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Exposing James Gilliland and the Anunnaki Agenda

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Exposing James Gilliland and the Anunnaki Agenda

  • Posted by Ametrine on September 16, 2013 at 6:49pm in UFO CHRONOLOGIES
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This is something i would like to share with you, because indeed in the video you will see, James is talking about the return of the Annunakis in a "joyful way" and this" bothered" me a lot, one day later, i received this message in my emails, forward by my Friend john Scoott
Please keep an open mind
on 9/15/2013
9:16:19 PM, written by Ken's God Blog.
Exposing James Gilliland and the Anunnaki Agenda
Behold the winged disc symbol of the Sumerian Anunnaki...

Now have a look at one of the signs at James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch...

...They've added a heart to the symbol. I guess our slavemasters love us now, eh? 

And have a look at another of ECETI's signs...

...Take note of the religious symbols tethered to the disc...

...It's interesting to see symbolism that connects the earthly religions (spiritual mind control systems) to the Anunnaki, is it not? And James Gilliland has placed the mark of these beings on ECETI Ranch and is promoting their agenda?

But let's move past the pictures and go on to the meat of the entry. For those who are newly awakened, I'll preface what will follow with a brief introduction to the Anunnaki (as best as I can reconstruct their story from all the different versions I've heard)....

There are a number of very interesting and very detailed versions of "galactic history" floating about (none of which I put much faith in), and there are a wide variety of ET narratives within those histories. According to one particular narrative, an alien race called the "Anunnaki" came to Earth long ago for the primary purpose of finding gold, which they use for a variety of purposes.

These Anunnaki apparently set up their headquarters in ancient Sumer, and they set about creating a race of slaves to do the dirty work of mining the gold for them. According to some people, they mixed ET genetics with native hominids to create Earth humans (us) for the task. In their minions' "Holy Bible," for example, it is stated that they decided, "Let us create man in our image."

Others, however, say that a race of spiritually advanced (but naive) humans already existed here, and the Anunnaki conned them into allow modifications to their genetics. The modifications were not as promised, of course, and the human form was redefined to be smaller, weaker, dumber, shorter-lived, and less spiritually connected. Human Slave, Version 1.0 was born.

Upon collecting sufficient gold for their purposes, the Anunnaki apparently departed, leaving behind a contingent to oversee continued mining operations. This contingent secluded themselves underground and used a proxy group of hybridized humans to rule over the human slaves. These hybrid bloodlines, originating in Sumer, are known today as the Illuminati (in the West) and the Dragons (in the East). From the accounts of purported defectors, though, they call themselves "The Family" or "The Order." Whatever you call them, they are the house slaves of the Anunnaki.

Now, rumors are circulating that the Sumerian "gods" (the Anunnaki) are returning. We'll see about that. For the sake of evaluating the claims of James Gilliland, though, let's suspend disbelief for a moment, provisionally accept the Anunnaki narrative as true history, and follow his train of thought. So I invite you to pause your reading here and watch his latest video release before proceeding.

We'll be back after these messages... 

Now that you've heard what he has to say, let's set aside the interpersonal drama with Sylvia Browne he references, as well as his smug bragging about "accessing the higher dimensions" that Sylvia "can't," and go to the 1:49 mark of the video. He mentions entities...

"Which have been actually observed, experienced and photographed by monks, you know, from various places, especially Japanese monks that have come here and actually photographed these beings actually appearing here."

With this comment, he is actually referring to one specific monk who frequents ECETI Ranch and is known as "Master Kan." Unfortunately, the photographs produced by Kan are obvious fakes generated by photographic tricks such as overexposure, underexposure, taking photos out of focus, and taking long-exposure shots.

An example of Kan's photographic trickery can be found in this video, in which Gilliland shows a slide of Kan "shifting out" during a meditation...

...But the photograph appears to be merely a long-exposure shot in which Kan simply moved around. This resulted in him coming out blurry while the static background came out clear.

To give some even clearer examples of their photographic fraud, though, go to this page on ECETI's website. On it, they display pictures which are purported to show entities appearing at the Ranch. In reality, these photos are actually out-of-focus shots of paintings of the entities.

Take this series of Mother Mary, for example...

...The first photo is merely an blurry picture of a light; the second is an overexposed and blurry picture of a Mother Mary painting; the third is the same as the second, but with less overexposure; and the fourth is a dissimilar painting of Mother Mary to show "it's actually her."

But if you look closer at the third picture...'ll see it is just a blurry photograph of this painting of Mother Mary commonly available on the internet...

For a second example, they did a similar thing with Quan Yin...

...except this time, they used the same painting in picture 4 that they photographed in picture 3. To make the third and fourth pictures look different, they underexposed the third picture, smudged out her hat, and added a distortion to the upper left corner, then they narrowed and degraded the resolution of the painting shown in the fourth picture.

If you look closer at the third picture...'ll see that it is a photo of this undegraded painting of her found on the net...

...just match up the curves in her dress and in the wispy clouds.

So Sylvia Browne calls you a fraud, eh, James? Well that's a little like the pot calling the kettle black, but I'd have to agree with her based on your fake photos.

At about the 3:22 mark, he goes on to mention that the Anunnaki are returning, and that the negative stories we hear about them are 450,000 years old. Basically, he's implying that "hey, they are actually really nice guys, and those horror stories you hear are from before they evolved." According to him, "You don't inhale gold dust for 450,000 years and not become awake."

He went on to say...

"They [the Anunnaki] went under Universal Law, and they came here to mine gold to save their planet."

Hearing him claim that they "went under Universal Law" to come to our planet, enslave us, and steal our gold really made me smile.  It would appear that "Universal Law" is remarkably similar to "International Law," in that the law serves the interests of those who write it.

He continues...

"They put it as an aerosol into their system to help them to fend off a lot of the incoming energies such as we're experiencing or have been experiencing from the Sun... They also used it for medicinal purposes and longevity experimentation."

Why would they want to "fend off" incoming natural energies? Are they doing so to prevent organic processes from interfering with their synthetic reality? Do the Sun's rays effectively "melt away" darkness?

I also find their interest in longevity quite illuminating. It is common for dark beings to seek physical immortality to avoid losing the dark powers, position and knowledge they have attained. Were they to cast off their current incarnational form, they would lose not only their body but their dark personality construct as well (there is no such thing as a dark spirit; there are only dark systems of definitions that can coagulate around an incarnate spirit to distort its behavior). To prevent this perceived "loss" of their evil powers, dark beings are obsessed with downloading their current personality form into new bodies, both organic and synthetic. But in doing so, they are merely prolonging their own misery.

He then goes on to say...

"One of the problems is that they left a few of their people here on Earth to oversee this new dawn, this new civilization, and those beings fell."

Oh, so all the bad stuff that happened (and continues happening) isn't really the fault of the Anunnaki? It's all just the work of a few bad apples they left behind? And they left behind this delinquent group "to oversee the new dawn of human civilization," not to continue our slavery? Hmmm... apparently scapegoating is practiced at the "galactic" level as well. 

He continues...

"The more good news is that the Council, the Supreme Council, is returning. As I said, they are extremely evolved."

So a council of beings who call themselves "supreme" is coming to Earth? That fills me with warm and fuzzy feelings... not. If they are indeed coming, I invite them to pick up their bad apples and their bloodlines and get the hell off our planet.

Later, he went on to mention Comet Ison...

"It does not look like a comet; it looks like a winged disc. And that's a little heads-up for people that want to check into that."

He is referring, of course, to the latest pictures that have been making the rounds on the internet (which I've rotated to better show the winged disc appearance)...

The pictures are interesting, but they could have been fabricated for disinformation purposes. Time will tell. But we've heard this sort of story before from people like Clown Posse crewmember Sheldan Nidle, who claimed back in 1996 that Comet Hale-Bopp was a spaceship.

Beyond what James said, another thing that struck me about this video is the building in which he produced it. It looks kinda like a church to me -- a church with blood-colored walls (with him wearing a similarly colored shirt)...

...and symbols imbedded in the floor...

...Seeing the building and the outdoor signage, I sense a kind of cult vibe about the place, specifically an Anunnaki cult vibe.

Given what you've seen so far (ECETI bearing the winged disc mark of the Sumerian "gods" and James selling the Anunnaki talking points to the public), would it be unfair to say that James Gilliland is an apologist and propagandist for the Anunnaki and an agent of the alien agenda? I don't think so. In fact, I've added him to the Clown Posse crew list. I'm also left wondering if Gilliland is a French surname, because he certainly seems to be a Vichy lightworker. He wants us to release resistance and just welcome the Anunnaki in.

"Just open the door and let us in, baby. I won't hurt you no more"...

..."I've 'evolved' in the last 450,000 years."

Pondering this "good Anunnaki" propaganda line, let's ask ourselves a few questions...

If you were among a group of slavemasters returning to one of your slave planets, and that planet's population had grown to over 7 billion and had developed dangerous weapons technology, how would you want to be greeted? Would you want them to see you for what you really are and fight you tooth and nail with the fervor of 7 billion kamikazes? Or would you want them to see you as arriving saviors, creators, and "space family" members to be welcomed with open arms? Obviously, you'd want the latter, but how could you possibly pull that off?

You'd probably have to steep the population in self-serving historical and spiritual propaganda, wouldn't you? And you'd probably want to create a terrible situation on the planet that would allow you to ride in on a winged disc and save the day, right?

If your slave population had sufficiently evolved to reach dangerous levels of spiritual awareness, you would need to tweak their DNA again, wouldn't you? But how could you convince them to allow that? You'd have to persuade them that it's in their best interest, just like you did the first time, right? Maybe you could convince them that your DNA scramblers are "living light transformation chambers" that will restore them to a god-like state -- that should work, shouldn't it?

In light of these questions, I see many interesting things happening in our world right now...

I see an alternative spirituality community that has been steeped in the teachings of the "ascended masters" and other channeled entities (the underground Anunnaki projecting themselves into minds that are weak or willing?) since the days of Helena Blavatsky. They have been so inculcated that their whole spiritual model is based upon the channeled spiritual propaganda and they accept it as the gospel truth.

I see the Western bloodlines (the Illuminati) wearing dark hats and causing all kinds of havoc, while the Eastern bloodlines (the Dragons) are donning white hats and preparing to save the day and introduce us to their benevolent space allies who made it all possible (the Anunnaki, possibly posing as a space federation of some sort?).

I see Clown Posse crewmember Neil Keenan claiming that the Earth's gold doesn't belong to us; it belongs to "them" (the Dragons and their masters). This makes me wonder what will really happen to all the gold being voraciously hoarded in China right now. Will it really back the new currency system, or will that system be backed by gold-plated tungsten while the Anunnaki make off with the real gold?

I see Clown Posse crewmembers Sheldan Nidle, Cobra, Kathryn May, and Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa) speaking of the benefits of undergoing DNA modification in "living light transformation chambers" and "healing centers." Will these chambers birth a new race: Human Slave, Version 2.0?

Seeing all this makes me wonder if we've learned anything from living with these deceitful creatures for all these millennia. Are we still the naive humans who allowed our DNA to be trashed by smooth-talking interlopers, or have we finally learned how to sift through all the bullsh*t?

Again, time will tell.

Love always....

Thanks to:


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