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Steve Beckow: The Experience of Team

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1 Steve Beckow: The Experience of Team on Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:34 am


Steve Beckow: The Experience of Team
OCT 17
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,
Photo: Part of the team in Sedona
Having passed through the Divine Mother’s energies of clarity and purity a week ago, which some channels called “the Event,” some of us are having vasanas rise to the surface, to be cleared.
And the same people after clearing are left feeling a great deal of love, which in itself is leading to realizations.
A friend, who’s also on the Nova Earth Foundation team, and I have birthdays back to back and were celebrating together the other day, when we suddenly connected with our love for the team we’re on.
It’s one thing to connect with one’s love for a person, but it’s a very different experience to connect with love for a whole group. It was a unique experience and we both noticed it in discussing the matter. I personally felt as shy in discussing it as I would in discussing my love for a person.
I’d say that one very seldom feels love for everyone at an office, or at least not years ago. Maybe it’s different in these times. I don’t know, having retired from the office some time ago now.
But usually most offices I was in were riven by misunderstandings, fragmented by the tendency of people to gossip, and lacking in any means of clearing up the difficulties that arose.  We just endured them and went more and more into unconsciousness. Archangel Michael talked about these offices in An Hour with an Angel on Oct. 14, 2013:
“What you have formerly thought of as companies or corporations got off track. They came together because they have a mission, a purpose, a vision — they wished to create something. And then, of course, they got enmeshed in greed and control.” (1)
That’s not the case here, where we have, through Linda Dillon, the ability to contact the Company of Heaven and have them advise us on how to handle disagreements.  And where they actually intervene at times to help us get through them, as Sanat did with us a few days ago through a different channel (CM).
My friend and I looked back on some of the classic struggles we’d had years ago to get through our situations and “meet.” By “meeting” I mean encounter each other without our masks, get the measure of each other, and find a common way through our disagreements and other difficulties.
It was as if we’d been through the war together and I realized that the bonding that had occurred was more remarkable in this volunteer situation than it had been in any paid office environment or other team setting I’d ever been in.
All of us are capable of making mistakes and we do make them. But it somehow didn’t matter as much as it had many years ago. We knew we’d get to the finish line together, as many as remained in the group. We had a level of trust for each other that allowed us to get through some pretty difficult situations (all of which, I imagine, were self-created).
And that trust, I saw, applied to every member of the team. It wasn’t just the case with some and not with others. The ones who were not committed to observing the divine qualities or the Company of Heaven had left many moons ago. We’d stayed together. We could be relied upon to pull our weight and do it without gossiping, strategizing or resentment.
The different teams were led by different people and many of the people worked on more than one team.  A person who led one team was a member of another. And all of it proceeded as effortlessly as is probably possible. The whole environment, while accepted without questioning and perhaps not even noticed, was still remarkable.
Another feature of the team experience these days: it’s as if we can see ourselves evolving, things are moving so quickly. Evolution is a process that we usually think of as occurring over vast stretches of time. One couldn’t say in past eras that one can see, feel or experience evolution.
But the growth that’s happening today is so rapid that it’s almost as if we can see our own emergence occurring.  We’re not the same from one day to the next.
It’s a rather eery experience to watch people (and oneself) emerge before one’s eyes. It used to be possible only in a setting like an intensive workshop, but now a team can watch its members come out of vasanas and emerge. I’m not sure I’ve ever been party or witness to such a process before.
And another thing: We’ve been hearing more lately (primarily from Archangel Michael) of what awaits us when we begin to work with the galactics, of the way the galactics communicate and the ways we’ll need to communicate. And what I came to see is that, gradually, our ways of communication are, by the impact of events and by our own soul evolution, being raised to those levels.
There’s a long way to go, I’m pretty sure. The patterns of Third Dimensionality are rooted in us. But the process has been launched and I can see the direction we’re headed in.
We’ll encounter a whole new level of “truing up” when we meet and interact with the galactics on new teams.  Some of it’s going to be difficult and failure is still possible, as Sanat reminded us privately the other day.
But this bond of love and trust allows this team (and it’s probably the same with others) to go forward together and carries along even the ones who are heavy burdened of a day.
I’ve never been a team member, really. I’ve often been described as a “lone wolf.” But I’m comfortable now working as a member of a team and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s become an integral part of life these days. Archangel Michael spoke to this aspect of our work as well:
“The other piece of it, as you truly anchor yourself, shower yourself in this energy of her clarity is that the steps, the plan of what steps are necessary in order for you to achieve, in order for you to go forward, not as a lone soldier — that is over! — but as an individual, unique, mighty and beautiful, in conjunction with this legion of lightworkers of which I speak, in conjunction with those of like mind and like heart [become clear.]
“So what the clarity is also doing is creating greater cooperation, a greater sense of working together. Because one individual alone can very seldom achieve their entire mission and purpose and plan. If that was possible, if that was the plan of the Mother, then what you would have done is incarnate on the planet by yourself. And that was not the way you chose to come. And that was certainly not the plan of the Mother.
“It was to come in the fullness of your design in community, in a community of many billions, which in the way is just a drop in the bucket in terms of the multiverse. But you chose to come and work in cooperation, and in ways that were enriching and expansive and rewarding, and filled with laughter and joy, and reciprocity.” (2)
I told Archangel Michael yesterday in a personal reading that I probably needed to take a vacation after the impact of the Reval was digested, I was feeling so fatigued, and would go on a long drive. And he reminded me that, even driving alone, I wouldn’t be alone. There would be, he said, many people in my car with me. I laughed. That’s a whole other team.
I’ve surrendered to the experience of team and wouldn’t want to be without it. And it includes any member of the team.
I can only acknowledge it. There’s nothing one can do with that knowledge. It won’t earn you money. Two-fifty and that knowledge buys you a cup of coffee, as the growth movement says. (3) But I have to acknowledge that it sustains me.
(1) “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” Oct. 15, 2013, at
(2) Loc. cit.
(3) I.e., the knowledge won’t even buy you a cup of coffee. You still need your $2.50.

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2 Re: Steve Beckow: The Experience of Team on Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:49 am


"... Because one individual alone can very seldom achieve their entire mission and purpose and plan.... And that was not the way you chose to come. And that was certainly not the plan ... It was to come in the fullness of your design in community,... in cooperation, and in ways that were enriching and expansive and rewarding, and filled with laughter and joy, and reciprocity.”

so many "teams" to be part of in this life journey now- marriage, partnership, core and extended family, business, work, project, hobby, special interest, spiritual support, healing, optimal health, whole Earth, TOP, etc.

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