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Humanity's "Inheritance" Being Returned $6,000,000 Each "Part 1, 2, & 3"

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Thanks to:

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Thanks Prpl 4 bringing this here :) Great news, but just enough to whet the appetite. Do U have a link to this and or Part 2? When was this recorded?

Appreciate ALL U DO and BE here for ALL of us-  

Blessings 2U and ALL seekers and DOers of Truth here :love-125: 


Guest found link to this one, but still unable to find Part 2- online research is definitely not my strength :)

Help anyone?


I was also unable to find part 2 and as soon as I do I will put up 2 and 3. 

Thanks 7fm! Glad yo enjoyed it.




Here you go 7fm! Found it after a  little searching around

Herb Lady

This is really a great set of videos!  Not sure I'll track mine, little concerned about the ssi number being out there, not that it isn't already, but still, remaining cautious.

Thanks Purpleskyz!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


U don't need to track the SSN, if U don't want to; that was just for those who might be curious or wish validation. I found it interesting that both OPPT and Swissindo were specifically mentioned and also that Egypt as first CVAC country. I recognized the main doc from the link Ron VAn Dyke shared -


more on CVACs here- 14-08-2013: CVACs, STRUCTURES WHERE HUMAN RIGHTs are honored

connecting the dots... :)

Herb Lady

Thanks 7fm!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


You're most WElcome, HL! :) Exciting momentous days we live in... :)


Prpl, can U share a weblink for Part 2 here? still unable to find it on Utube. Feel this needs sharing far & wide.

Egypt is where millions turned out in the streets to peacefully protest their country's corruption & acts against the people & they seem to have the 1st CVAC... Hmmm...


It is posted above 7fm... 5th box down above the third vid. :)

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