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ISON antichrist Birthing Ritual and Destruction of Hoover Dam on 11/18/13?

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ISON antichrist Birthing Ritual and Destruction of Hoover Dam on 11/18/13?

ISON, hoover dam, collapse hoover dam, 11/18/2013, antichrist, virgo, birthing ritual, revelation, super bowl, 50 dollar bill, 322, tsunami, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

I had a thought the other night, it kind of went like this; If ISON is a sign of the antichrist, and if the destruction of the Hoover Dam is part of an antichrist birthing ritual, then maybe the Hoover Dam destruction would coincide with when ISON is born out of Virgo. And you ask; when is ISON “born out of” Virgo? According to Stellarium, on 11/18/13.

ISON, hoover dam, collapse hoover dam, 11/18/2013, antichrist, virgo, birthing ritual, revelation, super bowl, 50 dollar bill, 322, tsunami, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

Is there any data that might support this ISON—antichrist—Hoover Dam destruction on 11/18/13 thesis? Yes, I believe there is; let me first bring to your attention the signaling that shows that the destruction of the Hoover Dam is planned as part of an antichrist birthing ritual. In Super Bowl 46 Mad-donna in her halftime show gave strong signals of the birthing of the antichrist in relation to the Hoover Dam as shown in this graphic—enough said.

ISON, hoover dam, collapse hoover dam, 11/18/2013, antichrist, virgo, birthing ritual, revelation, super bowl, 50 dollar bill, 322, tsunami, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

In Super Bowl 47 Bebopcee continued the signaling as evident in these graphics—do you see the “breaking of the waters?”

ISON, hoover dam, collapse hoover dam, 11/18/2013, antichrist, virgo, birthing ritual, revelation, super bowl, 50 dollar bill, 322, tsunami, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

ISON, hoover dam, collapse hoover dam, 11/18/2013, antichrist, virgo, birthing ritual, revelation, super bowl, 50 dollar bill, 322, tsunami, end times, bible prophecy, prophecy news,

Let me also call to your remembrance that shortly after her show, or should I say ritual, the lights went out for 22 minutes, delaying the game for 33 minutes 55 seconds. This happened on 3rd and 13 with 13:22 left in the third quarter. Power came back on at 9:11. Here are some other interesting numbers from the game; Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco, completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards. Baltimore’s time of possession was 32:23. We will come back to these numbers later.

Here is another connection that I have shown before, if you continue the line in the Mercedes symbol on top of Super Dome on the side of the stadium that the lights went out (West side), the line points directly to the Hoover Dam.

Speaking of lines; one of the Tsunami cloud sign lines heads to the Hoover Dam.

You remember the tsunami cloud which foreshadowed the ongoing Fukushima disaster, it was located in the skies of Jordan on a line between the Temple Mount and the Japan earthquake location. You can read about the tsunami cloud sign in this post;

Speaking of cloud signs, here is a very interesting cloud sign just below the Hoover dam. I will leave you to figure out what it looks like but it may be an allusion to the reason why.


Let me also remind you that the destruction of the Hoover Dam is encoded on the back of the $50 dollar bill.

Here are the original posts where a lot of this information appears.
Warning: Antichrist Birthing Rituals Imminent—The Water is about to Break 

Warning #2: Antichrist Birthing Rituals Imminent--the Water is About to Break

Here are two dreams sent to me by a reader that envisions a Hoover Dam destruction and why she believes it may be in the near future.

#1 In the dream my daughter saw herself in a desert landscape, where people were enjoying themselves with all kinds of activities. Suddenly, she was on top of a tall building (not super tall - maybe 20 stories) when, an immense rush of water came hurtling towards the building everything being swept away in its path. All the desert toys and activities swept away in an instant. But, she herself was safe on top of this building...

#2 In this dream, the desert is once again suddenly engulfed in water. But, she and her family seem to be high above it - sitting on either a viaduct or flume of some sort. As the water rushes past, my daughter checks to see that all the family is accounted for. But, four month old C------ is missing. 

I asked my daughter if she is worried that should this event actually occur, that (now one year old C------, as we call her) would be swept away and, my daughter says, no. She feels strongly that it is a time indicator - in other words,  - these events will take place, while C------ is still a babe in arms.  C------- is now one and will turn two on October 22 (2013).

OK so you see the connection between the antichrist birthing ritual and the Hoover Dam, and that the destruction of the Hoover Dam is planned; now let’s get back to the original thesis. If ISON is a sign of the antichrist, will the birthing ritual and destruction of the Hoover Dam coincide with when ISON is born out of Virgo—11/18/13? Before I answer that question let me present some date and number data to you.

Super Bowl 47 date of 2/3/13 + 47 days = 3/22/13. 

11/18/13 is day number 322 of 2013.

11/18/13 can be written like this; 11/6+6+6/13.

13:22 was left in the third quarter; contains a 322.

1:38 had expired in third quarter; 9/11 + 1 month, 38 days = 11/18.

Total time of possession by winning team: 32:23; a 322 backwards and forwards.

There are 288 days between 2/3/13 and 11/18/13. 288 = 2 x (3 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2). That’s a quadruple 322.

288 days is 41 weeks and 1 day, which falls in the normal gestation period for humans, which is 38 – 42 weeks.

322 - 288 = 34, which is score of winning team and total score of both teams when the lights went out.

2/3/13 (date of Super Bowl) plus 287 days (total number yards passing by winning team completing 22 of 33) is 11/17/13. Note: In Hebrew timing 11/18 begins at sunset on 11/17.

Grant is on the $50, and he was the 18th President. The Capitol building is on the back, and its first session was on 11/17/1800.

If the 70th Week started on 10/29/10 then day number 1118 is 11/18/13.

These events happened in the past on 11/18. In 1966, 1971, and 1978 Nuclear bomb tests were conducted. In 1755 and 1929 there were large Atlantic Ocean earthquakes.

In the Jewish calendar 11/18/13 is Kislev 15/16. On Kislev 15 in 162 BC the Greeks set up the abomination of desolation in the Temple. On Kislev 16 Rabbi Yehoshua maintains that the ark of Noah came to rest.

OK, so that is the data I have at this time. What can we conclude? I am convinced that the destruction of the Hoover Dam is a future event that the evil forces aligned with satan have planned. I am also convinced that the destruction of the Hoover Dam will be part of an antichrist birthing ritual—they must “unleash the power.”

Thus, If ISON is a sign of the coming antichrist, then I believe 11/18/2013 is a date that bears watching in regards to the birthing ritual of the antichrist and destruction of the Hoover Dam. Note: This is not a prediction, this is a watch, maybe the data is just coincidental, and nothing will happen on that date, but it will occur on a future date. Are there any precursor events to look for? I am not sure, but I believe it is possible that a large eruption at Mount Popocatepetl and ensuing large earthquake in Mexico City may precede the Hoover event.

Here is something to keep in mind; if the 70th Week began on 10/29/10, then the antichrist will be "born onto the scene" between now and April 2014, and thus the birthing ritual would have to take place soon. If ISON “being birthed” out of Virgo is a sign of the birthing ritual, then at this time the data I see is pointing to 11/18/13.

The only other date I can think of in the near future is 11/22/13, which is when ISON leaves the border of Virgo and enters into Libra until 11/26/13.  Also let me add that ISON cojuncts with Spica, the brightest star in Virgo, on 11/18. Spica means “Virgo’s ear of wheat.” This fact and the fact that ISON will be entering Libra shortly thereafter may be a possible sign of the 3rd Seal, which foretells of a worldwide financial collapse and features scales and wheat. If you have any other insights please comment below.

5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. Rev 6:5,6

Even though I am not sure when the above things will happen, I am sure that one day they will occur, and you need to be ready for those times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany today.

Posted by William Frederick, M. Div. at 9:45 PM

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