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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Late Tuesday PM Special TNT Tony CC Recorded Link and Notes

Late Tuesday PM Special TNT Tony CC Recorded Link and Notes

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Late Tuesday PM Special TNT Tony CC Recorded Link and Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U
REPLAY  805-399-1500    409029#

BlogTalkRadio    RECORDED LINK

Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:


T = TONY - Call will be for 1 hour only.

T - Good evening, TNT Dinar. You know it's something special or I wouldn't have called this call. You guys are being really bad, on the board, asking for info, news, etc. I have info you are looking for, what you've been waiting for your whole life.

T - There were some big meetings today in Iraq. This is what you want to hear. Plus, some things on how to protect yourself nationwide. I've been asked to tell you this by some agencies so you'll understand what I'm telling you.
T-I've been asked to tell you that you must be under control. Act like you've been in a bank before, that you've been in a line before, that you've had money before. Some of you will be investigated based on the amounts you have. They are actually already targeting a segment of people.

T - They are going to do some investigations, remove some people, looking for people. I'm trying to get all this out front not to scare you but to warn you. Hopefully - what is planned right at this moment - today the called in bank people, sent them home, then 30 minutes called them all back in, waiting for something to happen. They have planned for something to happen. The banks have the 800#s, but I don't. I was told I should receive them in the early morning hours. This may change. Go to sleep because you'll be up early.

T - I don't think it's going to happen tonight, but they are planning for you to be at the banks tomorrow. That's the plan right now. They're trying to get 5M people done in 5 days. If you get an 800#, call that number. Those people have 2 minutes - reiterated today - to make your appointment. They will either hang up or pass you to a supervisor if you take too long on the call. You don't need to ask questions about bank accounts, setting up accounts, etc. They do not have those answers. What they do is you go here or here, your name, email address, how much do you have. Now here are the 2 options they'll offer you. The next time you talk to someone is at your bank appointment.

T - I told you to use a new email address, a new computer, etc. so you're not attached to anyone on this board, on the internet, etc. They have leveled the playing field so they can get 5M people processed in 5 days. The exchanger's rates WILL BE competitive with the banks. They will be notified sometime between now and tomorrow morning that you will fill out an NDA. You will sign an NDA and you will not transfer ANY foreign currency without signing the NDA.

T - If somebody walks into the bank driving a bucket, an old car that barely runs (excuse the profiling), raggedly pants, uncouth, etc., holding 1M dinar, he's getting investigated. Dress appropriately when you go to the bank. You don't have to wear a 3-piece suit, but dress appropriately. Go with your peeps who've never had a bank account before. You guys with the billions, trillions of dinar, you will be audited and have to show receipts for your currencies after the masses have gone through. They will audit and require receipts. This could go all the way to July, August of next year. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS - even after you exchange. You will need them for the audit that most of us will go through.

T - We should have the 800#s in the morning. The rates will be competitive. The banks will determine whether to cashout 1 $25TK note or 4 $25K notes. They have that option. Walk into the bank and ask them. We don't know how they'll do the NDAs with the exchangers, but hopefully they'll have that worked out in the morning. ly and friends. The NDA is SERIOUS. They will look at making examples of people. Today they stressed to me how serious the NDA is, especially as fas as you talking to your fami They will go after drug dealers, anybody else involved in criminal activities.

T - They want you to be CALM. Don't be rushing to the banks at one time. They're trying to make this go orderly. It will start with us then trickle out to the other. There is no "company line." Just don't say anything!! Some of you who go to Vegas will be able to say "look what I won." And it's a reason they have money in their pocket. But they are taking it seriously. There are a couple of news outlets that will carry some countries and their economic growth. You won't be part of it. There are designated news locations that will take care of that already setup.

T - After your cash-in you can make an appointment and go back to change your bank account. Banks change rates differently. Chase changes there's at 7AM every morning, they all change them at different times of the day. So none of them will give you a rate over the phone. So just because we post the opening rate when you get there it may be different. Not dollars, but pennies, nickels, etc. But I can tell you the rates will go down quickly, not 15-20 days. But not $5, $10, $20 a day. But they will go down gradually.

T - The Big 4 banks are ready. It will take a little longer for the Tier 2 banks to be ready. If you're out in the west, for example, even though you call the 800# they may not be ready. When you go in, the bank tellers won't know. The branch managers won't know. They'll be briefed in the morning. Don't get mad if they have to make a call or get approval. Those who go in first will face this. In the beginining they won't know as much as you know and they're on the wrong side of the counter. Don't get mad at them!! Understand what they're going through as they talk to you. Make it as smooth as possible. It's not their fault. Remember, those Marshals and law enforcement officers in the banks are on their side and you will be asked to leave and will put on a list.

T - In Iraq they did get to the rate they needed to. There will not be any big announcements. Right now they're telling them in the mosques that on Thursday evening they will be explaining everything to them. Their celebrations will be a couple of days afterwards. Those things they said would need to happen will be announced afterwards.

T - You can only expect to hear that some military guys were fortunate over there. But the big thing tonight is that the NDA IS SERIOUS. They want the masses acting right. Otherwise, you will be escorted out the door.

T - Taxes - put 50% away for taxes, 25% away to do work for you, 25% for you to spend. They're trying to get a 10% tax in place but it hasn't been passed. They fully-expect you to be broke in 2 years or less. They expect you to go through this money like water. DO NOT BE THAT GUY - IT WILL HURT YOU THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It's only for 90 days, until February. We should know by the end of December the tax rate, but put the 50% away until we know.

T - I really didn't expect to see this until sunrise tomorrow morning. I didn't expect them to call the bank people back in tonight either. We can't do anything about it anyway. I'm going to sleep until they call with the 800#s numbers. We'll then schedule another call 30 minutes later. It'll be put on the site and I'll share an additional info at that time. The reason I'm doing this call tonight is to share this info with you so you'll not miss it when the RV call comes in.


[FLPatriot59] Q - What about cashing out a $25K note not at your own bank? A - You don't have to go back to your bank. If you don't have an account there, I'm sure they'll open one for you. If you have people like this who don't have an account already, you may want to go with them and help them out. That's what I wanted to do tonight - make sure you're calm and know that everything won't work right. It may not be smooth, but you can control that. You can be happy, even if the employees aren't.

T - They DO NOT want you going in groups to the bank. Go 1 or 2 together to help each other. Just don't go in groups, i.e., 10-20 family members. Don't draw attention to yourself. If you see a big line, go to another bank.

T - This system was put in place for people who DO NOT have reserves. If you have hard currency make your appointment and let them know what you have in reserves. The banks are not going to hold the rates for you. Make sure whoever you get your currency from will lock in your rate. They're trying to get all the hard currency through the system as fast as possible.

Q - Difference between call center and cashout center. A - The call center will set your appointment. They have 2 minutes to set it up with you. Don't ask them questions because they can't answer them. They have quotas to meet, so don't waste their time asking questions. The Exchange Center/Cashout Center, they have 20 minutes scheduled for your appointment. They'd prefer you go to a bank where you already have an account set up. If not, they will set up a Premiere Account for you and have you work on the rest with your wealth manager at another appointment.

Q - Will the IQD have a different rate than the IQN and will the NDA apply to both at the exchange? A - I don't know because they're going with the IQN and VNN. I would not ask for IQD. The NDA applies to ALL currencies. I don't think the banks will supply you with a copy of the NDA (blank) to review beforehand.

T - I'm doing this now because we expect to see this tomorrow before the sun rises. That is the plan. Whenever it is, I wanted you guys to already have this info. Be planning, know how you're going to call your people, they're going to have to know this. The banks and the gov't agencies are depending on you to do your part in getting this info out. The reason we're getting this info now is that they appreciate what we're doing to help you, i.e., helping our economy grow, keeping you from going broke. They want you to succeed. They want this to be a long-term investment for you and prepare for your future. They don't want you to run through your money in 6 months. Try to help others! Pay it forward!

"Live Call-in" STARTS NOW...C = CALLER | T – TONY

C - Husband & wife joint account? T - Yes, if it's going in the same account.

C - Regarding the VNN, if they don't respond to VNN and they say VND, what do I say? T - If they say $10 then that's the one you want.

C - Do we need gift letters for audits later? T - Everybody won't be audited. They'll audit at certain rates, probably not at $1M, but higher. They're going to audit if they feel the money came from criminal means. If you gave a gift letter with the currency it will make it better and smoother for everybody.

C - Is the appointment for all currencies? T - Yes, you can do them all at the same time. You need to keep the IQN separate from the VNN.

Q - Would it be wise to go to a different branch? T - Go where you value your privacy. If it feels comfortable go to a different branch.

T - IN REVEIW - We are expecting to receive the 800#s sometime between now and tomorrow morning. The plan is to have everybody in the banks starting in the morning, east coast to west coast. Rates are still good. Please, please, please, be calm and professional. Let's do this the right way: we don't want to draw attention to ourselves and we don't want issues with bank personnnel. Even afterwards, you have money, you have millions. That doesn't make you smart. It just makes you a rich dummy. When you go back to the bank next week, you'll still need to have respect. They didn't know. They beiieved their bosses and followed wha they were told. I expect them to be upset. It's in the past - over and one with. Let's live our lives right. That's what they wanted me to get out tonight. BE PROFESSIONAL. BE CALM. DO NOT SHOW UP IN GROUPS>

T - We'll try and have a call in the morning. We should be able to. I'll have any updated info they give me. Guys, I don't know if this will happen but this is what I was briefed, that it's supposed to happen.

T - If there are any changes I'll do it on the morning call. Have a good night - go to sleep!!!


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