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The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change

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The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change
Wednesday, October 16th, 2013. Filed under: Just Zen media and politics Orwellian World Social Engineering The Awakening Uncategorized

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The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change Obamathechameleon-640x455
by Zen Gardner
Every Amerikan President has been a doozie in his own way. The politics is all just hogwash but the real language they are speaking is a sight to behold. That’s why so many actors become politicians. It’s a perfect fit. The Bushes and Clinton were almost too easy to spot for many people. The thuggish Neocon Bush family has been very clear in their drive for global hegemony and the suppression of Americans and their rights, all while pretending to care for mainstream Americans.
That’s where they got their camouflage and it was very effectively done.
Clinton was a one man circus of blatant drunken swagger as he did his masters’ biddings with a smirk and a wink. An incredible self aggrandizing murderous sleaze and another emotionally sold prototype, perhaps testing the mass psychological waters for someone to come. How these crooks get not just one, but two terms to gloat, cheat, kill and bloviate about it is a remarkable feat of social engineering in itself.
But when it comes to a real super duper snow job of absolute lying bullshit while appearing smooth and honest you gotta hand it to Barry and the Banksters and his ZioCon “backup stingers”. How this image with a programmable mouth, which is all he is, was catapulted into this untouchable throne of decadence, obfuscation of truth and absolute dearth of accountability and is firing off executive decrees as fast as he can read a teleprompter has been a hellish, sickening ride to behold from even before his coronation.
But it is oh so telling as to the state of humanity’s ignorance of fundamental truths and to what extent they are being manipulated.
The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change Thebuckstartshere
Hope and Belief
The mantra of hope and change can sound so positive and promising. That’s why almost every politician, executive or religious leader promises them. The right-left ping pong paradigm boys love to play with these, using lies, truths, half-truths and total fabrications. The so-called conservatives will call for “let’s get America back” while the liberal left says “it’s time for a change and progressive thinking”, both using elements of obvious problems they have no intention of slving, such as the fairy tale false promise regarding a true situation to be addressed in the picture above. Also known as B.S.
All of which he obviously didn’t intend to do and instead did the opposite. But who’s looking?
Both political sides are basically ideologues draining and distracting the mass mind with the charade of participation in the ruling process. There clearly has not been any change of any sort for many decades of administrations. It’s a direct dive to the bottom for America while the rich skim off all the cream they can. They even have a very clever security-sounding name for it: continuity of government.
Exactly. In plain sight.
But hope is a real slippery idea. That’s why I avoid using that word or concept, and if it pops into my lexicon I’ll check carefully what prompted it and how to clearly state what I’m trying to say or conceive. Same with this super subjective  “believe” concept. What do these words really mean?
With hope either you think something might happen, are expecting to happen or vaguely want to happen. But just the word hope immediately adds a carousel of confusing emotional baggage. It’s flighty, nondescript and one of the most easily misled emotions with all kinds of previous layers of imprints all over it for each individual. It also displaces action. If you’re hoping for something to happen the tendency is to then let things take their course without your participation as you’ve shot your so-called affirmative energy wad by making some air-fairy make believe projection into nowhere.
Not always but this is way too often the case, which you have to realize is a deliberately entrained response behavior.
Hope and belief are really closely related. If you say you believe something, do you really have faith and hence knowledge that it is so, or are you just hoping it is, to fit some expectation, categorization process or way of thinking that needs propping up? It can be a lot of things, but again it is a vague, nondescript and easily misconstrued and potentially extremely misleading and manipulated word and psychological emotion.
And as far as real change goes: there clearly has not been any change of direction, goal or motive of any sort for many decades of  US administrations except window dressing and pointless pomp. It’s been a direct dive to the bottom for Americans while the rich skim off all the cream they can as the country plummets into disintegrated oblivion, all the while militarily and economically spreading its globalist hegemony as fast as it can and giving itself fully to the new world agenda.
Not exactly the American Dream.
The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change Obama-machiavelli
Our Stunted Religious World of Superduperstition
When it comes to believing, either you know it or you don’t. When someone has experiential faith, at whatever level, I respect that as their personal knowledge. When you admit you don’t know something but are only “hoping” or “believing” it’s true, you go and find if it’s so or not if you’re still spiritually alive. You can’t just sit in a church pew saying you believe in God and hope something takes root if you’re truly conscious.
But millions of people do exactly that. In fact, it’s amazing how many people use religion and belief systems as a sort of insurance policy. They figure better to be safe in case there is this judge in the afterlife who’s gonna punish me for NOT believing and at least giving “him and his family”, whomever they may be, some lip service.

Such is the way or our very religious – in fact superstitious – world.
Notice superstition is no longer decried as it used to be. It’s way too apt for today’s mind-controlled world and its credos. Interestingly and appropriately enough, superstition is defined as:
1. An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
a. A belief, practice, or rite irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance.
b. A fearful or abject state of mind resulting from such ignorance or irrationality.
c. Idolatry.
Sounds almost medieval, doesn’t it? This arbitrary definition summons the prejudiced, relativistic mindset of the inquisition. This puts intuition, quantum physics, metaphysics, spirituality et all in the weirdy bin. Then it vaguely refers to the genuinely disempowering aspects of ignorance and fear as the culprits, rather than results following whichever barrage of input of input you choose.
Mindscrew stuff.
Make up your mind. As usual, the so-called “authorities’” definitions are completely wrong, and/or not clear at all and are again, easy to manipulate.
The Religion Cage
Besides the outright god or gods-worshipping related meanings, religion according to Merriam-Webster is:
a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
If that isn’t about as broad as you can get. That’s talking about your own personal set or institutionalized system. Isn’t that true about anyone’s real religion? How and why do they operate? All of us were indoctrinated and groomed with all kinds of sets and subsets of beliefs, attitudes, habits, rituals and behaviors. They can be social, they can be intellectual, they can be spiritual. And they can externalize into the political.
Now back off for a second and look at the Obama phenomenon. Or Beatlemania for that matter. Both strong virtually religious beliefs that bore deep into the core of swept up individuals via emotional manipulation.
You can add social customs in there to this list, as well as pet theories, educational methodologies and schools of thought, just about any potentially limiting cluster of ideas that we allow to solidify into a controlling and limiting system of any sort. And these patterns are usually rigorously reinforced either by ourselves or controlling hierarchical institutions. When you hear someone say “I’m a so-and-so..” you’ve met someone in a belief system trap.
And that’s exactly what they’re there for. To ensnare, entrap, vamp your energy and defuse you from your immensely powerful consciousness and connection with Universe.
The Chameleoreptileon – Shapeshifting Shill of Illusory Change Neomatrix
Get Free and Stay Free
The key to any of this empowering information is finding it out for yourself. It needs to be a genuine part of your reality so until it is and you’ve examined this experientially don’t take anyone’s word for it. That totally defeats the process. Conscious awareness is not another method of structured thinking or pablemized force-fed understanding, it is the exact opposite. It’s the deconstruction of everything false. In the words of Osho:
“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
We have to come to these discoveries by ourselves. The imposed illusory prison we live in that we call the matrix for convenience’s sake is like a multi-dimensional prison of bar codes. If you don’t transcend their vibration you’re subject to their illusory constraints, which are everywhere on many levels. When we transcend in our understanding and spirit we can pass through any illusory restriction they throw at us like walking through walls or jail bars.
And the beauty is it only gets better, no matter how much they thunder and rage against this awakening. It is happening on a massive scale and will continue to inspire and surprise us with new outcroppings continually and keep reminding us just how powerful a chain reaction we’re in the midst of!
Keep the vibrations high and alive. Live and love from the heart. Everything else falls into place.
Much love, Zen
[Special thanks to Edna and Steve for their images. Terrific!]
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