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Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 6-Oct-2013 23:04:33

New post on 2012 The Big Picture
One Million Veterans to March on Washington DC October 13th, 2013 by 2012thebigpicture

October is shaping up to be quite a month.
If you haven't heard, the U.S. government has closed Washington war memorials and parks and shut out veterans who came to visit them. Only the radical efforts of a select few removed the barriers and allowed those delicate souls entry to pay homage in the past few days since the "government shutdown" was announced. It may, however, be the last slap in the face the government gives war vets.
The much maligned veterans---and I can't even write about this without getting choked up---have been human guinea pigs in war, drugged, gassed, vaccinated, mind-controlled, refused adequate medical treatment, targeted as dissidents if they protest, coerced to sign documents which then make them ineligible for medical benefits, and sent off to be mutilated and murdered in wars that were started by greedy governments bent on population reduction.
Those who survive are made to wait so long for benefits they are more than entitled to that some end up on the street, homeless, addicted to drugs, psychotic, disabled, starving and begging for handouts and with no reason to live. The suicide rates are appalling.
What kind of government does that to its soldiers? It's unforgivable.
Does America not see what is going on? I have seen it with my own eyes. M heart aches for them in a way that the twenty bucks I hand them cannot diminish. Are the trite slogans, "No guts, no glory" and "Semper Fi" so mind-numbing that the people of this country just don't get it?
Read this to learn the truth about the utter travesty that is the American Military.
We have reached the point of no return. Now---NOW ! United States veterans and their caregivers are standing together and will march on Washington IN CONCERT WITH the 'Million Trucker March' this coming weekend---October 11th to 13th.
THIS, my awakened friends, is what we have been waiting for. THIS uprising is the sign that Humanity is awake---just enough---and ready to put an end to the tyranny.
I believe this coming weekend will be a watershed moment in our fight for sovereignty. The consciousness of the awakened ones is about to, I suspect, ignite the awareness of the collective in a synergistic way that will be a jump-start to future events. I believe the lights will begin to come on in the minds of America.
How will the mainstream media be able to ignore what is going on in Washington when thousands of big rigs (and other trucks of every size who join in the March)---many of them Canadian---clog the streets and thousands of Veterans and hundreds or even thousands of supporters show up to take a stand on Sunday?
The government didn't shut down the government---but The People might!
And when the trance-like state that envelopes much of America begins to wear off and people see that the shelves in the grocery store are getting lean and they can't buy bathroom tissue or---heaven forbid---BEER---that will be the final wakeup call. I sincerely hope it reaches that point next week; otherwise they will go on about their slumbering and snoring for another decade.
Unfortunately, Americans will not recognize the need for action until someone takes away their "stuff". Truckers have the power to wave a magic wand that will cause America to sit up and rub their eyes and see their world for the nightmare it truly has become.
I will gladly do without if it means the world will wake up and take their power back.
I have more questions than answers. Is the fact that the Border Patrol has been ordered off duty anything to do with this event? Will officers stand down next Thursday and Friday when Canadian truckers spill across the Peace Bridge in Niagara Falls and other checkpoints to support their brothers south of the 49th?
Could the lamestream fail to cover this activity? Whether they do or not, this monstrous show of activism is going to raise awareness and prove to the still sleeping Americans that it is time for ACTION! The apathy must end now.
We Truthers have watched millions of people participate in rallies, demonstrations and even riots in other countries across the globe as they realized they MUST do something about the corruption and tyranny. Now it is our turn in North America. Will America rise and heed the call?
This is meant to be a peaceful demonstration. Will it remain one? The way the shadow government's police state has evolved, it would be a miracle if that were the case---but it must be done. Miracles happen every day, and we need one.
It seems that enough citizens are finally realizing that despite the patriotic slogans, they DO NOT any longer live in the Land of the Free---but America is still HOME OF THE BRAVE, and I think patriots are about to prove it.
It will be very interesting to see what transpires next weekend; very interesting indeed, as we approach what COBRA has said is an opportunity for the The Event to occur. Pray for peace, my friend.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:04 PM

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Thanks Yman!

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