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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "We will know better by sunrise, which way we are going so look for a TNT BLAST or TNT CALL tomorrow at our regular time!"

"We will know better by sunrise, which way we are going so look for a TNT BLAST or TNT CALL tomorrow at our regular time!"

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Today 9:58 am

Already Blessed

Good Evening Everybody!  Sorry for the short call this morning but we were anticipating the President having something to say immediately at that time or I would have stayed longer.  

We have been on calls all afternoon getting information. The general consensus is, even though we saw the lower rate today, PLAN A IS STILL IN EFFECT! NO BAD NEWS!  Everyone is still excited and bank personnel are on the job as we speak.

We will know better by sunrise, which way we are going so look for a TNT BLAST or TNT CALL tomorrow at our regular time!  Tony TNT


Herb Lady

Thanks Yman!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


It's the weekend, here we go again- This is NOT, I repeat, NOT going to happen for a long time to come, so don't believe a word these assholes tell you- When this doesn't happen for the next few years, you'll wish you'd listened to me- They are out to make a buck while we suffer-They do not care about me, you, or anybody else- Just keep that in mind-These people are getting paid to tell you all kinds of things to keep you hyped up, so don't fall for it- Like Paul Teutel on the TV show Orange County Choppers always says- 'Don't be stupid'-

Herb Lady

Morning Terbo!  Not being stupid just trying to stay positive!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


G'mornin HerbLady, that was not meant for the veterans here, such as you and me and a few choice others-Hope all is well with you and Hooch, and hope he is coming along fast and fine- I have NOT forgotten your steaks, as I'm still waitin, like the rest of y'all- I'm in great hopes of this coming to fruition, but I seriously have my doubts, now that Maliki is going to serve another term- A law that was supposed to have been implemented to keep him from being re-elected was overturned, so now, it's gonna be a matter of when, not how-Maliki will be there just long enough to bankrupt us all, and that is exactly what he wants, and that is what he plans on doing- He does not want the people of Iraq to have anything, have any food, or to have a house to live in, electricity, clean water, etc-


And that is the only way to be HL!

Terbo... we are ALL in a holding pattern and we gather here and elsewhere to keep our intentions UP.... for the most part.

I do though suggest that those that read the guru nonsense try not to get to emotional with the roller coaster ride. Nausea is sure to follow. 



Purpleskyz, I'm sorry I spoke my mind again-I guess some peeps can't handle the real truth- I couldn't lead people on like that, that's all I know-I won't be back, it's like the beginning all over again, and when Peak Crackers comes back, IF he does, please tell him what you told me- We went thru this awhile back, if you remember correctly- Y'all enjoy your Holiday-


No worries T!

I wish we could ALL know the real truth on this investment. Maybe someday.


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