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Powerful Changes to Come as Americans Aren’t Having It

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Powerful Changes to Come as Americans Aren’t Having It

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 10:54 AM PDT

Host John B. Wells was given the green light by “command” to air one of the most important and groundbreaking broadcasts of all time on Coast to Coast AM Friday.

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. President Barack Obama (C) makes briefs remarks to the news media at the beginning of a cabinet meeting with (L-R) Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Anthony Foxx, Trade Representative Michael Froman, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, United Nations Abmassador Samantha Power, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Vice President Joe Biden in the Cabinet Room of the White House September 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama noted the absence of Secretary of State John Kerry who is in Geneva meeting with his Russian counterpart about Syria. Obama said he hopes that the meeting would yield concrete results.


Staff Writer

September 28, 2013Friday, on Coast to Coast AM hosted by John B. Wells filling in for George Noory, history was made as Wells unleashed a bombshell broadcast on a typically scheduled open-phones night. Against all odds “command has acquiesced and allowed me to get a little crazy with it tonight. Crazy like a fox don’t you know”, Wells stated on air during the show’s opener setting the ominous overtone for the powerful broadcast to follow entitled, the Friday Night RAMA-Jama (Revolutionary Alternative Media Assult-Jama)[1]

First up to bat was Abby Martin, a journalist for, who knocked it out of the park touching on key topics which affect the American people directly. From the corruption of politics to the mainline press all reading from the same script, Abby says, “It’s time to stop tiptoeing around these issues we  know are unlawful and unconstitutional and start calling them out [...] I’mjust there challenging and undermining the establishment in every sense of the way, calling out the real players behind the game,challenging the corporatocracy.”

Abby is right, we do need to stop tiptoeing around. We need to hit these criminal rogue elements hard, not even giving them the opportunity to get back up onto their feet, because that’s what they are doing to us.

Everything that is now transpiring in America, the way U.S. Government is run, all of this is wrong. The government is simply not representing the American people’s interests as it should. The government has been overrun, salted, and is now fully controlled. Everything is opposite, it’s 180 degrees backwards, upside-down and inside-out. There is a push to break the backs of the American people, they want to strip us of our free-thinking skills.

“They want us to be mindless drones [...] the industrial robot was invented in 1961, they want to replace humans”, Shepard Ambellas said, the second hour guest on Friday’s RAMA-Jama broadcast. “They can’t have free-thinking individuals out there actually becoming citizen journalists, taking action for themselves, using platforms that are already there like [...] this is the world we live in now [...] things are getting serious.”, Ambellas said, moving forward to talk about how people can’t even count anymore saying, “they don’t want us to trust ourselves”.

Ambellas is the founder and director of the popular alternative news website and is one of the makers of SHADE the Motion Picture along with Jason Bermas, the maker of groundbreaking documentary films such as Loose Change and Fabled Enemies. Ambellas and Bermas plan to hit the globalists with a knock-out punch combo as their new film exposing a sinister agenda drops October 15th on DVD video, and October 18th on in 480p. The film was briefly mentioned during the broadcast.

Ambellas continued on to talk about other important issues, including the need for people to take action. Ambellas also raised the idea of forming his own so-called “Bilderberg Meeting” of sorts, as he plans to hold his own yearly gathering with all of the top and most predominant members of the alternative media, including celebrities and popular musicians and activist group from around the world to talk behind closed doors, fighting fire with fire. The idea is to let the Bilderbergers wonder what tricks the free-thinkers have up their sleeves waiting for them.

Hour number three got even better as the Buzzsaw crew jumped on the show with host John B. Wells. Buzzsaw is composed of Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace, who form a formidable force in the alternative media. The crew touched on the need for “unity” and not “infighting”, which consequently is a problem in the so-called “truth” movement.

“The alternative media is rising”, host John B. Wells stated, going on the question how prevalent disinformation is in the press. Tyrel Ventura jumped in explaining how there is a need to vet any information regardless saying, “that’s why people are moving to alternative news now, they feel that they have been lied to for so long and they’re hungry [...] people are no longer sitting on their hands. They want the truth.”

Judging by the reactions of people I have spoken with thus far, this broadcast will likely become a favorite amongst the people, going down in history as one of the most game-changing Coast to Coast AM broadcasts ever as we are the media.

[1] Friday Night
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