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Out Of Mind » FEEL GOOD ~ BODY & MIND » CANNABIS & NATURES MEDICINALS » The Persecution of Cannabis Advocate Roger Christie in Hawaii

The Persecution of Cannabis Advocate Roger Christie in Hawaii

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The Persecution of Cannabis Advocate Roger Christie in Hawaii
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This story was sent to my email by Sherryanne, both she and her husband Roger Christie needs all the light, protection, love and visualizations of their freedom on Oct 8, we can send them. Over the last three years, the Christie family has suffered a horrible injustice, especially living in a state where marijuana is decriminalized…Mahalo for your support, Annette!
A federal judge Wednesday rejected the religious freedom defense raised by Hawaii island cannabis advocate Roger Christie to his marijuana-trafficking charges.
U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi ruled that the prosecution had establish-ed that the practices of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, led by Christie, posed a substantial risk that marijuana would be distributed to people who were not members of the ministry and those people would use marijuana for nonreligious purposes.
The judge held that the prosecution showed that the marijuana laws are the “least restrictive means” to halt the distribution of “mass quantities of marijuana to non-adherents” of Christie’s ministry.
Christie and his wife, Sherryanne, raised the defense under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act that seeks to prevent government interference in a person’s free exercise of religion.
A ruling in favor of the Christies would have led to the dismissal of the charges against them.
Kobayashi’s decision clears the way for the Christies’ federal trial scheduled for Oct. 8.
Christie, 63, who has become an icon among marijuana advocates, maintained that cannabis is a sacrament and an integral part of the ministry.
He was arrested in July 2010 and has been held without bail for more than three years awaiting his trial.
Christie, his wife and 12 others were charged with marijuana trafficking related to Christie’s Hilo ministry.
His wife has been free on bond.
Most of the other defendants have pleaded guilty or will be pleading guilty to marijuana charges in the case.
projectpeace wrote:
Hawaii’s State-licensed Cannabis minister, Reverend Roger Christie, is a true American hero, who has been standing up honorably for everyone’s religious freedom, for more than ten years! Even if you disagree with the man, or doubt his sincerity, at the very least, in this country, everyone ought to have the right to present their side of any argument before being imprisoned. Roger has been indefinitely, coercively imprisoned without trail, refused bail eight times and denied visitors and barred from being interviewed by the national media, for three years and two months. Judge Kobayashi and the minions of injustice who are violating everyone’s civil liberties by terrorizing Reverend and Mrs. Christie are the real criminals. You can also thank Roger for providing evidence from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that concluded marijuana eradication caused the tsunami of hard drugs plaguing Hawai’i. What about the compelling interest there is in stopping the meth epidemic, by letting people have respectful access to the world’s safest, least harmful, and most ancient religious sacrament? People in Hawai’i will eventually learn the true, essential values to be found in eating raw, non-psychoactive Cannabis. There is nothing more effective than “hemp” for preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and the deadly illnesses caused by nuclear radiation from Fukushima. Increasing solar UV-B radiation that’s poisoning Hawai’i right now. What the hell is the matter with people in Hawaii? Do you not keep track of what’s happening in Japan? Do you WANT to die from radiation? Free Reverend Roger Christie! Start growing Cannabis NOW as though your lives depended on it — before you get sick. Ultimate sacrifice, made by the courageous people who died for your freedoms, are being insulted by Roger’s anti-Constitutional imprisonment. Shame on Judge Kobayashi for recognizing the legitimacy of Roger’s ministry, yet still denying him the right of presenting his religious defense without being gagged & shackled by an unobjective court.
on September 12,2013 | 02:54PM

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