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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "I believe the RV will happen sooner than later and I am hearing they are planning to have us in the banks prior to September 30th but no later than early October."MNT GOAT:

"I believe the RV will happen sooner than later and I am hearing they are planning to have us in the banks prior to September 30th but no later than early October."MNT GOAT:

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"In the coming Days"
by Mnt.Goat at TNT Forum Thursday AM


Hi Everyone,

It’s fall in Bavaria and that means Oktoberfest celebration in Munich. Did you ever visit Oktoberfest? This celebration dates back to our Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who was later crowned King Ludwig I. He wanted his people to share in the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810.

So they had a huge picnic, horseracing, gambling and drinking for all the people to join in. It has evolved since this time into this carnival atmosphere with rides, food and plenty of good German beir. Mein Hubby is taking me and the Kinder to the fest next week and we are so excited.

Our business of today

In today’s news I need to address some more concerns about why the Iraq currency is not yet activated at the banks, since we have been told for so long the rates would be activated. I have heard much speculation on this week as being the week for this to be activated.  Is this really true?
As I have noted in my last 3 posts over many weeks that the window of  opportunity for the RV would be the later part of  September and early October timeframe. Why did I say this?  I said this because I knew that there were certain other events that must align to this timeframe.

Note that I did say timeframe not specific dates, as some want me to commit to. Do not put words in my mouth since I did not say October 1st or October 8th or any other date. Read my lips – no one knows the date or rate for sure. I have said this repeatedly over and over again.  

However some of the information that we receive does not take a rocket scientist to know that the RV could not possible happen until other events mature. What do I mean by this? I do not mean that they must occur all on a specific date but rather they must align to a common timeframe, a window.

Here is a for instance – if the UST is going to use the IQN for purposes of beginning the process of moving away from the Federal Reserve and the plan is to use the Iraq dinar exchange as a means to begin this process (the backing of the new UST notes)  then why would they activate the RV unless the RV coincides more closely to the date of  the rollout of the UST notes ?

Just a question?  It just does not make any sense on how some of the intel providers have been saying for the last couple weeks it was going to RV any day, every day. You tell me how this makes senses cause I do not understand?    

Now I need also to address that I have been hearing that the UST notes are not at the banks. Really?

I have confirmed information that in fact all the denominations of the new UST notes have been already been designed, printed and delivered  to all the Federal Reserve banks.

Upon request for fresh, new, legal tender beginning the first week of October 2013 the local banks will them begin receiving these new “transitional” UST notes in place of the older Federal Reserve notes that they recieve today.

These new notes have been designed and tested to work in all electronic machines such and money changers, vending machines, ATMS, parking machines, etc.  

The makers of these machines have been given a grace period to change over of their software to the yet newer UST notes coming out in the near future which will be the planned “final” UST notes.

These later notes eventually will no longer indicate Federal Reserve on the face. This is the plan.

Okay now that we have this misinformation straightened out let us address some other issues.

So what is your definition of going international?  My CBI contact has told me that the CBI of Iraq will begin  the process by posting the new rate on their site. This will be followed by rolling the rates out to the exchanges and banks.

There is a whole new CBI site that will come up at this time. The auctions will then also end. Just prior to the revaluation look for the rate on the CBI site to change drastically to be almost cut in half to something around  500-600. This will be a sign of the proximity of the full revaluation happening.

It will then happen very soon after. So have we seen this as of yet? Please look for this. Here is the status of the events we should now be concerned about:  

1. The rollout of the new Treasury Notes (planned in early October 2013)

2. The agreements needed for the Prosperity funds and how they will be distributed. (all agreements are now signed but still not sure how funds are to be distributed. This is to be resolved by late Sept.) I am now checking to find a status on this project.

3. Getting the needed new rates and files downloaded to the banks and exchanges.  I am hearing this was done for the final run last weekend. The rates you see at the banks are the rates we will receive.

Nothing more to say on this

4. Syrian crisis – no longer an issue unless the RV is postponed for some reason beyond mid October.

5. USA debt ceiling issue - no longer an issue. Nothing more to say on this.

Are you connecting the dots yet?

So you can see just how close we are in this RV process. We are now basically awaiting for the RV to align with just a couple of events. They have a timeframe defined and will not activate the currency at the banks until this occurs. Can this occur sooner than later?

I believe the RV will happen sooner than later and I am hearing they are planning to have us in the banks prior to September 30th but no later than early October.

I also want to note my contact in the CBI has said that sufficient amounts of the 3 zero notes have been sucked back into the banks (thus the CBI) under the recent project (as requested by the USA) for this effort and so they met the requirement set for this purpose. This is also no longer a concern.

I do strongly believe this RV process is like a bouncing ball. The ball seems to move from first Iraq then to the USA and now back to Iraq and now back to the USA.

Seems it’s also just a matter of perception about this bouncing ball since the ball is really always in both courts and will continue until this is done. It’s just the perception of the urgency at the time as related to the task at hand of each side.

When Iraq was busy passing the needed laws our attention was concentrated on this aspect and this is all we knew and expected to the RV once these laws were passed. We did not get the RV.  

Then when the upgrades to the technical side, to make it technically feasible, were underway our attention then shifted to the USA first to the BOA and the to Wells Fargo Bank. We thought if they could only fix all the tech issues that we would see the RV.

We did not get the RV.

Then Iraq as requested to bring in (or remove from circulation) yet more of the 3 zero dinar notes. This is all completed and our attention once again now must shift back to the USA to  activate the rates.

Remember too today is now many days past the midway point in September and late September /  early October is here.

Has this currency RV’d  prior to this timeframe? Have you been paying attention to my posts? You should now know why.

How can many of these other intel providers all be so wrong all the time? They are well intended and pass on what information they receive. Some have very good sources some do not. Maybe this is part of the problem too. They rely too much on sources and articles and not enough on their own insite to piece together the puzzle and what data they are recieving.

This is tricky and dynamic and it is not easy to put it all together since Iraq repeats articles, the UST lies to us and there is always the rumors that spread. The listeners then become part of the process from a day by day standpoint.

So there are assumptions being made by all participants when this happens. So they tend to selectively ignore other information and while they pick what to believe to suit their final conclusion. Since they all want the RV so bad, you have heard repeatedly what that conclusion always will be……an RV every day.

I sometimes chuckle at  the daily news I am hearing cause I know that the USA is stalling this process and intentionally keeps the rates from being activated at the banks.

There are no longer any more technical issues, or issues of people cashing in early or anything else. It is all disinformation to tell you a story every day as to why the RV did not happen. The USA is now doing this just like the Iraq government is doing this to the people of Iraq.

The real fact is if the UST wanted to activate the rates they would simple do it and we would all be at the banks. It is that simple.

So how do I know this for certain?  

I have information that I will revel at a later date post RV but for now I can not tell since I did make a commitment of non disclosure when the info was given to me.

I have heard many intel providers say in the past that the call centers were ready and the personnel are on standby. These people were there to receive the calls for us to make our appointments for months already. Really? How could this be?  Who is calling in to make appointments? The call-in numbers had not yet even been published. Did anyone even consider this? Of course now someone poked holes in this story so the story changed and now we are told the 800/888 numbers are not in fact even issued and this is now the hold up?  What is going on here? Can we all see the stalling tactic? Why is the UST stalling?

I have explained it clearly above why they are stalling. There are other events to align in a timeframe to make this RV happen. Today is Thursday 9/26, it is late September and we are now just entering this timeframe when the RV could in fact occur.

There is no real back date on this timeframe and I do expect we will not leave this new window (late Sept to early Oct) unless we see the activation of the rates at the bank.

I am not calling the RV today or tonight but the process is in motion and we should see it very shortly and I mean very shortly. I hope you all understand now.

Hope this helps everyone.

Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat

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