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Intel On Global Finances and the federal reserve bank

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Intel On Global Finances and the federal reserve bank
This was posted in a Skype Intel Room
Friday, March 16, 2012
Morning friends

For what its worth guys and gals file it where you may!
Fact the contract allowing the FedReserve to print USD trade dollars has expired Jan. 9, 2012.

Property and mineral rightes acquired with thin air money has been condemned as fraud and that property and mineral rightes have been returned to the rightful owners. (countries) those assets are now unencumbered. they can be put on the asset side of their ledgers. toxic derivatives have been condemned as worthless. these things have had to be purged off the books and the charges reversed to the originators. counterfeit gold has been removed and charges have been reversed. Most of the 20,000 resignations were the bankers and brokers and government crony gangsters responsible for this fraud. All these factors effect the value of a nation's currency when the amount of the fraud is in the trillions of dollars. It is currency price fixing for personal gain of a handfull of ultra rich gangsters. The US economy has been manipulated so it appears things are much worse or much better than they actually are in order to manipulate world public opinion. The Elite own the MSM to shape public opinion to take advantage of the faith of the people to use it to control the people for their purpose for war or peace or to divide and conquer to keep all sides off balance and make them ineffective to oppose the Elite. So in the light of the above info the ABC report of the realignment is correct. it is referring to a purging of the books to balance the accounts. This has happened before in history in more than one empire when an economy got out of control with international debts The answer was to forgive all the debts and start over with what you have on hand. It happened in the Roman Empire and in the Baybolnian Empire also. God gave you a sound mind to reason with the elite have tried to enslave it with BS to make you manageable to their intent.
This just in and do not take this out of context, this come from my friend high up in military intel .

The US and 4 other countries that control Fiat banking have been the roadblocks to the RV and the Global Prosperty Funds and several other wealth redistributions of funds. A Chinese- Russian delegation has given the US officials a deadline that if anymore interference occurs caused by the US or it's cronies will become a shooting war on US soil. Anyone identified as causing these blockages will be hunted down and may or may not survive their arrest. Sorry Bushes Clintons Obummers. Well it is only secret inside US it was reported inside Russia on open broadcast
Posted by John MacHaffie at


Thanks Yom for this sharing and all you do to bring "Intel" here.. Quoting from above:

"... The answer was to forgive all the debts and start over ... God gave you a sound mind to reason ..."

Given to me 1-11-11 as theme, vision, slogan, dream....
Ban Banksters- Re-Claim Our Stolen Money Power!!

My first posts after joining oom mid-Oct. 2011 about Lawful MOney and Say No to IRS were birthed from this dream and instruction from my Lord and the Wisdom He's Given me. Revisiting these may be a choice you make and share with others...

Blessings to all seekers here of Truth, Freedom, Abundance, Forgiveness, Peace, and More-
In His Love, Peace, Joy, Redemption, Freedom (a single letter difference in the middle gives you freemom) ---------- 7freemom :D ❤ :!:



Anyone identified as causing these blockages will be hunted down and may or may not survive their arrest. Sorry Bushes Clintons Obummers. Well it is only secret inside US it was reported inside Russia on open broadcast
Posted by John MacHaffie at

This guy said in a previous post that Obama was not a part of the cartel. Now he says he is...Maybe its just me, but I do not trust this guy.....He is inconsistant and changes his story often...Beware I say...Thoughts?


topspin2... I think there may be a big surprise about O. Time will tell.... stay tuned.


WE're " stay[ing] tuned", for sure....

"never a dull moment" and "we laugh that we may not weep" are 2 of our family's favorite sayings... :)

I really like good surprises!!! ☀


Thanks ymollman2!

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