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The Power Elite Playbook – Recruit Willing Puppets

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The Power Elite Playbook – Recruit Willing Puppets
Monday, August 5th, 2013. Filed under: Banksters Big Brother Conspiracy Economic Manipulations New World Order Secret Societies
The Power Elite Playbook – Recruit Willing Puppets MorganWarburgJekyllIsland
by Deanna Spingola
An examination of unrevised history, through elective reading, provides ample evidence of the long-term diabolical deeds of America’s ruling class. Alternative information exists despite their dedicated efforts to control information through compulsory education and the “free” press. And because history is prologue, one may acquire an accurate perception of the events and political schemes of the current power base. Yet, due to disinformation, deception, and calculating rhetoric, ethical moral people frequently underestimate, justify or even dismiss the suspicious behavior of their political leaders. Notwithstanding the election charade, presidential candidates , with negligible exceptions, are self-serving, power-hungry, parasitical people who are recruited, coached, and installed based on their compliance to the bankster’s profit-producing agenda. “Their” candidate receives the media spotlight and seemingly – everything just falls into place despite questionable qualifications! Others are ridiculed, totally ignored, vilified into oblivion, threatened, meet with an accident or simply “run out of money.”
Take the profit out of warfare and there would be peace; take the profit out of illness and there would be health; take the profit out of addiction and there would be temperance; take the … I won’t belabor the point; you can see where I am going with this – follow the money and discover the culprits. Without the profit motive, the U.S. and other countries might actually have ethical representative governments who benefit the citizens rather than the multinational scoundrels ensconced in their bank buildings, laboratories, corporations and foundations – protected by a multitude of laws they have effectively maneuvered through the U.S. Congress by corporate-sponsored politicians who comply with well-compensated former politicians, now lobbyists, who collect hefty, self-appointed congressional pensions. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to discern that there is something drastically wrong! As you read the following historical accounts, make some contemporary comparisons. Same banking cabal, same lies, methods, and circumstances – just a different set of political puppets.
One of J.P. Morgan’s top attorneys, Philander Knox, in 1901, “arranged the merger of the railroad, oil, coal, iron and steel interests of Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and other robber barons into the largest conglomerate in history – U.S. Steel.” A component of this corporation was the Consolidated Iron Mines which Rockefeller had “fraudulently swindled from the Merritt family.”1 2 Villainous banksters regularly defraud fellow citizens and have no reservations about seizing the land or resources of foreigners. Soldiers, cannon-fodder resources, are used when these economic battles fail.
After a visit from J.P. Morgan and an instructive letter from Andrew Carnegie, President William McKinley (March 4, 1897 – September 14, 1901), a Mason3 and former Governor of Ohio, despite strong opposition from the labor sector, appointed Knox as his Attorney General (April 5, 1901 – June 30, 1904), a position that would require him to prosecute anti-trust law violations against his former clients. Predictably, Knox did nothing to halt the predators!4 During McKinley’s presidency, the U.S. invaded Cuba because, according to the persuasive corporate newspapers – a quarter of the population was dead and the rest were suffering terribly under the tyrannical Spanish. Finally McKinley agreed to an intervention in April 1898, especially after the explosion and sinking of the U.S.S. Maine on February 15, 1898 which, after the fact, turned out to be an internal problem. Congress voted for a declaration of war for the “liberation and independence” of Cuba. Within 100 days, the U.S. invaded Cuba, seized Manila in the Philippines, and occupied Puerto Rico. The United States ultimately annexed the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.5
McKinley was shot by a crazed “lone gunman,” Leon Czolgosz, and died eight days later on September 14, 1901. He apparently failed to fully perform as expected. Knox continued as Attorney General when the more obedient Vice President Theodore Roosevelt , a former governor of New York , took over the presidency. Knox allegedly went after Northern Securities, a phony railroad holding company formed by J. P. Morgan. It was a farce show of government muscle that actually benefited Hill, Harriman, Rockefeller, and their bankers, Kuhn, Loeb & Company.6 To assuage public outcry, corrupt leaders consistently stage investigation hoaxes designed to shelter each other while claiming indignation against alleged antagonists. The results are typically inconsequential – no substantive answers, no demotions, job losses or convictions, and all too often – accompanied by dead or suppressed witnesses.
Knox promoted “regulation” of business and instituted federal statutes that benefited his bosom-buddy associates with increased functionality in interstate commerce while obstructing or eliminating pesky competition. The administrative agents appointed to the governmental boards and commissions were intimately associated with the conglomerates they were supposed to monitor. This was not happenstance nor is anything else that is remotely connected with the current complicit relationship between government and big business. This ongoing fascist-style arrangement was engineered by J. P. Morgan and his cohorts in an 1889 meeting.7
In 1902, despite the deceptive “language of liberation, rescue, and freedom,” Americans were perplexed by the news that U.S. soldiers were “torturing Filipinos with water.” Waterboarding is not new! For three years, U.S. troops battled to “free” the Filipinos from Emilio Aguinaldo, who hoped that America, a nation that previously rebelled against England’s imperial power, would not colonize another freedom-loving people. While “freeing” this indigenous population, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos were slaughtered and about four thousand U.S. soldiers sacrificed their lives “for their country.” In the first year of conflict, “news of atrocities by U.S. forces-the torching of villages, the killing of prisoners-began to appear in American newspapers. Although the U.S. military censored outgoing cables, stories crossed the Pacific through the mail, which wasn’t censored.”8
At about the same time, the banksters were recruiting others like Woodrow Wilson, a devout Presbyterian. National City Bank director, Cleveland H. Dodge, was a classmate of Wilson’s at Princeton in 1879.9 Dodge and Moses Pyne, grandson of National City Bank founder, subsidized Wilson, with $5,000 a year, when he was president of Princeton (1902-1910), a position Dodge helped him obtain.10 In 1910, Wilson had the financial support of the Rockefellers, Jacob Schiff, and Bernard Baruch during his successful run for governor of New Jersey . Bernard Baruch had paid $65,000 for the love letters that Wilson wrote to Mary Peck, his mistress while he was at Princeton.11 Dodge and the other bankers recognized perfect “presidential material” when they saw it. Dodge would later direct Wilson’s campaign.
Knox filled a vacant U.S. Senator seat in 1904 at the request of the banksters just in time for the Morgan-contrived financial panic of October 1907 which instigated a congressional inquiry led by Senator Nelson W. Aldrich who had made a fortune investing in railroads (Mellon), banking, sugar, and mines and rubber during King Leopold’s reign of terror in the Belgian Congo (CFS, 1885 to 1908), an exploitive “corporate state” administered by an non government organization (NGO) where slave labor, mutilations and genocide were rampant . Leopold claimed to be promoting humanitarian policies and freedom from slavery.12 Sound familiar?
Strange, the U.S. didn’t attempt to “free” the Congolese. Profit above people! Without a census, it’s almost impossible to determine the population loss in the Congo during that period. “British diplomat Roger Casement’s famous 1904 report estimated the death toll at 3 million for just twelve of the twenty plus year history of Leopold’s regime. Investigative reporter and author Peter Forbath estimated at least 5 million deaths. Adam Hochschild, estimated 10 million. The Encyclopedia Britannica gives a total population decline of 8 million to 30 million.”13 Whatever the numbers, it is heart-wrenching and it is still going on in other parts of Africa!

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