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1 NOW IS THE TIME on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:43 am



 Newsletter,  Saturday, August 03,  2013


  Anne DeHart


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    Email Newlsetter!

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Let Us Come Together in 
Our Heart-Minds 

Are you there?  Are you in your Heart-Mind?
We have much to talk about; yet, not really that much.

Yes, this is the time.  "Bottom Line," you might say.  And the words of this message have been flowing in my head constantly, all day.

Then, before I could settle down to write, another message came today from Prime Creator, revealing our Destiny, our Plan, as well as a supporting message from Gaia Portal.  Both messages focusing our attention upon the critical time in which we now live, and ... our choices.  Choices which we must now make.

I talked to Zorra/Father God last night.  I mentioned the ships, all aligned now, on the grid lines which we now know as their entry points ... encircling the globe.  And He agreed.  Yes, we are that close.  I asked if he could speak to us on next Saturday's call, a bit in his familiar, gentle, "fatherly" voice.  And he agreed, with the caveat, "But, a lot could happen between now and then."

So folks, dear Children ... be good to yourSelves.  You are such dear, precious souls ... you have come so far.

We are being tested now, so let us make choices only from our Heart-Mind of Love.  This is always our safe haven and Divine connection.  We always remember that Love is our Answer.  Always.

These last days will be critical, so be aware.  And always remember ... "If it feels good, it IS Good!"  Embrace it!

And ... if it makes us uneasy, uncertain, even fearful .. RUN!  Our ONLY purpose is to raise and hold our vibrations in a high state of Love.

Our very dear children.  This is your Graduation Day.  It is no longer appropriate to look for answers from other human, veiled, minds.  This is NOT our Source of Truth!

YOU have the Power!  As Zorra/Father God has told us many times... "You are Gods and Goddesses.  BE that!"

And so we close, endowing you with the most beautiful Truth and Love which YOU ARE.  Honor this!  BE the Grand Being which you are!  Allow your Self to BE!

In boundless Cosmic Love, we embrace you, knowing you can, and will, joyously Ascend!

     Lord Jesus Sananda                         Lady Nada      [/font][/color]

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