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RTS Update: New Financial System, Dinar RV, Ascended Masters, & Continuing Delays

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RTS Update: New Financial System, Dinar RV, Ascended Masters, & Continuing Delays

Source: Removing The Shackles
Aug 17th Update: Butterflys and Butt kicking- it's your move dudes

This has been an INCREDIBLE week and yesterday was incredibly intense!  Anyone with even the sensitivity of a tomato felt the shifting of the energy.  Chat rooms, Skype rooms, websites, articles, radio shows..... are exploding with the vibration of change.  Not just "Change" but a true metamorphosis, like the caterpillar into a butterfly. With the energetic awakening that has been slamming so many people in the past month, the physical world of finance & banking and "government" and all aspects of the control grid have been collapsing like dethroned prom queens into weeping and wailing soggy heaps, ...  chest beating histrionics with a side of lamenting whimpers of despair are the order of the day it would seem. 

I can't really blame them.  It's all gone to hell in a hand basket really fast and nothing they've tried has worked.

Normally I'm not a sadistic bitch (ok that's not true, but I do try to keep it under control), but today I really feel the urge to pick at the open wound.  Not to cause them - the blubbering messes that were the PTW and their brokers - pain, but to insure that they see the ridiculousness of their current tantrums and make sure that they KNOW that WE KNOW what the fuck they are doing.  .... or at least, what they were trying to do.

As usual, this is my take on what's been happening.  This is my understanding and opinion based on the intel, the information, and the energetic screaming that has been going on recently.  I'm going to try to keep this pretty short and to the point. I hope.

Oh, and I'm going to talk about things that are going to make people uncomfortable and shake their head in disbelief and that's totally fine with me.  I'm putting out what I know- you can decide whether it resonates or not. And really, this is about letting "them" know that we know what they are up to, so you don't need to believe it if you don't want to.

First off, the RV.  It didn't happen.

Big surprise. 

*hint* the RV has nothing to do with Ramadan or parliament being in or out, or national holidays, or how many goats are sitting on the hill waiting to be disemboweled......

They tried at least twice in the past two weeks to push it through and they discovered that unless they are willing to stand there, in complete liability and absolute responsibility for the fraud they are trying to perpetuate, then they are going to get fried.   The energetic "accounting & bookkeeping" is instantaneous now, as the three guys discovered when they tried to put the "RV" live in Iraq couple of weeks ago.  They are now bye bye. That's not to say that they weren't given a choice, but unless they were willing to work for the highest good of ALL, then THEY were held responsible. The fourth guy had a change of heart- the rest of you guys might want to listen to him.

The Global Revaluation of Currencies is nothing more than fraud.  "They" know this but thought that they could manipulate it and warp it to happen any way.  "They" found out that they can't.  Now that the truth of what VALUE is and where it comes from is out in the open, any motion to try to negate, hide, deceive or change it, IS clear and indisputable FRAUD. Not allowed.  As they have discovered, much to their chagrin.

I've said this before:  The "New" financial system is based upon lies and fraud. There is nothing "transparent" about it.  Not only that, but this so called "new" system of finance isn't even new.  As I said at the close of my last article on this subject:

    "This is not a "New Financial System".  It is a copy of one that is already in existence... we just haven't seen it HERE before."
 What the Earth-bound PTW have not been telling people- hell, not even their own people for the most part- is that this "New" banking and finance system is the entry of our planet into the Universal Value System. Yep, the purported Galactics are the ones pulling the strings on this. (.... actually, it's the so-called "Ascended Masters" and "Divines" that are calling the shots- but I'll get back to that in a bit.)

That's the reason that all Earth's countries are suppose to be "gold" backed  and that all currencies are suppose to be revalued to reflect the VALUE of each country- but they aren't telling you that the value of the country is the People, not the gold.

Let's talk about the gold for a minute, shall we?  As I said in the article I quoted above, There is zero proof that the US, or any country, has any gold to support their supposed "value".  The gold is gone. Period.  That's the reason that suddenly in the past 8-10 months all these countries- like Germany- are now demanding their gold back from the US, and that's the reason that the US is telling them "No, you can't have it back"- because it's NOT THERE ANY MORE!!

The entire concept of Basel III is ridiculous and ridiculously corrupt. If I was trying to sell a new system and I had agents going around telling banks "Hey! I'll give you an awesome review and certify that you are fully Compliant with the new system, if you give me a  $700Million line of credit" ... would YOU buy into that new system?

(If you said yes, then I have some lovely property in the Florida everglades you might be interested in purchasing)

... I'm not even going to get into the fact that for the past month hardly a day has gone by without a main stream article talking about the artificial manipulation and price fixing in the commodities market.  'Cause you know... that's a great way to set up a "new" asset back financial system- by lowjacking and highjacking the prices of gold and silver.  To quote Heather:

"(Reuters) - The U.S. commodities market regulator has subpoenaed a number of major metals warehousing firms, including Switzerland-based commodities giant Glencore, seeking documents and communications from the last three years as an inquiry into complaints about inflated metals prices gathers steam."

HEATHER: so glad BASEL III is backed by hard/physical assets! (whew) OOOHHHHHH FUCK WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Those are regulated commodities (facepalm)

The value of these countries is the people, not the gold.  The big guns in the financial area right now are the BRICs nations... what do they have?  Oh right! People.  Lots and Lots of people.  China and India alone have over one third of the planets population. And where does the real Value come from?  Oh right!  The People!!

Just sayin'.

In the past month "they" have made a herculean effort to push this "New" financial system though but it just won't go. Why?  Because "THEY" do not have the value to back this new system.  They've done everything possible (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get the St. Germaine Trust Funds, the Global Collateral accounts, the Wanta Regan funds, and the World Global Settlement funds, etc, to be released.  Without those funds, they have NOTHING to back the "new" financial system.  Nothing they have done has gotten any of those funds released- not even one.  The reason they can't get them released is because these funds are representations of what has been stolen- the VALUE of the people- and that Value was deposited right back with the people on July 25th 2012.

Their entire financial empire has crumbled into a sand pile and there is nothing they can do about it.  There wasn't anything concrete underneath it to support the structure, so when the tidal wave came through.... it just washed it all away.

Here's the biggest problems that they are facing right now.  "They"- the "Powers That WERE" on this planet- both in "Government" and in Banking etc- were promised that there was a Knight in shining armor that was coming to rescue them.  They were promised that their positions of perceived power would be safe and that they would get to have amnesty for all of their crimes and that they would get their reward of getting off this planet and being allowed to wander around the universe in their own space yacht.  They were promised that their banks would flourish and their "governments" would be allowed to continue their charade of "ruling" over the people.

This is the reason that Bob and others who've attempted to deposit some of their Value into their bank have been turned down.  The Bankers are so desperately praying that their "savior" is going to show up and rescue them (and their banks) that they are holding out right to the end.... at this moment they will literally sacrifice their (il)legal standing, their last penny, and their very existence.... on the desperate hope that they will be saved by those that made all the promises of paradise.

Boys and Girls, I hate to break this to you, but you've been had. 

There is no knight in shining armor coming to rescue you.  There is no "New" financial system that will allow you to keep operating your banks and governments while still fleecing the people of their value.  There is no space ship that's going to whisk you away.  There is no dancing girls or balloons or champagne waiting for you "once it's all done".

Nadda, zip, zilch, zero.

On the bright side though, it's not entirely the perceived "Galactics" fault either.  They themselves have only discovered in the last 8 or 9 months that their entire plan was based on lies and deceit.... and they are not all that pleased with the Beings who sold them on this escapade. There are groups of Galactics who are still trying to push the "new" system through with the American Military and various government groups, but there are a HUGE amount more of them who are standing by and ready to take down the old Universal System.

Even those in the highest levels of energy regulation universally are tired of the charade and sick of the hierarchy and deceptive practices that have been established universally to monitor, siphon off, and outright steal the Value of all Beings.  They're done done done with the whole crappy situation.

Why?  Because they Know WHAT VALUE IS, WHERE IT COMES FROM, AND WHO HAS IT!!!  They know that "VALUE" has nothing to do with MONEY or any monetary representation.

VALUE IS THE ENERGY OF DOing!  It has NOTHING to do with dollar bills, gold coins or silver bars.

YOU are the VALUEYOU.  Not your representation that's been turned into a strawman corporation and therefore into a revenue stream and money for the various "governments".  YOU, YOURSELF, are the VALUE- and everything you DO increases the value- ie: the energy- that you receive. 

This has been the biggest secret of the Universe.  THIS is the secret that the so called "Divines" have been desperately hiding from EVERYONE.  In order to maintain their hierarchy, in order to maintain their "Divine" status, then they had to convince everyone that THEY are Divine and no one else is.  They had to convince everyone that THEY had the Right to play god king over everyone else.  They had to convince everyone that only THEY had the power over ..... everything.

Which is all lies. 

It was part of the experiment- the experience that we all decided to  participate in.  To expand Eternal Essence by experiencing every form of separation and division, every kind of difference and similarity, every type of emotion and combination of emotions.   Those mascarading as "Divines" thought that because they retained their memory and KNEW of the experiment/experience, that they were not part of it, that they were outside of it....

...but every BEing IS Eternal Essence.... even them.

So while they created their "Divine Plan", thinking that they would continue with their hierarchy indefinitely and eternally, their plan was actually part of the Absolute Plan.  The Divine Plan was created to Fail.   .... and it's failing beautifully well!  Exactly as it's suppose to.

Here's the the kicker.  This "Divine Plan" is being pushed by a bunch of "Divine wannabees" and those masquerading as various "Divine" Beings- Like the so called "Arch angel Michael", and "Saint Germaine" and other supposed angelic- type beings.  As I said last week- they speak with smooth silky words of Light & Love and croon odes of Oneness.... yet they preach from their pedestal of hierarchy and in the next breath they tell that they are your Ascended Masters, they will set  up your new government, they will tell you what to do, they will tell you WHO you ARE......

.... Yea, that just doesn't resonate with me.

Recent channeled messages have really cranked up the rhetoric now by pushing "Heaven's" agenda.  Apparently "Heaven" has made all sorts of decrees about how WE down here on Earth are suppose to be ruled, and what kind of financial system we are suppose to have.

.... Now.... it seems to me that all the "Heaven"  stupidity, I mean crap, I mean bullshit, I mean .... stuff, is directly trying to insinuate that god is saying this stuff and planning this out. 

..... soooooo, now all of a sudden god needs a legal team to find loopholes in Earth's laws and to over turn the corrupt "governments"?  And god also apparently needs to have the "Galactics" to act as enforcement and to handle the perceived "Bad Guys"?!?

......... Really?!

I don't know about you guys, but the last time I checked, god didn't need any enforcers and certainly didn't need any lawyers or accountants!  Again: Just sayin'.

This is the final moment of the final act of the final showing of the Greatest Play ever created.  Humanity and BEings everywhere are waking up so fast now that there is almost a sonic boom trailing  behind them.  This is what the so called "Divines" didn't enter into their equations when they created this farce of a plan.  People's tools of resonance are so highly tuned right now that they know instantly when something doesn't resonate with them- their bullshitometer is set to maximum over drive and these divine wannabees are going to have a real hard time pulling the wool over their eyes.  The reality is that they have only one card left to play- the big card, the one that they think is their Ace in the hole.... when they make everything visible. Literally.

I say get on with it dudes.  Speaking for myself, I'm seriously tired of this endless game of musical chairs and charades.  Let's just cut to the chase and get it over with. You know what you have to do- what your very last move is..... So make it already.

We're waiting.

Oh and Dudes?  Please refer to this article:

Love ya!
Posted by enerchi at 8/18/2013 03:17:00 PM

Thanks to:



Ya gotta love 'D', or at least I do... :bouncy hearts:

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


what makes the information D says the gospel? She is wrapped up in the OPT and I am not sure that is even legitimate.


I also have my reservations on the OPPT angels. I continue to follow though. Waiting for some concrete court actions to be revealed. Thanks for affirmation. Nice to know I am not the only one not on board with this at least for now.



Perhaps I've been missunderstood as to my position... Though I like much of the concept of what
OPPT has seemingly done or is doing, I have seen no more tangible evidence than any one else, as to the effect it might or should be having on our current system of INjustice. Given that, I'm not ready to dismiss it nor am I ready to use it, yet. :)  My admoration for 'D' is due to her passion in what she believes and the manor in which she brings it out, be it misguided or not, she is DOing.
   So our positions are not as far apart as you may have thought...  :hugs : 

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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