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What Is About to Bloom Will Soon Have You Rejoicing

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What Is About to Bloom Will Soon Have You Rejoicing

Michael channeled by Ron Head

We will speak now about channeled messages such as this one. There
are many methods of receiving channeled messages. All of these are less
than perfect, this is a given. It serves in this time two purposes.
First, it is a way to convey information to you of course. Second, it
allows us to raise the frequencies of the channels by including higher
and higher frequencies in the energies being sent to him or her. You
will see the results of this in almost all long time channels and they
will be most happy to confirm it for you. And as we mentioned
previously this affects everyone.

We understand that it is almost
impossible to find a perfect channel. You are all, after all, still
third dimensional beings. We always recommend you use your heart’s
discernment when you read these messages. However it is not at all
productive for you to try and compare channels as a source of news. And
your channels are not prophets. Use the messages which make you feel
good and loving to raise yourselves up and to inspire you. That is the
major reason they are sent to you. Ultimately, each source either makes
you feel good, or it does not. If it does not, stop reading it. If it
truly is a channeled message, it will reach those for whom it is
intended. If it is not, it will, eventually, only reach those who are
disposed to read such things....

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