, you and all others on this site and OOM1 do one h of a job!!!

sorry for the pun, had to go there! :D but it's true! :D

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Lol Herb Lady

Yes, PP has a good heart & I respect that, but still lives in the 3D veiled world of illusion! Once Disclosure is announced & people are actually aware of what the 'Truth' is...their beliefs will be greatly tested, because they will now have no true bases to any of it.

When the Truth is staring you in the cannot deny it. But in the same breath, understand that there is always some truth in everything!! So although the bible is a man made book created by the dark ones, there is still many truth's in it. It's a good history book, but has been very distorted & that upset's those in the higher realms who gave humans this information. Remember the statement... " He who controls God & Fear, Controls the Masses!"

Go look to the Native Indians all across the Globe...their ancient teaching still follow the Truth to this day & they were basically wiped out because of it!!

I am Native Indian as well as many other mixes, and the Ancient Teachings and Truths are buried deep into my signature cells. When the time comes...that knowledge will come forth to me & then to all I tell. That is the reason I am here at this time.

Remember that shortly all Truth will be known to all people!

Hope that helps. sunny

Herb Lady

Whoa girl!! I'm a mix as well! how funny! but sometimes it's not the amount - it's what comes through!
So I understand exactly what you are saying! Have relatives, that I've recently learned about, tracing bloodlines and hope to find out something soon!!! This is just way too cool!!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


My bloodlines/signature cells go all the way back to the Atlanteans & Lemurians. The ancient teachings and history is stored in my cells. Come full consciousness, all that knowledge will come forth to help the people of this planet. Also, there are others like me of course, so I'm not alone by all means.

It's never the amount, as we chose these bodies (Native Indians) to be here's more how much is stored in our cells that will matter & if & when we reach consciousness to remember what we are suppose to.


Herb Lady

Too cool! How did you learn about bloodlines/signature cells going back to the Atlanteans & Lemurians?

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:

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