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‘Comet’ Ison NOT a Comet But an ET Biosphere & Escorts

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September 8, 2013

‘Comet’ Ison NOT a Comet But an ET Biosphere & Escorts

Thanks to:

Before anyone else gets their knickers in a knot, let’s dispel the rumour here and now and preempt any further fear mongering.
Tolec has put together a factual 12-minute video explaining that the “comet” the media talks about is not a comet at all.
It is, in fact, the Biosphere Xanterexx —I know, sounds like a pill for acid reflux—but the good news is that Xanterexx is typically deployed prior to a “First Contact” event.
The Biosphere is accompanied by two, city-sized escort ships in a particular formation and supports thousands of ETs of various races in service to the Light.
I’ll let Tolec explain the rest. Fascinating! And very exciting. Thank you very much, Tolec, for the joy this news generates.  ~ BP
Published on 7 Sep 2013
This report is based on recent information, secured by me within the past few days, regarding specific additional details provided by my contacts, executive management board members of the Andromeda Council, including Tania the Vice-Chairwoman of the Council, and the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere regarding – what the media is calling: “Comet Ison”.
My contacts on the Andromeda Council call this celestial object – the biosphere: “Xanterexx”. And it is headed toward Earth space.  ~ Tolec

Like this:

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  ...Nikola Tesla

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