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Update: Factors delaying the Settlements and holding back recovery YOU all need.

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Update: Factors delaying the Settlements and holding back recovery YOU all need.

**new articles of interest are posted below this feature**

The Council of 13

One World of Nations
7 November 2013

There is no single, simple move which can work in isolation. Everywhere, everything is being compounded by Special Interest Groups, who are all either hanging onto ill-gotten gains accrued over the last century, or parties such as the so very corrupt banks, utilizing any trick or deceit possible, to maintain the protection of their Ponzi money dependency scams of pyramid financing.

Nothing is as it seems. How could it ever have got so bad?

The gross ignorance of the Public allowed this. Plebeian, moronic masses have been purposefully dumbed down as a Sub Culture. Their laconic failure to get off their idle Butts and vote, has allowed a total misfit Leftie to run riot, unchecked in the White House.

Global control was effected under the Council of 13 and order imposed to their totalitarian design and wishes.

All key Council of 13 Members are now aging fast. China has the primary Fiscal role. All major Global Money Loan Treaties for America ended last year. Rothschild’s have lost their special Treaty Management role and it will not be redeemed under the emerging new protocols.

All the Warmongering, Agency chicanery and Zionist / Texan Mafia financial criminality developed under the umbrella of the Cabal. The unelected Military doctrinaire Agency and Zionist banker run Shadow Government has developed unchecked over the last 60 years. Americas Democratic process has been abused and all rights negated by a pernicious and self-serving regime. Reality is that a brutal, Thug ridden system has usurped all rights, and now, unelected, control all under Hawkish agendas. A thoroughly vile, criminal administration rules all. America is fast becoming an enslaved nation, with a failed Political system. Yet despite so many visibly emerging miscreants exposed ever more as in control, this sad bunch of misfits still seek to enslave the planet under their domain of control.


This aging bunch of Fourth Reich and Zionist malfunctioning Shylocks, are ever more internet exposed, as emerging nations now seek an optional choice. The wheels are coming off their Gravy Train. 

South America has switched to BRICS or the Euro. As have Russia and China.

The Europeans have the Euro, UK Pound and Swiss Franc, plus, China is now fast tracking the launch of the Yuan via London as Global Market Makers as an alternative to the Petro Dollar. New orders are evolving.

US Hegemony leaves the country friendless in the Asian version of their New World Order, developing beyond the reach of US influence or wishes. New Big Dogs on the block. America is becoming ever more isolated from Global influence. Even worse, their arrogance is such the Cabal don’t realize it, or how fast the Spirit of Freedom is effecting change in Global thinking and trade negotiations worldwide.

New Orders are being conceived and roles are being negotiated and planned even now.

With the collapse of the old British Empire, new leadership roles were assumed by the US. Britain survived only as a Fiscal power via its Global Banking and its special Cultural relationships. That alone saved the country and carried it through. Historical Cultural relationships and goodwill. 

That is missing from American policies. Washington policies are enforced upon nation states with respect for cultures denied. Big mistake, it breeds enmity. US Hegemony has been tyrannical and the world is less forgiving. Doors are closing. 

Putin faced Obama down over Syria and won the high ground.

Saudi Arabia is now negotiating supplies of nuclear weapons from Pakistan to defend itself and hopefully neighbors not only from Israel, but the emerging new Agency conspired and weapons funded Muslim Brotherhood of Wild West regimes. Washington is losing the plot. As the empire sinks, ever more unfit for purpose, what is to become of the States of America as order collapses compound in debts? The whole pack of cards are tottering.

America was founded by Immigrants from Global oppression seeking new lands and hope. Fine ideals emerged, with Global aspirations. The Beacon of Hope. Until the Zionists moved in and seized control of the monetary system aided and supported by an emergent Neocon regime under Bush 41, his historical deviant family and his Neo Nazi power usurpers. The family’s alignment with the Feudal monarchies and religious leaders sufficed for half a century. It enabled the Skull and Bones associates, plus Vatican and Knights of Malta Club types, to manipulate, rig and neuter the US Political system. All within were either bought, or blackmailed. Failing that, the American JFK type Kennedy solution. Ruthless reciprocity.

Inadequate investment was planned or made to support a future American society. Greed ruled, and the Beltway planned only how to sequestrate their ever greater licks at the trough, fueled by competing Zionist and Wall Street Fiat money in orgies of greed and vanity. Politicians grew fat condoning ever more. Then, the wheels came off the wagon and no new ones could be ordered as the supply chains had been neglected and ceased to function. Industries have collapsed as focus was on Fiat fortunes. Now, they are foundering.

America’s best hopes may come from abroad. Its relationships with Global neighbors who will, in fact, as IS happening now, take control of the new emerging monetary systems. China now has ever greater influence and even control of US and Global Financial policies. As the aging Council of 13 slowly implodes, who and what then? Big questions for big issues. Your future is unfolding now.

New Capital controlling strategists, will rebuild relationships with America, if the vile Washington criminal regime can be brought into a new world of nations. Hope is achievable. Good Americans are the key to re plan and re track America. But the Welfare groupies, work shy and moronic underbelly of this great nation state, has reality bearing down on them. The great Ponzi Printing Lie will end. With it the dream “We are special - Bull S!” Suckered by Hollywood and dumbed down by a Tri Lateral Rockefeller plan. Abuse of a nation and the prostitution of what was the American dream. Still the majority live - deluded. Clueless of emerging changes and impacts.

Really saving America has its best chances founded in the Thinking Group Sites such as this challenging Americas role and contribution as a valued Team Player in a world of nations. At one with, not dictating to others. Investing back into America, not asset stripping it. Investing in its people.

This IS all in discussion and new concepts are developing to help re track America, but free from Zionist and Cabal corruption. Unscrambling Washington is the challenge now for US Citizens, getting back the free rights that Liberty espouses and trying to get future Political Representatives and an AMERICAN President fit for purpose. Two more years of the Kenyan born Chicago Usurper only damages recovery ever more. America has hope, but first, remove The Dope!

The objective of the reports is to help lead you to the key trails so you can do the research as self-help. Getting Global recovery for all is the multi facet challenge. Reality and harmony among nations. Educating tomorrow’s youth to engender hope. Making wealth, not war.

Posted by canauzzie on Friday, November 08, 2013

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 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

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