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 Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2013

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PostSubject: Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2013    Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:18 am

Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2013

The Feds, desperate to keep some power, are on the move with billions of fiat dollars in bribes

Despite a request that I not be contacted unless it was urgent, phone calls from Asia and Europe and messages hand delivered to my remote cottage all indicate that some sort of fundamental change has taken place in the global power structure. For example, the Federal Reserve Board Crime syndicate has begun a massive attempt to buy historical Asian bonds offering billions to holders they previously told to buzz off, according to Asian and BIS sources. This is an attempt on their part to keep some sort of power after what they now see as an inevitable sea change in how the planet’s financial system, and thus its true power, is run, according to MI5 sources in direct contact with the Fed bond buyers.

The Feds are now offering billions of dollars for historical bond boxes they used to buy for a few hundred thousands of dollars if they decided not to kill the would-be seller instead. This may be tempting to the holders of these bonds but they need to remember that at the end of the day the Feds will be lucky to emerge from all this with their skins intact.

In any case, the White Dragon Society has suggested to bond holders that there is no need to sell bonds with a face value of trillions of dollars for a fraction of what they are worth. Instead, the WDS will meet with representatives of the Feds, of Asian Secret Societies, of the illuminati and the committee of 300 in the autumn to try to come up with a win-win solution for everybody. In the meantime, it is recommended that people enjoy the rest of their holidays and charge their batteries for what is likely to be a historical fall in more than one sense.

The big geopolitical change that precipitated this sudden Fed change of heart is the move by Putin, the gnostic illuminati and their allies to force the US corporate government to close embassies throughout the Middle East. This has underlined, for all to see, the biggest geopolitical sea change in the West since the fall of the Soviet Union. Western Europe, which is deeply in debt to the rest of the world is now relying on Putin and his allies for energy. That means, in essence, Western Europe and the Middle East are no longer under cabal military control.

The Pentagon, although still in charge of by far the most potent military force on earth, no longer wishes to work for cabal oil interests in the Middle East. Instead, they are concentrating on successfully surfing the big switch in financial power to Asia and to anti-fascist forces in the West.

The background for this is that Asian royal families and other interests are now looking like they will finally get justice after over 100 years of being lied to and manipulated by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board.

In specific financial terms, hundreds of trillions of dollars of bonds issued by the Feds in exchange for Asian gold are likely to be used in a move to bankrupt the Federal Reserve Board. The Neil Keenan lawsuit is part of this effort.

Rather than be declared bankrupt, the families behind the Feds are now trying to buy up as many of these bonds as possible so that even if the Federal Reserve Board goes belly up, they can claim to have trillions of dollars’ worth of these bonds that are suddenly morphing from historical antiques into sources of major power.

A large portion of these bonds, several trillion dollars’ worth, have been pledged to the WDS banner. In addition, gold holders and military forces are lining themselves up to WDS goals. These are to start a massive project to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on a path of exponential expansion into the universe. Compare this to cabal goals of a never ending fake, “war on terror” or a fraudulent global warming con job. The top leadership of the cabal was simply hoping to keep in power indefinitely by killing 5 billion people and enslaving the rest. This is extremely well documented.

In such circumstances it is a good idea to step back and look at the big picture. Global GDP, including offshore financial centers, is less than $100 trillion. Suddenly dumping tens or hundreds of trillions of dollars into the world economy will cause vast changes of the sort anybody could see.

If the money is just handed out like free booze, there would be a huge party followed by a huge hang over. At the end of the day, the same old gangsters would still be in charge.

However, just putting a trillion dollars a year into development projects would mean spending 20 times more than the World Bank, the cabal controlled world order’s largest development institution. That alone would be enough to end poverty.

On a deeper level, we need to realize that current so-called global institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Court etc. have been run, in secret, by the families behind the Federal Reserve Board. The 20th century was largely their creation. They brought us two world wars, a cold war, terrorism, constant small wars and the accumulation of all of the world’s wealth and power into a tiny in-bred mafia clan. During that same century they have failed to end extreme poverty even as they presided over the extinction of 30% of all of the world’s species. That is the largest extinction event since the dinosaurs were wiped out.

What has happened, in a nutshell, is that the people who control the world’s military power have decided that the people they worked for, the ones who controlled the magical Fed private bank money printing press, needed to be replaced.

The big delay so far has not been any love for the people in charge but rather disagreement over what will happen next. Those disagreements are now ending. There are still no firm dates for when the big, visible changes will happen but they will happen.

There is still a lot that cannot be written about yet but rest assured the good guys are winning and the fascist coup d’etat seen in the West after 911 has ended in failure. Enjoy your summer holidays.


Thanks to: http://hipknowsys.blogspot.com

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2013    Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:59 pm

  Though Not much more specific than Zap, this at least appears to be more positive and specific in a different sense or area than Zap.
   As 'Summer Holidays' are essentially over with the exception of Labor Day, which is the "supposed Official END" of summer, suggests as did Zap, that we may well be waiting 'til Sept. to see the floodgates open and prosperity flowing. Hoping that that prosperity flows right over the heads of those who have sought to eradicate and/or enslave the majority of humanity, and wipe them from existence...
   Your wrong if you don't think I'm showing the 'Love', for that is exactly where I would Love to see them, 'Non-Existent'.  jus' sayin.... :) 


'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 
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Benjamin Fulford - August 12, 2013

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