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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "So you can see the IQD and the IQN are going to be two different currencies on the exchanges but also have a connection to each other AND they must coexist for an extended period of time until ,,,":MTNG

"So you can see the IQD and the IQN are going to be two different currencies on the exchanges but also have a connection to each other AND they must coexist for an extended period of time until ,,,":MTNG

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Mountain Goat Update From TNT

UU7534 – Meine Schwesterns mnt goat

Hello Everyone,

Hope all are well. Today I make this post to talk about many, many things. Mainly to bring some more new news and to clarify many misconceptions about the Iraq currency.

First let me tell you about the wonderful time I had with Meine Schwesterns this week when they came to visit. We gather we sit, eat and mostly talk mostly am Sonntag. This visit was most interesting since we talked  about what is going on with this global currency reset.

I of course had to interject my viewpoints and facts to the conversation. Meine Schwestens were amazed at the information we talked about and thought it was very informative. They know about my posts on TNT of other news and wished that I could bring this information to you today.

 So I am going to tell you now what we talked about.  Very powerful news for today

First let me say I have an excellent contact whom I have been talking to for many years. He is a very close with working with the CBI. This what he is telling me as I discussed this with Meine Schwesterns.

Remember in posts when I talked about the project to remove the zeros? Now the CBI has been given the green light to RV by the government of Iraq.

This is so very powerful news since they have been stalling and telling their citizens this would happen for a long time. I am talking about the IQN issuance and revaluation. They are now once again telling them in the coming weeks this will go international.

The government of Iraq supports this move and is pushing the CBI do it. This is also such outstanding news for us. The CBI note only wants to have a stable currency they want and need it to have a tremendous value, if not the highest in the world. Yes- you heard it right. It is coming soon.

There is a condition however, given to the CBI, and that is to complete the project to remove the zeros from the IQD currency or to remove the old IQD. What does this mean?

It means to do the final collection of the remaining IQD 3 zero notes to at least a 75% levele of what is now in possession of the citizens in Iraq. Note I did not say USA.  This is for in country of Iraq only.

They are going to allow time to do this. They feel this could be accomplished in a matter of a couple of weeks or less. So I would say they are aligning this to be completed for the first week in October.

But also remember we get news late intentionally and it usually is a week or more overdue. This information also lines up with other information I received last week stating the RV would not be released in the USA until October or very late September. This is why I lend so much merit to this new news.

Project to remove the zeros

In order for the CBI to implement the final stage of this project they have already seeded the banks in Iraq with large quantities of USD for this purpose. So this process is already underway, not going to happen.

Why? Cause they will pay out USD for the IQD 3 zero notes, thus removing them from circulation. With the RV they also will drop the zeros in the exchange in Iraq (in the country of Iraq only).

They plan to then issue the lower denoms or IQN into circulation.

For instance if you took a 25,000 dinar note (IQD) and exchanged it after the RV it would be worth $25 USD to the Iraq citizen plus the added value of the RV  for example if it RV’d at  $3.44  they could possibly get $86.00 back in USD.

You might say – so how do they benefit?  The citizens of Iraq benefit cause they will have increased purchasing power and so what $25,000 used to buy they can now buy for $25.

But they how have $61.00 more money if you do the math. Then since the dinar is now worth more than the USD they hold, they will exchange to USD for yet more value to the IQN dinar, the lower denoms and get even more value.

So they can buy 3 of the same item now after RV with the same 25,000 old 3 zero note once they exchange it. Can you now see the benefit? Can you understand the process?

This is the final move towards the revaluation process. This is how they intend to draw most of the remainder 3 zero notes. First draw in the old notes and later do the RV.

This project will be completed prior to them showing any RV on the CBI site and before any serious military action happens over Syria. I am still hearing that military action is not taken off the table over Syria however they need to get these notes out of the hands of the would-be terrorists and do it now.

It is a condition for them to RV.  Then Iraq must go international first or at least at the same time as the international other countries.  It all has to happen at about the same timeframe and be coordinated.

Be patient I am hearing nothing but good news. October also lines up nicely with the beginning of the new fiscal year for a majority of countries. We should not expect this RV until early October unless the plan changes again.

In my last post “UU8734 Connect the Dots” I also explained other reason too as to how they are aligning many events to this common timeframe of early October. Please go back and re-read this post.

Changing trading symbol from the IQD to IQN

This is causing so much confusion to everyone. I can' t tell you just how much confusion. I read the  members concerns in the forum and I hear it on other sites. So let me clarify.

There is method to this madness….In the USA you (we) will still be able to take your 3 zero notes and exchange them for the value of the RV without lopping off the 3 zeros like they are doing in country of  Iraq.

You will be able to do this because they are creating a new and separate trading symbol for the lower denoms it is called IQN.

Once the lower denoms (IQN) are out in circulation this is the one that will be traded on the open market, in the international exchanges not the IQD.

The IQN will go on a free float and may start low (just over $1.00) and climb very quick. The incentive to get off the USD comes with now the lower denoms (IQN) being worth more than the USD.

The old USD will remain until they have sucked in all the larger old notes (IQD). After the project to delete the zeros is completed the IQD will simply go away. It may be traded but in the background only interbank. It is of no concern to us once we exchange ours dinars. Does this make sense? Have I clarified it now?

They are doing this so both can be traded together until we exchange out all the 3 zero notes (IQD) at the bank and yet allow the new lower denoms (IQN) to be traded simultaneously and gain a  value of its own.

This is why the IQD in the USA could possibly have a very high exchange rate to begin with (like Tony and others are saying and seeing on the banks screens). This is the point that most dinar revaluation calls just do not get or understand and has been a constant source of contention and debate.

It’s really very brilliant and easy to understand once you know what they intend to do. So I hope now the debate is over. Please keep reading I explain yet in more detail.  

Project to delete the zeros

Please don’t be frightened over all this news about the 2014 project to delete the zeros. Those of us who know this project know that it entails recalling in the 3 zero notes from other countries outside of Iraq (these are the IQD notes). This is a long process and will take many years to accomplish.

This has little, if anything, to do with your  exchange in the USA after the rates go international but taking in your 3 zero notes is part of this project too. It means they are deleting them from circulation.

When you turn them in to the bank on your exchange they are no longer in circulation and will go back tothe UST. This is part of phase I of this project. This might seem a contradiction cause I just said we would be exchanging in prior to 2014 and we will.

However for 2014 and onward  they are talking more about the large quantities of IQD dinar that are used for bonds, securities, contracts, etc.. and other guaranteed deals they made behind the scenes over the years that we don’t know much about and should not care about. That is their business.

Also I do not see how they could possibly stall this RV again past October since the USA must make a decision to extend the debt ceiling. If they do extend it we all know what this could mean to the economy of the USA and to the world too. This is not just about the USA.

So is this RV still in the hands of Iraq?

This is yet another one of those controversial issues that has these so called intel guru’s split. It is also very tricky stuff so I can see why. To understand fully you must yourself RV of what?

Are talking about the IQN or the IQD? You must really know this RV process well since it can get complicated. So I have to say if you said Yes or No both answers would be correct. It just all depends on what Iraq dinar you are talking about.

I have to clarify. Based on what I have already said above if you meant control over the IQD then it is possible Iraq has very little if any control over its RV destiny.

Here is why- the USA printed this currency, delivered this currency to Iraq and implemented it as a provisional currency. It is going to increase in value but not in the manner like everyone believes.

It will have a much higher jump in value than the IQN initially depending on the country exchanging it.

So for example if you are in Austria exchanging the rate of exchange could be much different than in the USA. This is a currency that was not originally designed to be the hinge pin of a global currency reset.

This got manifested since the 2008 financial crisis and the plan changed. Once changed  the IQN concept was developed and it would then become the new Iraq currency going forward post RV and the lower denoms would be associated to this exchange symbol going forward.

Remember we never heard about the IQN until an article come out in early 2011 explaining it.  This is why. The IQN was not part of the original plan but it is now. This also creates some confusion since some gurus have studied the original plan and are not incorporating changes since this development.

So since there is now a new plan for this RV process there now had to be a way to separate these two efforts (IQN from the IQD) and allow the new Iraq currency (IQN) to come out to the international exchanges with still the low initial rate then let the market drive it but also they  needed a way to preserve a high value of the existing 3 zeros notes (IQD).

They are separating these so they can:

a) use it as a financial backing for other countries to boost their reserves thus create wealth out of nothing. Sort of like a note as security (from Iraq) backing the new value of their currency once the reset takes place. This would level set the currencies of the world and re-balance the financial problem (along with the new Basal III banking regulations).

b)As I also talked about in many of my previous posts that the USA needs this IQD and intentionally allowed us to purchase it so they can use it to pay for the war much like US Savings Bonds were used in WW2.

c)As most of us should understand by now the IQD will be used as future oil credits for the USA not the IQN. So they had to separate them.  The USA will be like a broker for oil from the middle east.

In the USA they plan on developing more oil wells and harvesting shale oil to become oil independent from the middle east. The next move then is to drive up the price of middle eastern oil delivered to the rest of the world but at the same buffering the USA by leveling the cost of oil in the USA by pure domestic production thus isolating and protecting the USA from these fluctuations and spikes.

A nice windfall of profit on these oil credits from the IQD. This would be sufficient to more than pay off the national debt of the USA as long as this is truly what they use this money for. At least this is the plan.

d) The plan now is also to allow citizens 30 days to exchange the IQD dinar in your country of origin and then it will become obsolete as far as the banks for future exchanges from their citizens.

These IQD notes will still exist in the vaults of many banks but they will e using them mostly for larger inter-bank transactions in the future not walk in customers. The CBI has said many times these old notes will coexist with the new lower denoms notes for many years post RV.

The IQD is also being used for much more than this but I will not discuss in length the reasons why the USA maintains and will maintain control over it to a great extent. So Iraqi politics then has little to do any longer with this old IQD currency since it is now more in control by the IMF and the USA.  Can you now understand this?

But if you meant to ask does Iraq have control over the IQN RV (the new currency) then you would be talking more futuristic thus you would be wrong if you said NO since Iraq has complete control over this new currency about to come out.

They have the currency in their banks in country and are awaiting directions from the CBI to issue it once the revaluation happens. They have stalled this process intentionally since the IMF and the USA has issues to resolve over the IQD. This all now has been worked out and they are ready go with the IQN.

There is even speculation that they issued some of this currency and it is in circulation already to a very limited extent and is being use as part of the money on the Qi Smart Cards in the ATMs.

Overall Iraq is still working on the implementation of its revaluation of the IQN. Sometimes articles come out of Iraq and they are not clear on which of these currencies they are referring to. So it gets confusing.

Currently they are determining what initial rate will be assigned to it and are completing the final steps needed to remove the zeros and fully implement the new lower denoms to replace the old 3 zero notes in country.

So you can see the IQD and the IQN are going to be two different currencies on the exchanges but also have a connection to each other since one proceeds the other and they must coexist for an extended period of time until the IQN replaces fully the IQD.

The rates of exchange on the each currency will be different and you should now understand why this could be possible and why the necessity to do it this way. Don't worry so much or get all hung up about all the IMF currency rules. They make the rules so they can bend them anyway they want, if needed. After all this is a financial crisis is it not?

Hope this news helps everyone.  Peace and Luv to ya, mnt goat


hmm... interesting. Thanks ymo


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