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My personal journey as an Empath by Phil Haxton

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My personal journey as an Empath by Phil Haxton
My personal journey as an Empath by Phil Haxton

Before I begin, you must know that it was only after seeing the video “The Empath Within” just over two years ago, that I finally understood what my abilities were all about and, that I was not alone in having those abilities. That revelation for me caused me to release a great weight that I had carried throughout my life. It changed everything about the way I reacted to feelings & intuitions and how I use my “gift” since then. I always felt that it was a curse knowing and experiencing the things that I did. You’ll soon know why I felt that way if you don’t already.
My first experience was at age 3-1/2. I went to bed and fell asleep and sometime during the night, I awoke and found myself inside of a crashing commercial airliner. I could sense every thought and emotion that each of the passengers and crew were experiencing. I even knew what was wrong with the aircraft and could see both inside & outside the fuselage. The emotions were terror, fear, regret, remorse and intense sadness. When the plane impacted with the earth, I awoke screaming and crying inconsolably and I tried to explain to my mom what I saw happen. Of course she said that it was just a bad dream and it took her nearly 2-hours to get me settled down and sleeping again. The crash was on the television news the next day. It was nowhere near where I lived and grew up. I pointed it out to my parents and said that was the plane that I was on. Of course they didn’t know how to react and tried to blow it off as a coincidence.
The same type of experiences described above continued to happen and every single time that an airliner crashed, I was aware of it as it happened. It didn’t matter where in the world it happened, I had the experience of being there during the crash. The only difference in the experiences was that sometimes I could see and feel what was happening and other times it was just the feelings and knowing what was happening. Every one of these events left me emotionally traumatized for days and sometimes weeks afterward. I couldn’t let what I had seen or felt go without giving myself time to grieve for them and their loved ones.
After the age of six I kept it all to myself because my parents took me to a psychiatrist to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I only went a few times and then didn’t have to go back to see the doctor again.
I was eleven when the worst one of all occurred and that prompted me to cry in anguish begging God to turn it off! I just couldn’t take it anymore. And, because I asked so fervently, my request was honored….to some extent! No more plane crashes but, there were still divinations or premonitions of upcoming tragedies. I could handle that much better than the trauma associated with the airliner crashes. I would experience mild depression and then put it out of my awareness. When the event was reported in the news I would know what actually happened but, I kept it to myself.
A good example of this was when I returned from Okinawa, Japan after being there for 30-Months in the USAF. My father took me to see a brand new DC-10 that Delta Airlines just had delivered to them. Dad was a mechanic and engineer for Delta and so we had the opportunity to get a personal tour of the plane while it was in the hangar. I had to see the flight deck first because I am a pilot and then we walked through the wide & spacious cabin to the back door which had a set stairs leading back down to the hangar floor. As I walked up beneath the rear cargo door, I began getting an intense bad vibe and knew that this plane would one day be associated with a tragic crash. I am not certain of the exact time but believe it was around ten years later that it came to pass in Tenerife, France. That very aircraft crashed because the rear cargo door failed in-flight and collapsed the passenger floor & cut the control lines to the tail of the aircraft causing it to crash. The news reported that passengers still strapped to their seats were found in trees and along the ground on the path to impact. All souls on-board were killed. When the final report came out, the cargo door design was blamed for the event. My dad even called me and confirmed that it was the same plane that he had shown me that day.
I knew exactly 24-Hours before the space shuttle challenger blew up that the crew and ship were doomed. I stunned my best friends and my wife at the time after hearing a news caster on the radio announce in glowing terms: “Tomorrow, we will have our first school teacher in space!” I sat silently for about 45-seconds and then I announced to the three of them that they aren’t going to make it. There is a problem with an O-Ring. When the news came on the next day, they all called me and asked me how I knew about it. It was weeks later when NASA finally diagnosed the problem, a faulty O-Ring in one of the solid rocket boosters.
Just for the record, with regard to 9/11; I had no premonitions of that at all.
I can tell before entering a building what emotional state is going on inside with the people there. I sense the emotional state of total strangers with uncanny accuracy.
After my divorce I had a relationship with a woman (Karen) and her family for 10-years. One Friday evening after work, Karen & I were sitting on the patio talking about our day when her daughter Holli walked out to tell Karen her plans for the evening. As Holli stepped through the door I noticed her aura and realized instantly that she was pregnant. After Holli left, I smiled at Karen and told her that Holli was pregnant! Karen asked me how I knew and she asked me if Holli had confided in me. I told her flat out that I could see her aura and knew for a fact that she was pregnant. Two days later on Sunday, Holli told Karen the news.
I’ve seen auras on people all my life and each time that I have seen a persons’ aura, they are happy and high energy types of individuals (or pregnant! Maybe I see the baby’s aura!). I feel low vibrations emanating from sick, depressed or stressed people but do not see their auras.
If you’ve seen my Facebook profile, you may have noticed a picture of me flying an Experimental Aircraft called a Quickie Q2. I built and test flew that aircraft. On a flight from Springfield, Missouri back to my home base of Kennesaw, Georgia, I had a “full life review” during that flight. And that full life review happened in an instant! Time became totally meaningless and everything seemed like it was in ultra-slow motion. In spite of the fact that I was plummeting out of the sky at some unknown velocity beyond the “Never Exceed Speed” of the aircraft and at some unknown rate of decent beyond 2,000 feet per minute because the needles on both instruments were on the “Mechanical Stops” and, I had no way of knowing what the actual values were! I was inside a cloud and had no instrumentation to tell me what attitude the aircraft was in. All I could see with my eyes was a thick gray fog which is what you see in clouds that are raining, if you happen to be flying!
I even saw my skeleton in an upright position in the wreckage of that aircraft being discovered in a heavily wooded area by a hunter. I experienced every human emotion possible inside that cloud. The only reason that I am here to write this story now is very simple. I couldn’t bear the thought of not being there to raise my daughter and see her grow up! That was the straw that broke the “Camels’ Back”. It was then that I decided not to give up and I got the “Two-Word” answer that I needed to solve the situation that I was in. “Stall it” was the answer! I test flew that plane and I knew with certainty exactly what attitude the aircraft would be in when it stalled! Upright and slightly left wing low! So that is exactly what I did and although it seemed like an eternity passed before I got it slowed down enough so that I could feel a stall happening, when it finally did, I knew that I was going to live through the crisis.
At the onset of the third stall, I broke out into a vertical shaft inside the cloud and I could see the base of the cloud was about 800 feet below me and I could see the ground and blue sky above me! I spiraled down that shaft until I came out below the cloud and I recognized the Gadsden, Alabama airport about three miles in front of me. I dialed up the Unicom Frequency there and asked which runway the wind was favoring. It turned out to be Runway 36 and I adjusted my flight path to land to the north. I landed and inspected the plane thoroughly looking for any signs of stress cracks or structural damage. There were none!
After I completed my flight back home and started reflecting on the entire experience of it, I realized that I had passed through a gateway of understanding. It was a transcendental experience for me and I knew that I could never again look at life in quite the same way. I saw where every choice that I made during that flight led me to have that experience! I accepted full responsibility for creating that experience and I knew that I needed answers to questions about the meaning of my life and I was not going to be denied access to getting those answers!
Before I go any further, I sold the Quickie Q2 several years later to start a business based on one of my patented inventions. I flew over 520 Hours in it and those were wonderful experiences that I wouldn’t take anything for having had them!
As I mentioned at the beginning of this, I see my empathic abilities as a gift now. I know how to experience the emotional shocks that arise with the knowledge that no one really dies because Life is just a dream, an illusion that immortal spiritual beings create to learn from. What else would we do for eternity if we didn’t have a means of creating illusions to test ourselves with? To know and experience challenges and see, taste, touch & smell the infinite beauty of our creations is the very essence of our being. This is the way that we keep from getting bored! We pretend to forget who we really are and we agree to create a dream life on some planet somewhere in the vast universe of our inner world and we learn from these lives and experiences! We have to nurture the darkness of our soul so that we can appreciate the divine love & bliss of our true selves! The only thing that really matters is staying centered in NOW and unconditionally loving all aspects of yourself.
In Lak ‘Ech – “I am another you!” We are all ONE! - Love & Light, Phil Haxton

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