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On Being Fearless

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1On Being Fearless Empty On Being Fearless on Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:09 pm


On Being Fearless
Sunday, October 13th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness Social Engineering Spirituality The Awakening

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On Being Fearless Fearless8f
Jon David Miller
Activist Post
Doubt and Fear
Who knows what’s next? Who knows for sure what is going to happen tomorrow? This afternoon? Two minutes from now?
We have all experienced unexpected events, shocks and disappointments. From the experience of unfulfilled desire or a change of expectation, a sense of doubt may develop.
Partly because of the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, we harbor a doubt that it will turn out how we would like it to be. You would like a situation or condition to be a certain way, but doubt that it can be that way.
Doubt is built-in to the common mindset, and it is transmitted from generation to generation in how we communicate with one another.
Whose parents did not foster some doubt in the process of childrearing? Maybe parents try to keep the “problems” of life from bothering their children, but the concern and worry are embedded in language, thought and behavior, so that it is inevitable that the children get the doubt.
Doubt is the precondition for chronic fear. The genuine acute fear of a threatening circumstance has a natural purpose. If facing a wild animal capable of killing you, fear enhances your awareness and fight or flight capabilities. However, chronic fear is debilitating. It becomes an impediment to keen perception and excellent performance.
Associated with doubt and chronic fear are various attitudes that diminish success: hesitation, ignorant skepticism and withholding of attention. At its worst, this becomes a lack of acceptance, false certainty and possibly persecution of others.
Doubt, fear and skepticism are predominant in today’s culture of stressful overwhelm.
For several years we have been facing several threats, including major disasters: economic collapse , social chaos, chemtrails and other public poisons , geophysical changes , storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, [url= Disaster]nuclear radiation[/url], pandemic , electro magnetic pulse (EMP), power grid shutdown, martial law, tyranny, false flags and other psyopsmind control and genocide.
Among those who have been willing to consider these issues, who wouldn’t have some doubt and fear?
The Powerful Thrive On Fear
It is said that fear in the mass consciousness is a powerful food for the elite controllers. Further, fear is used to manipulate people to seek help to counter that which they are caused to fear.
Using the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, the elite controllers have guided the masses to accept incremental erosion of freedom and increasing tyranny. They have orchestrated this using subtle and indirect methods, including debt, ideologies, predictive mind control entertainment and security threats, as well as major direct actions such as false flag disasters and war.
Highly publicized, unexpected celebrity deaths, and disasters that produce mass deaths or displacements, are thought to be particularly to their liking.
As demented as it sounds, if there is a guiding involvement of the hidden controllers in such a calamity, they may derive more of a power boost from it. They may even get a buzz from it if some more aware people simply suspect and worry that these powers may be behind a disturbance.
They seem to plan and predict a lot of trouble, possibly for that reason, but through the coverage by their controlled media, they have the masses convinced that it was random rogue terrorists or some violent crazy person that was responsible for each disaster event.
Any negative condition that can produce upset in people, such as financial difficulty, power outage, starvation, illness , pain, war, deaths, etc., or the threat of such a possibility, can serve the elites’ bizarre thirst for victims, if those affected let the situation generate distress.
Still, a common understanding of fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Much of what goes on in this world is not as it seems.
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Herb Lady

Herb Lady
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