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Swim…Cry the Crawling
Saturday, October 12th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness Conspiracy New World Order Nuclear Emergency The Awakening

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Swim…Cry the Crawling Oceans
by Soren Dreier
I’m sorry if I add to the fear in this world, where people already are crawling in the mud of Matrix mainstream scares. This scare they just don’t talk about. That makes me a bit nervous.
I’m addressing today’s story: Fukushima - While No One Is Watching….
So they will manually remove 6,375 fuel rods and hope that nothing goes wrong.
I have a simple equation: Tepco + nothing goes wrong = Impossible.
So reason to be concerned? I think!
To quote Dr. Sircus:
“If a fuel rod is dropped, breaks or becomes entangled while being removed, possible worst-case scenarios include a big explosion, a meltdown in the pool, or a large nuclear fire. Any of these situations could lead to massive releases of deadly radionuclides into the atmosphere, putting much of Japan — including Tokyo and Yokohama — and even neighboring countries at serious risk.”
Lets assume they only drop one, that’s the above scenario. It apparently also depends on ‘how’ they drop it.
1 out of 6,375. Not likely. Apparently they don’t take Fukushima very seriously in Japan. Just this headline yesterday: ‘Fukushima worker accidentally switches off the crippled nuclear plant’s cooling systems.’
Okay. Is anybody taking this bloody thing serious? Why aren’t there 15 at work? We’re talking big time nuclear wipe out here!
There’s a hidden matrix in here somewhere:
This is probably the scariest threat to the Pacific Seaboard that America ever will encounter. And what are they doing in congress? Getting drunk and partying in Shut Down City and taking the ordinary citizens for a spin. Well, this could show to be one epic default of life in America as we know it and for the entire globe. Either they’re plain stupid, don’t give a shit or have been told to stand down. I think all three.
Yesterday I stumbled on this debt clock that shows the amount of debt in the world, when I looked the digits were: $51,950.991.700.234. Think of the flow of interest rates…..someone spinning big bucks here. It’s a world of money lenders and explotation and if you owe them a bit they will track you down and foreclose you and lay you off and what else have we for punishing the people whom they endorsed this Casino Scheme on. Shame on them. Liars, crooks and thieves the lot of them.
Wars are historically also used as a tool to reset debts and it seems that the Matrix is having troubles starting WW3 so maybe a disaster of this proportion is what they are hoping for.
If the wind goes east it will cripple China, who owns most of America anyway, either in the obvious or through dense networks of middlemen.
The weather has been acting peculiarly weird lately (just practicing?), and since the Rothschilds own the weather anyway and they own the politicians turning their blind eye, maybe the whole thing is about economics. Wicked. And a bit confusing I admit, so this Matrix is hard to penetrate.
But one thing I do know, if the Zionist Rothschilds are not in on it, it would not be so…
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