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An Ill Wind Blows

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1An Ill Wind Blows Empty An Ill Wind Blows on Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:00 pm


An Ill Wind Blows
Monday, August 5th, 2013. Filed under: Activism Consciousness Just Zen New World Order Police State Politics of War Spirituality The Awakening
An Ill Wind Blows Storm-Clouds-Colorado-1
by Zen Gardner
It’s not a pretty time right now. This US embassy closure gambit does not bode well. When they whip up this kind of deliberate hysteria coupled with massive justification for everything terror, surveillance and “security” you know there’s big stuff afoot.
America was teed up for years with the al CIAda and bin Laden propaganda. The series of false flag bombings leading up to 9/11 put the narrative front and center in the American psyche. The actual watershed event of 9/11 was a walk in the park as to whom to blame.
So now when some supposed senior U.S. security official in Yemen says “The threat appears to be much worse than it has (been) in a long time..” and that some supposed message was intercepted to bring all this on, you can’t help but be on alert for 1 – what they’re covering up, distracting us from and attempting to justify, and 2 – what escalation they’re about to commence based on some false flag event or even rumored event.
And of course PR.
Another reason for this unprecedented move is to make the State Department and administration appear responsible to backwash the bad taste of the facts coming out about the Benghazi attack and the arms supplying going on at the time. “Certainly a caring government that would go to these lengths couldn’t possibly be capable of some sort of deliberate hit job on its own personnel!”
What dupes people are who fall for this kind of obvious bullshit.
An Ill Wind Blows 2012-Paralympics-Opening-Ceremony-Spirit-In-Motion-Moon-Ending
Bad Moon Rising
Anyway you cut it, this meteoric rise of the police state justified by phony terrorism threats is one nasty continuous development. With a complicit media acting as their unquestioned megaphone, as long as this hypnotic rhythm of fear and hysteria continues the spell will not be broken. The meter has been set and few will break out of the march to full blown captivity – all for their protection of course.
It is surreal to behold yet it continues on unimpeded.
We’re attempting to chip away at the most glaringly insane issues such as GMOs, geoengineering, fracking, bankster fraud, endless war, the militarization of our streets and a host of other affronts on humanity. But can we slow the machine enough to prevent what appears to be a cataclysmic showdown at the behest of psychopathic social engineers, crazed war lords and Machiavellian manipulators?
Try for the best but prepare for the worst. With our damaged atmosphere shutting down more every day, Fukushima spewing untold amounts of seemingly deliberately unimpeded radiation, increasingly tainted water and food supplies, and a militarized beast out to wreak havoc any chance it can get, it’s hard to imagine these monstrous things just waning on their own no matter who screams what.
The Dark Beast Will Die – Eventually

Evil cannot conquer good, it can only persecute it and cause temporal damage. The blessing in disguise in all of this is how conditions like these drive more and more people into awareness of the spiritual reality within and surrounding everything. It transcends the push and pull of these types of lower density forces and their veil of lies. This is why fear is their ultimate weapon, keeping people out of balance with Spirit and in the controllable mindset of the matrix.
How the beast is defeated time, of course, will tell. From history it seems these maniacal Empires have to reach some kind of crescendo of evil and corruption before they implode.  The problem is they’re full of people.
The accountability factor is very important in all of this, as I’ve said before. The American people have done sorry little to resist the actions of their oppressive warring Empire. They’ve sent their children to kill and die on false, unquestioned narratives, they’ve lived “deliciously” off of corporations pillaging the poorer lands of the word, they’ve literally built the war machine and make the oppressive banking system run. And on and on.
While it may not have been their idea and they were manipulated, they went along with it. Massively. And now this corrupt, dilapidated house of oppression is about to crash upon their very heads.
An Ill Wind Blows Awakening1p
One Awakening Heart At A Time
People are waking up. There’s no question it is accelerating. The roads have been laid for immediate retrieval of empowering information to bring people up to speed faster and faster. That’s just plain wonderful.
That it’s framed in this extremely dark setting we’re in the midst of is part of the equation.
The beauty of our job now, once we’re awake and aware, is knowing we are free from its spiritual clutches, no matter what happens, and that anyone can have that same fullness of knowledge and conscious awareness.
We can do what we can do. It’s one step at a time for each of us. But in doing our part we unleash the energy of the Universe. With everything interconnected, each of us is changing everything all the time!
That’s pretty dang wonderful. We need to keep that realization front and center and let it empower us one day at a time to do anything and everything we can to bring about the spiritual revolution of true freedom while exposing the false reality being imposed on humanity. While they tinker with their nanotech, particle accelerators and computer wizardry, we have access to the Creative power of the Universe where there is infinite potential and possibility. Let them try to top that!
Things don’t look so dark now, do they?
Light on into the night and let the ill wind blow on by!
Love, Zen

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