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Seven things I want to tell everyone before I die.

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Seven things I want to tell everyone before I die.
1. That this world and virtually everything in it is a paradox. Things are RARELY what they seem.
The nature of creation itself is paradoxical. Hence, when scientists probe deeply into solid matter, they find that it is almost completely composed of empty space and when they investigate empty space, it is found to be anything BUT "empty". Perhaps you have had the experience of discovering that something or someone turned out to be quite different to what you initially thought. This phenomenon is the progenitor of many proverbs such as:
"Never judge a book by it's cover",
"Appearances can be deceiving",
"You are doomed to make choices. This is life's greatest paradox."
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
- and many more
Whilst many of these quotes may seem academic or not especially applicable to ordinary life, the greatest mistakes - and the greatest disappointments - arise from confusing what makes you happy with what you THINK makes you happy - the #1 leading cause of marriage and family breakdowns, financial disasters and a plethora of other misfortunes that plague humankind.
Rather than learn from your mistakes AFTER you have made them, try learning from the mistakes others. Watch what others do that causes them grief and simply don't do THAT. This technique has a dual benefit - it relieves you of having to make the mistake in order to learn AND it means that others suffering shall not have been in vain.
2. That real happiness and long-term contentment cannot come from anything that money can buy - unless that which is purchased is for someone else.
This follows on from (1) above. Countless individuals fall into the traps of thinking that the attainment of possessions will bring them the happiness they seek. Advertising itself - a multi-trillion dollar industry - is an exercise in making things look better than they really are. Often do you see people racing out and over-extending themselves in the purchase of a new home, an expensive car, furniture and so on - only to result later in abject misery and financial ruin. Many of the most wealthy people are the most unhappy - and those with the least are often the most fulfilled. The fact is that money itself is a redundant means of exchange - only created for the purposes of taxing you - and supporting those who control its flow. Hence, almost nothing you can buy with it for yourself will yield everlasting contentment. The exception is when you use money to make others happy. In any case, I have found that the ONLY things of any true value are all the ones that money cannot buy.
3. That the only thing that is stopping you from having what you want is your belief that you are not worthy of or do not deserve it.
Ultimately, you are only as comfortable and happy as you believe you deserve to be. It is only when things happen to you that you feel you DON'T deserve, that you make the effort to change the situation. If you examine your life honestly, you will find aspects of it that do not make you joyous - why do you continue to put up with them ?
One of the most [to me] amazing realisations was this:
I urge you to consider this statement carefully, because whilst at first sight, it may seem so obvious that even a child would know it, you may likely find that actually working out exactly WHAT it is you ARE doing that is causing you the trouble can take a bit of working out sometimes!
4. That you can do and achieve SO much more than you think you can, that you would be stunned and aghast at your own abilities!
Through personal experience, I have achieved things in my life that would have seemed preposterously unattainable if someone had suggested them to me well beforehand. To describe them would naturally amount to nothing more than self-aggrandizement, but suffice it say that for me, to have succeeded in these endeavors has driven the point home in NO uncertain terms that you really CAN do anything you want - if you desire it enough. Truly, NOTHING is impossible for those who seek it with all their heart, all their mind and all their soul. If you EVER catch yourself having thoughts like "I don't think I could do THAT!" or "That's way too difficult", ask yourself WHO has implanted this belief in you. BELIEVING is SEEING! (Hint: "tackle the easy as though it were difficult and the difficult as though it were easy")
5. That the biggest mistake most people make has to do with EXPECTATIONS.
It was Master Hilarion who said "You have called to me in the dim vistas of time - and I say to you now, as I did then; Cast off the burden of attachment to results. Do that which lies closest at hand all the treasures of Heaven shall be thine." Bashar (a well-known channeller) puts it this way; "Follow your excitement". Many other very successful individuals promote this approach and I can confrim that applying this approach will change your life for the better in ways you cannot even BEGIN to imagine. Again, the ONLY reason you find yourself having to do things you do not like is because you have convinced yourself somewhere along the line that you do not deserve better.
USE YOUR OWN JOY as the compass to guide you and guess where it will lead you ? - TO YOUR JOY!
6. That this life holds treasures, delights and experiences so magical, so unutterably sublime and soul moving that they can only be classed as personally miraculous. 
If you successfully apply the suggestions above in (1)-(6), you will open the door to the realization of events in your life that will leave you almost unable to share them, lest even your best friends start to think you have lost your marbles - that is, UNTIL they see the results and then start asking how you did it. RIGHT NOW, as I write these words, my arms are covered in goosebumps as I am automatically reminded of the mindbogglingly wonderful things I have experienced in my life - moments that leave you with NO shadow of a doubt as to the existence and ultimate reality of God and Heaven. Truly it is said "Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it".
7. That if there is just ONE thing that you could keep in mind as a focus that will keep you on the track towards where you are wishing to go, then that thing is LOVE.
I could - and have - written books on this subject. I was led to make Love the study of my entire life because of the comprehension of those three simple words in the Bible - God is Love. And with that, there comes an endless sequence of inferences - like the fact that Love has the ability to appear as ANYTHING to ANYONE. This is the real reason why God (Love) is said to be "all things to all men". You are invited to consider the multitude of things that people LOVE - and this may help you to realize the Eternal Truth of the statement "Love is ALL".
Ultimately, all is created of thought - there is the still magnetic Light of God (Love) - and there is God's thinking.
But God is not his thinking. Neither are YOU your thinking, but you actually assemble your own world around you via your thoughts. To change your world, just change your thoughts! LOW quality thinking leads to a low quality world - and High quality thoughts yield a high quality world. The more you align your self with the Light, the more in-tune your with it and the more you will BE that Light. This is what "ascension" is really all about.
The ordering of the Mind is the ordering of the Universe.
If you watch carefully, you will see that the Universe is EXACTLY what you believe it in your heart to be.
All sorts of mental juggling tricks are allowed. You can choose to fool, trick or motivate yourself, if you like.
You can create scenarios in your mind that will spur you on further towards that Light. Anything goes.
Beyond all controversy, there is but one Reality in every sense of the word, whether we name it The Absolute, Eternal Spirit, or God, all else is "illusion" from that higher standpoint, because all else is reflection or manifestation of some one or more attributes of God or The Absolute. Matter is "illusion" only from a cosmic point of view - and as Matter in some form manifests in all states of Life, it follows that Life in "Devachan" (or Heaven) is as real to the spiritual senses as is Life on earth to the physical senses; and in fact far more real, for the Spiritual senses are more delicate, refined and of infinitely greater power than the physical. A consciousness of Love actually makes possible the manifestation of Heavenly life in the individual who was yielded to it's Power.
Death, like sleep, is "Nature's great restorer" and must inevitably give back to man the realization of all his higher Ideals. If man is without high ideals, utterly hardened, faithless of all good, the Heavenly Life can hold nothing him - consequently he can have no conscious existence on that plane; there can only remain consciousness of the eighth plane or sphere.
One great difficulty met with by students lies in trying to reconcile certain statements made by Occultists which seem to be absolutely opposed to each other, without the use of "The Triple Key" of Matter, Force and Consciousness; for by the use of this "Key" alone, can any one particular state or phase of Life be interpreted.
If the Key of Consciousness is used, the subject must be treated from point of consciousness - simply one form of consciousness function' in another form of the same power. The same rule holds good using the Key of Force or of Matter. It is simply impossible to investigate the plane of Astral matter with physical eyes; astral Sight is absolutely necessary - and this is latent in every human being. There is not a cubit's width of void space in the Universe. The ocean of Aether, the self-luminous imponderable substance which fills and molds all space, is, in a sense, the shield or garment of the Infinite. It is also a double reflector. From within, it reflects the Infinite; from without, it reflects every atom of matter on the manifested planes. Consequently, it is "the great Illusion" in which we "live and move and have our being." Among its other attributes, the consciousness, or soul, has the power of penetrating the Aether, and when freed from the physical body, is only limited as to space, by its will; so it may seek its own Heaven, at its own desire, when freed from the astral body, which, after the dissolution of the physical form, remains for a time in the Astral Light one of the sheaths of Aether, and from which the original idea of "purgatory" arose.
The subject is too vast to be well considered in this short article but it is important that an effort be made to change existing opinion.
My own personal "tagline", for many years now, has been this:
I thus CHOOSE to create my world to be as I wish it be.
And so, it is.
The Love Poem
Do what you love - and Love what you do
Choose Love over fear, when faced with the two
Do you want to find Love ?- Do you know where to start ?
Love is not out there - it lives in your Heart
Love is the Law - and Love is the Rule
Keep that in mind and all will be cool


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